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How to play petanque?

Petanque - one of the most widespread games in the world, especially in France, Italy and England.

Two teams take part in game. The team can consist of one, two, or three players. In game no more than 12 spheres are used. If the team consists of one or two players, then each of them plays three spheres. If the team is joined by about three players, then each player of such team plays two spheres.

Casting lots, choose what team begins to play the first. This team draws a circle with a diameter about 30 cm on the earth. The player of the first team throws a wooden ball - koshont from 6 to 10 meters on distance, but is not closer than on 50 cm from any obstacle. At the same time legs of the player have to be in a circle until koshont will not stop.

After koshont it is thrown, any player of the first team throws the first sphere, trying to place it as it is possible closer to a koshonet. At the same time legs of the throwing player should not support circle limits. After the first the player of the second team in the same circle becomes bright and tries to throw the sphere closer to a koshonet or to beat out a sphere of the opponent.

The following throw is done by team whose sphere is further from a koshonet, and throws the spheres until one of its spheres does not become closer to a koshonet, than any of spheres of the opponent. Then throws are done by team of opponents. If the team of the opponent did not have spheres for a throw, then other team throws the remained spheres, trying to place them as it is possible closer to a koshonet.

When spheres of both teams are thrown, counting of points is made. The victorious team receives so many points how many spheres are placed closer to a koshonet, than the next sphere of the resisting team. The round is considered finished when each team threw all the spheres. The victorious team begins a new round, drawing a circle on the place of falling of a koshonet of the previous round, and again throws koshont and begins a new round. Game continues until one of teams scored 13 points.

It should be noted that there are 2 types of throws of a sphere, so various that professional players use, as a rule, only one type of a throw. In the first case, you try to place a sphere as it is possible closer to a koshonet. In the second case you beat out the opponent`s spheres that gives you the chance to receive points in various ways: 1. You beat out the opponent`s sphere, and one of your spheres becomes the next sphere to a koshonet. 2. You just clear away the territory around a koshonet to allow the command to lay the spheres as it is possible closer to a koshonet. 3. An ideal situation when, beating out the opponent`s sphere, your sphere remains on its place.

Petanque was played still by antique heroes, in the Middle Ages it was forbidden several times, but the entertainment available to players of any age and any level of physical training is still popular.