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Knowledge of " flesh; (1971). Whether sexual revolution has side effects?

The fact that all men are goats should be proved still with deep arguments. At Mike Nichols it turned out with gloss though selection turned out, frankly speaking, small. On the example of two representatives of a strong half the director successfully discredited the myth that a basis of all problems is female inconstancy. At men in the heads, it appears, there live not less fancy cockroaches preventing them to forge own human happiness.

Johnathan and Sandie divide for two the room in a student`s hostel. Cohabitation, study, life and leisure force them to share with each other not only news from the world of policy and culture, but also personal achievements in a love field. On this front progress of a skromnyaga of Sandie does not impress, it is in a shadow of the prompter companion eternally. Besides Johnathan does not shun dirty game and when his neighbor, at last, gets mixed up in the romantic relations with the nice intellectual Susan, hurries to put between them and to create a typical love triangle.

Discussing the sexual triumphs and defeats, friends mature, but essentially do not change. Timid and correct Sandie, without having learned about a petty intrigue of the spouse with the best friend, tries to pretend that he is happy with family life. Johnathan, on the contrary, consciously bypasses any feeble efforts to rapprochement, throwing the numerous girlfriends as soon as the speech comes about marriage. Both are unhappy in own way, but sincerely believe that in forty life only begins also continue vain searches of that only that will force them to doubt correctness of the chosen way

Knowledge of " flesh; Mike Nichols - one of the Hollywood movies created on a wave of the sexual liberation of masses nicknamed theorists sexual revolution 60 - x-70 - x . The provocative name of a tape fully corresponds to a spirit of public which was attracted in movie theaters by not philosophical researches of authors, and the juicy scenes promised in advertizing with participation of the Swedish beauty Ann - Margret. Her curves worked more purely than any sophisticated marketing plan - the public went in bulk, having provided to the chamber drama collecting, unknown for a genre, around 30 million dollars.

Nichols was not a beginner in a subject: four years before it so elegantly and methodically excited the public the picture Graduate on which plot the graduate of college played by young Dustin Hoffman becomes object of harassments from the girlfriend of the parents, Mrs. Robinson. For this movie Nichols was three times recognized the best director of year (twice in America and once more in England), and Hoffman was entitled the promising beginner which he supported with roles in " subsequently; Midnight cowboy and Little big person .

It is similar To the Graduate tape Knowledge of " flesh; though tells about things especially intimate, by the standards of present it is very modest and avaricious in means of expression. What on a joint of the sixtieth - the seventieth was considered as top of perversity and immorality is considered norm today. In particular it concerns the character Jack Nicholson whose behavior it is difficult to recognize as a role model. In spite of the fact that formally the tape narrates about two companions, adventures of the hero of Nicholson occupy authors far stronger, than boring family routine of his friend Sandie. And the actor, owing to the inexhaustible charisma and really devil charm, looks against gray Art Garfunkel, as the mountain before a cobble-stone.

If to leave alone the smart bust of Ann which is periodically flashing in a shot - Margret, and also not to pay attention to frivolities in dialogues, the general spirit of a picture is not so optimistical at all. It is obvious that both heroes cause in creators not so much disgust how many pity, so far one lost youth and prospects searching big and light love the second did everything possible that to avoid it. As a result both approached a twisting path the same broken trough: Sandie kept company with the juvenile maiden that suits him in the daughter, and Johnathan replaced disposable girlfriends with continuous visits to the prostitute.

Despite the correct moral message, Knowledge of " flesh; impressed critics and the audience less, than Graduate . Whether in four years the audience already managed to get used to new trends of cinema, whether Nichols lacked a step, but the tape was not given loud awards and awards. Only who was noted by jury Gold " globe; there was that Ann - Margret that bared on the screen not only a body, but also smother.

On snack of steam of the interesting facts. It is not casual that during an era of entry into fashion of contraceptives in one of episodes the main responsible " was for the first time shown; revolutionary moods - condom. And still Nichols caused a stir in the fact that whole half a year looked for the actress for a role Bobbie, having tried almost all Hollywood celebrities of that time, starting with Jane Fonda and finishing Rekel Welch. Later the director admitted that which he - to whom refused not because of lack of talent or professionalism, and in physical parameters - the woman capable to enchant the permanent bachelor Nicholson had to be shitty angel . Ann - Margret of the author arranged on all aspects.

Besides if to forget about a moral aspect of a question, Nichols did not peddle old stuff - gentlemen still prefer busty blondes, and those, in turn, though behave as the bitch, dream of sincerity in the relations and fidelity. There is such informative paradox.