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How it is correct to struggle with insects?

understand a reconstruction of such physical conditions which for insects are pernicious As physical methods of fight against insects. In particular, intended increase or fall of temperature indoors to insects, pernicious for a certain look, will allow to destroy the available population of this look in this room. by

About destruction of beings by a manipulation temperature conditions it will be in detail described in this article with use of two concrete examples.

Independent fight against cockroaches

can Destroy in the physical ways cockroaches both with use of low temperatures, and by means of high. At the same time the lower limit is located in the field of slabonizky negative values, and top - around 33 degrees Celsius (according to information from one source). So, as soon as temperature indoors will exceed this mark, cockroaches will begin to die. However, the mentioned top temperature limit is represented very doubtful and therefore it is necessary to adhere to a temperature limit in 46 degrees as more plausible (see fight against cockroaches: ways of their destruction).

It would seem what to us prevents to bring temperature in the apartment to the required values? However in practice it is not so simple to carry out it. The matter is that to achieve that temperature in all points of the apartment was higher than 46 degrees, it is quite difficult as practically there is always a town (near water pipes with cold water) where temperature will hardly reach the required value, despite considerable warming up of stone walls during a long heat. Not to mention that summer seasons when in the hottest days the maximum temperature makes at least 35 degrees Celsius in a shadow, at us happen not so much.

For example, in 2011 four days in a row when the maximum air temperature in a shadow was 33 degrees or above were given (according to indications of devices for All-Russia Exhibition Centre meteorological stations). In 1996 one day with a temperature exceeding this value was celebrated. And only in 2010 when the abnormal heat was observed, there were more than 15 days in a row with the maximum temperature of 35 degrees and above. But such weather, exclusively hot for the Moscow region, is given extremely seldom.

Therefore to roast cockroaches that is provided only in the possible summer, and not during every season. And that if the cockroach room is on sunny side and in addition densely to cover all windows.

In principle it is possible to recreate the required temperature (higher than 46) indoors if to use several powerful heaters in summertime, previously having closed all windows. Then to leave the apartment for one or several days. Though is not present, it is impossible to leave unguarded the electric devices which are switched on in a network.

Therefore it will be possible to act this way. In hot day to close densely all windows and window leaves and to dump for several days from the apartment to relatives or on the dacha. If hot (35 and above) weather is planned several days in a row, then the Turkish bath is provided. As a result from - for heated-up concrete walls and sunshine arriving from the outside temperature will begin to grow indoors and that is not excluded, can exceed a barrier after which cockroaches will perish. All cockroaches who are available in the apartment except those lucky who managed to appear in some way in a sanitary box on pipes with cold water have to die.

In general, by means of high temperature it would be possible if not to destroy completely, then considerably to reduce the number of the cockroaches living in the apartment. Unfortunately, in practice it is possible to carry out it not always for the reason mentioned above.

If to weld all cockroaches in the apartment it is represented to us exigeant and even unreal task, it will be possible to freeze these insects, maybe, easily? Theoretically - yes. However we will look how it can be in practice.

If it is possible to heat the apartment to the required temperature to inhabitants of the Moscow region only in the hottest days, then an opportunity to vykholodit the apartment at first sight is represented to us idea easily feasible. Winters when several days in a row temperature falls to -20, not a rarity at all.

However one business to wait for frosty winter days, and absolutely another - to achieve distribution very low (-7 or below) on all apartment. In a cold season heating both in inhabited, and in non-residential premises works that will interfere to a certain extent with achievement of subzero temperatures indoors. And in old electric heaters supply of hot water is not regulated at all so it will not be possible to exclude a source of hot heat.

But also in modern apartments - new buildings completely it will be impossible to exclude heat sources also: anyway there are pipes with hot water and also possessing nonzero heat conductivity interroom walls.

Nevertheless, idea to independently destroy cockroaches, having created wild cold in the apartment, it is represented quite feasible whereas to weld cockroaches it seems to us illusive dream.

In conclusion it should be noted that unlike so-called antiquated ways of fight against these insects the ways of extermination of cockroaches applied by professionals constantly are improved and therefore are much more effective than folk remedies. Moreover, the means sold in any quantities to the simple population from these insects often not only are inefficient in fight against cockroaches, but also as if strengthen them immunity from these poisons (remember the theory of Darwin). Certainly, preparation to a preparation discord.

Applied in due time by the author of this article Battalion commander and gel from cockroaches of Globol helped me to fight successfully against these creatures, destroying them all to uniform! And for someone preparations were powerless in fight against cockroaches for the reason that the means bought by them could be counterfeit, or cockroaches already simply got used to these insecticides.

Since recent time of the company, specializing in disinsection, began to use the latest technology in fight against insects - hot and cold fog. Such technology allows preparations to get into the minute pores and cracks that considerably increases the destructive power of an insecticide. How generators of hot and cold fogs work, you can learn in more detail on the website www. insectivorous. Russian Federation.