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Bouncer (2011). How about to fight in hockey?

that the coward does not play hockey we know for a long time. Statistically ice hockey is considered one of the most injury-causing types of game sport what is promoted solid ice, high speeds, rigid clubs and the principles of power removal of the opponent from game. hockey generated

new position in the field. Besides forwards, defenders and the goalkeeper on ice there is one more remarkable character without whom any team respecting itself will not be able to achieve impressive results. This player is called tough guy what in translation from English means cool guy . He seldom hammers, badly distributes passes and a match star will never become. It is let out only when it is required to punish someone. Or just to kick the ass to the opponent. Or to cover the forward from same police officers rival. Yes, this guy does not bring visible benefit and more often wipes trousers on a penalty box, than concerns a washer a club. But is it useless?

Dag Glatt was born under the wrong star of David. The moron in general to be unpleasant, and in the Jewish family - it is twice offensive. Parents are inclined to reconcile to the fact that their younger son - the homosexual. If only it did not stir it surgical practice. But do not agree to respect in any way the senior Dag who instead of study in medical college hurts noses to violent visitors of bar. In other words, works as the bouncer and still has the nerve to be proud of it.

Dag comprehended for a long time that neither the doctor, nor the lawyer, nor even the assistant to senator will not become. Also did favorite thing in whom he both the expert, and god in one person. Behind this business it was also noticed by the trainer of a local ice-hockey team. Also invited the robust fellow to ice. It does not matter that Dag is not able to skate, but he can smear so the rival on a wall that that will lack also a season to oklematsya.

The guy inspired with a new profession soon gets over in a division above where already both rates it is more, and punches are more sick. But Dag is the guy stubborn, hardy and stupid as a stopper. It does not need monasteries, it just wants to be part of team. And at it it turns out because the good poke can sometimes turn an outcome of any fight to a nose. Even obviously losing the Hockey subject at cinema is rather popular

, but here about tough guys still nobody shot movies. A profession unpopular in addition the new set of rules which came into force in the middle of zero years, actually, forbade the Canadian trainers to invite in similar fighters in a team. Power elements in hockey were left, without them anywhere, but fights on ice became notable less. That, from the point of view of judges, an excellent invention, and here fans traditionally love fights.

A prototype of the rigid guy played by the actor Sean William Scott is the real person - the player Dag Smith whose career is described in the autobiography Strapper: Real history of improbable travel to the lowest league . Actually, this book also formed the basis of a plot of a tape of Michael Daus that left in the Russian hire under the heading Bouncer .

Critics at once hurried to nickname the picture Rocca on " ice; because really a lot of things make related heroes of these two pictures. An obstinacy, aiming at result, low mental abilities and desire to stand at any cost. And the romantic line added to the scenario pulls together these two sports opuses at all to a critical mark behind which already smells slightly of plagiarism.

Alas, Sean William Scott, glory to which the youth comedy franchize " brought; American " pie; for the present falls short of young Stallone`s level. Though character in many respects recognizable and sincere. Scott quite often gets roles of morons, but if his Stiffler was an ordinary degenerate, then Dag Glatt is the kind and sympathetic cretin using fists only for the sake of the good purposes. It is similar Rocca, Dag does not climb in stars, he is not a fop and not the squabbler, the simple guy from the area which managed to be born in a prudish family.

Thank God, Daus resisted temptation to shoot the comedy though this version of the scenario arose by itself. But also the drama turned out not the " level; Rocca or Forest Gump . The usual sports biography, only with the Canadian smack and lexicon, free in respect of censorship. Moderately cruel, moderately touching, places intense, places dullish. But even in such foreshortening the movie is watched more advantageously, than ours Legend No. 17 stuffed chock-full with pathos. Especially operators of a domestic smash hit should learn at Canadian professionals to technology of shooting of sports fights.

Nevertheless in all similar tapes one bribes - the fascinating story about character formation. Real Dag Smith did not become famous for sporting achievements unless established a peculiar record by the number of penal minutes on game. He was not invited in NHL, but he strongly did not take offense because he received everything that he dreamed from life.

Obviously, as authors of the movie of special ambitions did not feed, but put heart and soul and heart in the creation. In America where the Canadian cinema is not in traditionally great demand, Bouncer swept without special success, but brought several millions in a moneybox. What is no wonder because limited display of a picture started at movie theaters on the eve of a ceremony the Oscar, and all attention of public was riveted on nominees, but not on the provincial drama from life of the little-known hockey player. What did not prevent Michael Daus`s work to join a pantheon of sports dramas and to Sean William Scott in which - that eyelids to fill up the filmography with the standing character perfectly.