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Blockbuster Sea battle (2012). Pearl - Harbor of new flood?

the American toy company Hasbro - the only office in the world which managed to deliver to show - business on knees. Around the world it is accepted to create the industry of games and entertainments around the movie, and Hasbro offers a way back and successfully picturizes own military toys.

First signs became well-known Transformers Michael Bae, then the silly, but combative action " followed; G. I. Joe: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra . And, at last, in 2012 - m business reached that the board game " underwent transfer on a big screen; Sea battle .

Certainly, it is not about that, all darling, game in wounded - killed and about the advanced version released by Hasbro under the name Battleship (battle ship). Alas, unlike above-mentioned Transformers made for the creators huge profit, Sea battle Peter Berg became one of the most unsuccessful and unprofitable summer blockbusters in modern history of Hollywood. The picture which managed film studios Twentieth century Fox in more than 200 million dollars, hardly scared up only a third of the designated sum in native hire, and also by right deserved seven nominations on shameful Gold raspberry.

To the sea captain Stone Hopper to death bothered to reprimand and set on the right path the useless younger brother Alex. And instead of the next portion of reproaches Stone suggests the brother to settle in fleet where will make the man capable to keep the word of him and to take the responsibility.

However and on service impudent character of Alex has an effect. To the guy concepts of subordination and submission to orders are unknown, he behaves so as if he keeps a spare jaw in a pocket of trousers. And not to pass to it problems with the administration if not successfully sprained raid of alien aggressors.

American scientists invented a new way of establishment of the first contact with intelligent life of far galaxies. And that without knowing opened a notorious box of Pandora. Newcomers, having received a news from the blue planet, decided not to shelve a question of colonization. Having gone down to Earth by small forces, they first of all occupied conditional telegraph, cut off the main squadron of the Navy a force field and began to pave the equipment for sending a news home.

Having broken through a cordon, a destroyer under the leadership of Hopper - younger has to, by all means, prevent space aggressors to establish relation, otherwise after reconnaissance group the reinforcement will arrive and to inhabitants of Earth really it will go hard with

Sea battle - one of those cloned summer blockbusters about fight against aliens that it is so beautiful, how silly and primitive. We already saw similar tens of times why not to look again? However, all production of Hasbro differs in rectilinear plots and most simplified action. As in coincidence it is believed a little, most likely, in it and the general line of customers who consciously cut any gleams of common sense from the scenario consists. Target audience - the people who came to cinema to have a rest, chew and relax. With Transformers this formula worked, but there were surprising robots and any idea, and here the board game was too flat in every sense to inspire screenwriters of brothers Hoberov. By the way, authors of a remarkable parody espionage dilogy RED .

The first stamp which is used in all similar flika means that all aliens, regardless of a level of development of their civilization - aggressive and spiteful monsters. Notice, in this case we deal not with strangers in which really there is nothing human, not with huge robots - giants with hypertrophied ChSV, not with the next insensible Godzilla, and with ordinary orthograde newcomers. The hatred fact to mankind is accepted as an axiom, without options.

The second cliche is a serene belief of Americans in own military power. There is such impression that all creators of movies on the order of Hasbro in the childhood did not finish in tell-tales. Let`s notice also that directors of these tapes are entirely indigenous Americans who do not need to inspire artificially patriotic feelings and pride of the nation which brought up them. Pathos and militaristic bravado flow from all cracks as if each director seeks to surpass Triumph of will and though somehow to compensate on the screen absence at the USA of real military victories.

The viewer, in general, not against a good fighting fantasy what the cash desk " testifies to; Pacific boundary and Independence Day but the difference between the movie and shooter has to be. Peter Berg, author of the quite good adventure tape Treasure of Amazon and the non-standard blockbuster about the superman - the alcoholic Hancock lost the remains of sense of humour and decided that there are no times in its project gram of logic and sense, and for the rest you should not try. For the same reason in a shot invited Taylor Kitsch who managed in one 2012 to act at once in two dreadfully unprofitable blockbusters ( John Carter ) . Not to mention presence by the ship of the singer Rihanna which to sing - did not sing, but received the Gold raspberry deservedly because looked - as if a stupid doll in a uniform.

No doubt, all these beautiful Pacific types, the powerful ships and snow-white uniforms cause irresistible desire to enroll the volunteer in the American Naval Forces. The propaganda material would work even better, be not in a shot of alien invasion, girlfriends are the blonde and the legless disabled person which force to doubt correctness of the choice.

Here also it turns out that the main character Sea battle there is - to light not an idiot the botanist who guessed a small lamp in space emptiness, both not the gallant tin tell-tale Hopper, and even not the dolt - the navigator who found fear of a sunlight in newcomers, and beaten tightly to a pier the ship - the museum Missouri . The symbol Pearl - Harbora on whom in 1945 - the m signed capitulation of Samurais marks a final unification of fraternal peoples of the USA and Japan who have nothing to divide now, okromya sales markets.