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Wild gang (1969). How Sam Pekinpa designated a new era of a western?

If to think, then all modern cinema are for 95% pure repetition and copying. Because innovators every day becomes less, and imitators and followers - it is more. It also is clear, to go a beaten path far more comfortably and more safely, than to anew invent the bicycle. Names of present film child prodigies are already well-known

. Let`s address by the year one and we will remember those who put the first bricks in that structure that functions now as hours.

In 1969 the famous expert on a genre western American director Sam Pekinpa, author of the sensational movie Major of Dundee released the next tape, the shocking public. Americans always considered westerns the invention though, in fact, it were ordinary fighters, only about the Wild West, cowboys, Indians, sheriffs and robbers. Certainly, local color so got used to a traditional plot that over time westerns became the independent phenomenon. Also as the lapta replaced to the new soil turned into baseball, and rugby - into the American soccer.

Pekinpa from the very beginning of the film career tried to modify a genre, but producers were delighted not with his ideas. On shootings Major of Dundee (1964) the director not only strenuously put for a collar, but also squabbled with all film crew. Only who supported him author`s vision process - the leading man Charlton Heston. The actor was even forced to work part time as the director while Pekinpa went to hard drinking. Having cut a poor figure, the director for some time left big cinema, having returned only five years later. And this time it was waited by triumph and the real glory of the pioneer.

At the beginning of the twentieth century the Wild West already was not so much wild how many unorganized. Even progress echoes while in the neighboring Mexico oppositionists raged began to reach Texas, having arranged the well-known Mexican revolution that ended exactly in a year of capture Winter.

The gang of desperate bandits under leadership of the experienced robber and murderer Payk makes the last attempts to get on in the new, quickly changing world. However during a raid on bank they fall into a trap, arranged with the former workmate Payka and team of the headhunters who are eager for capture of dangerous criminals. Payk and four more his people manage to be washed away with stolen, but in bags there is an iron stuff, but not gold soldo. Having lost hope for fast enrichment, bandits move ahead on the South. In the Mexican territory they should meet the cruel and vainglorious general Mapache who in exchange for the mountain of the weapon for the army will promise them a big roll. And then will deceive also itself will fall a victim of ruthless revenge gringo

To the Wild gang Sam Pekinpy the set of cine regalia, the majority of which the tape received much later premier display on which, according to eyewitnesses, some left the hall ahead of schedule and which - who, I`m sorry, cast out the lunch on a floor, belongs. On the screen the public of the sixtieth was obviously not prepared for such level of cruelty and the number of violent deaths. Today this cult western by right carries a proud rank of classics of a genre, and in 1969 - m display of a picture threw the nation in shock.

Pekinpa never differed in peacefulness, neither in life, nor in creativity. It was one of the most difficult directors in communication capable anyone to bring out of an equilibrium state the tricks. When Ueylon Green`s scenario fell of Pekinpa into hands, he in a manner peculiar to it rewrote the text, having added to the story about Payk`s gang of blood, cruelty and a hopelessness. Having by the way, created precedent in Hollywood then the guild of screenwriters forbade someone to appear in credits if that did not change the scenario more than to 60 percent. But that was later, and nobody asked Green whether he that the banal western turned into the epic drama with bloody details wanted.

Wild gang also caused a stir regarding installation. Pekinpa so scrupulously treated the work that in search of the necessary shot remade a tape on 3643 gluing together that exceeded standards of that time by more than six times. Revolution in a post - the prodakena did not bring to the director of dividends, the picture was nominated for Oscar in absolutely other categories and there Wild gang remained on beans. However technological break did not remain unnoticed and was soon picked up by the others subsequently to become a stamp for all times. Not casually famous Hong Kong director John Wu, whose style bears to Pekinpa`s manner a strong resemblance, considers Wild gang the favourite movie.

The picture steadily enters various ratings and lists made by film critics and profile editions. She also takes the place in top ten westerns according to the American film institute, along with Stagecoach and " Finders; Ford and Unpardoned Clint Eastwood. Certainly, if Americans considered works of the Italian Sergio Leon, then the two-three of pictures from this list should leave a chart, but a genre spaghetti - a western which conditionally treats dollar the trilogy, it was not considered here. Wild gang it is also included in the national register of cultural heritage of the USA.

Today`s viewer who was in time to examine the subsequent works of Pekinpa, and also looked Django released the western of the end of the sixtieth whatever bloody and cruel it was will hardly plunge into an emotional stupor. Nevertheless, the tape looks also today on one breath because skillfully told story did not lose for decades of the charm. It is possible that negative reaction of audience was caused also by the fact that in a tape essentially there is no positive character.

The leader Payk (William Haldane), the courageous and strong person, does not shun in firefight to be covered with bodies of innocent civilians. His friend and the workmate Datch (Ernest Borgnayn) does not represent the life in other form, than gentleman of good luck . Brothers of Gorch, Lyle and Tektor (Warren Oates and Ben Johnson) - in general the morons who are constantly keeping the viewer in suspense the tricks. And even the youngest member of a gang, Mexican Endzhel, though cares for destiny of the people, but consciously chose a way of lawlessness and violence. Other characters are a match for this five and will not cause sympathy or a regret the death in a shot.

In our country westerns were always in limited demand, but Wild gang - it is not just a genre sample, this curve on which action films and an action - dramas are shot to this day. And that who does not consider Makkena`s Gold a creation wreath, as well as does not accept primitive westerns of production of the former socialist countries, it is worth studying the movie which generated a new era in cinema.