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Year of the Dragon (1985). The real Chaynataun or How to offend the Chinese?

If to take one of the most famous and influential " lists as a basis; the best movies of all times and people published in the section Top 250 the website IMDb, it is difficult not to notice that the first five positions are occupied by pictures of one genre. All these tapes - Godfather 1 and 2 Pulp fiction Escape from the Shawshank and even comic book Dark knight formally treat a genre of the criminal drama, and the word " is repeatedly mentioned in three tapes; mafia .

Neither comedies, nor a fantasy, nor military movies, namely everyday life of mafia and criminals most of all attract the audience to screens. Though it is formal only the comic book Dark knight can brag of really wild box office, other pictures - just cult. No wonder that wishing to stick this or that flank to Coppola, Tarantino, Darabont, Nolan, Scorsese`s success and other pillars of a genre - a dime a dozen. For this purpose not only the talent, but also good history is required, and Michael Chimino and Oliver Stone had it. In the form of Robert Daley`s novel under the name Year of the Dragon .

The police captain Stanley Whyte is given new assignment - Chaynataun. In once quiet Chinese quarter inhabited mainly by natives of Asia something wrong is created. The colleague Whyte are inclined to consider that behind the next surge in murders and racket there is spontaneous dismantling of the youth gangs trying to snatch the piece of pie. However the skilled veteran of Vietnam is sure that in Chaynataun fight for repartition of the power at which origins the unscrupulous and ambitious mafia businessman Joey Tye stands is well under way.

Devoting all the time to search of the instigator of disorders, Whyte is discharged of the friends and the wife. Malfunctions on the personal front only urge on the detective story which as if broke loose in the aspiration to nail drug dealers from China. Colleagues understand that Stanley goes on very thin ice, and its crusade can destroy fragile arrangements between police and Triads thanks to which in a quarter the nominal status - kvo is supported. But the former fighter does not intend to make a compromise and climbs a breast on an embrasure, throwing down a desperate challenge to indifference of colleagues and hatred of enemies

Year of the Dragon Michael Chimino left two years before other gangster movie - recognized classics of a genre, Untouchable Brian De Palma. And, in spite of the fact that work of the last was based on real events, the facts and persons, these two tapes have much the general. Before there is a lot of that the person interested easily could accuse De Palma of plagiarism. Is the annoying that Untouchable became a cult sample of a genre, a hit and the winner of the Oscar while Year of the Dragon deserved five nominations on Gold " raspberry; also became object of serious scandal. The Chinese community was revolted how in the same way and representatives of Celestial Empire in the movie are one-sidedly represented though, to be fair, in the scenario there are both negative, and positive characters, and not all of them white .

Robert Daley Chimino`s best-seller rewrote not alone, and in the company of Oliver Stone who already managed to become famous for the text to other gangster tape - Scarface . By the way, the put De Palma so analogies all - are not casual. Stone and Chimino got acquainted still in the late seventies, the screenwriter suggested to deliver it the well-known prison drama Midnight " express; won as a result six Gold " globes; and two Oscars. Then mutually beneficial cooperation did not turn out because Chimino was engaged by the most considerable (as showed time) the project in the life - the military drama Deer Hunter .

A sensitive issue of Vietnam in Year of the Dragon too is present. In fact, the ineradicable desire of Stanley Whyte in brilliant execution of young Mickey Rourke to eradicate the Chinese mafia is explained by Vietnamese syndrome. Imagine, you come back the hero from war which was to nobody necessary, and see that your potential enemies (the principle All narrow-eyed as like as two peas here it is read unambiguously) not only live in clover, but also adjusted a wide network of drug trafficking. For Whyte fight continues, he does not take prisoners, in the back does not sit out and does not understand what political agreements in " can be at all; wartime .

Year of the Dragon parted Stone and Chimino on different sides of barricades - to the first it is unexpected poperlo, and by the end of the eightieth it already turned into the venerable director having financial independence and an opportunity to choose to itself projects. Chimino did not differ in fertility earlier, and two in a row cash a failure (its epic western Paradise Gate managed to pay back less than 10% of the budget) finally turned it into the hermit. For 33 years the director shot only 7 full-length pictures, and his last independent work is considered Hunter of the sun 1996.

Contemporaries gangster flik did not appreciate Chimino, especially in the homeland where the tape was accused of all mortal sins, including racism and promotion of violence. It is strange that after a premiere Godfather Italo - Americans behaved more modestly, understanding that a rylets - that in a gun, and Mario Puzo took the most part of the book not from the head, and from real life. And even in places embellished. Chinese considered as the debt to ignore Chimino`s creation that it seems an affected pose, the American wing of Triads exists in New - York and the other large cities of the USA from time immemorial. And Deyli, by the way, the veteran of the Korean war and the former cop, precisely saw a lot of things, but did not suffer from persuasive imaginations.

Here to whom unambiguously brought, so it to John Loun who, thanks to artful and unscrupulous Joey Tye`s role, managed to gain literally on start of the film career the world fame. Participation in Year of the Dragon brought it the nomination on Gold " globe; and two years later the actor played in Last emperor at Bertolucci. As they say, from rags to riches .

But to the debutant Erian, the girl representing at Chimino the nice TV host and a passion of the main character, this work of nothing except disappointments, brought. Critics crushed its nonprofessional game totally, and at a ceremony Gold " raspberry; it was given two categories at once - The Worst female role and The Worst new star . Certainly, after such false start Erian could not recover any more and, having flown at Ferrara in The King New - York soon disappeared from screens.

Also the fact that failure " is not excluded; Gaudas Dracona it is caused by macroprocesses in Hollywood: time Godfather already ended, and an era Pulp fiction just arose. It is not casual that in 1985 the victory in hire was celebrated by more lightweight and entertaining projects, such as Back in the future Cocoon Pearl of Nile Goofs and sequel Police academy .