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How to eat during pregnancy?

As to often future mothers are advised is more, for two. And many pregnant women, especially absolutely still very young, follow this advice. And as a result are reprimanded by the observing doctor concerning promptly gained excess weight.

And the food allowance which is important especially for pregnant women should be not increased, and just to balance. That is, it is important here, not how many is and how and when is. And first of all it belongs to the entire period of incubation of the child, both in the first, and in the second half of pregnancy.

The lack of these or those minerals or, on the contrary, their surplus can do much harm to the pregnant woman and her fruit. That the happy waiting time of birth of the desired kid was saddened by nothing, it is necessary to listen only to councils of doctors and nutritionists.

In the first half of pregnancy future mother can not change the habitual food allowance. But it is important to track that vegetables and fruit, and also fermented milk products which will supply an organism with carbohydrates, vitamins and necessary minerals were sufficiently consumed.

In the second half of pregnancy future mothers will need more nutrients not only for themselves, but also for the kid who grew up already in a womb. And it means that time to increase amount of the consumed proteins which are construction material for the child`s organism came. During this period it is necessary to eat about 200 g of meat a day, and also at least two times a week are fish, giving preference to low-fat grades. Good suppliers of proteins are also eggs and fermented milk products.

It is necessary to alternate in a diet meat, dairy products (cottage cheese, cheese, milk, sour cream), fish because sources of animal protein have to be different. From all grades of meat low-fat beef, rabbit flesh, and also light meat of chicken or a turkey best of all will approach. Boiled, than stewed, baked or fried is better to eat meat.

Remember that the balanced food will help to get rid of toxicosis which often accompanies pregnancy!

And now we will consider what vitamins and minerals are of great importance for normal development of the child. First of all it is necessary to emit vitamin A which is the main growth factor and reproduction of cages. It contains in an egg yolk, butter, cream, sour cream, milk, an offal, especially in a liver.

Vitamin E stimulates pre-natal development, prevents interruption of pregnancy and premature birth. Not without reason it is called reproduction vitamin. In addition, vitamin E participates in processes of absorption and digestion of vitamin A. Most of all vitamin E contains in vegetable oils. And as future mother, using meat, fish and dairy products in enough, already provides herself and the child with enough animal fats, it is necessary to cook food on phytogenesis fats. Include sunflower, olive or corn oil in a diet.

For the correct growth of the kid, and also vitamin C which in large numbers contains in blackcurrant and a citrus, pepper and tomatoes, salads and many other fruit and vegetables is necessary for development of a strong skeleton and teeth. And it is the best of all to eat these products fresh or after short cooking.

Not less important role in formation of a fruit is played also by vitamins of group B. So, for example, B1 and B2 vitamins are necessary for stimulation of sokratitelny ability of muscles that improves patrimonial activity. B1 vitamin in enough contains in grain (oat, buckwheat, millet), rye bread, bean, an offal. As for B2 vitamin, his suppliers are the same eggs, dairy products, meat, cheese, bean.

Future mother needs also other vitamins, such as B6, B12, PP, D, etc. Each of them plays the role in formation of future person and is equally necessary for his mother. If to you someone advised to accept special polyvitaminic preparations, well, put this quite good. But it is not necessary to apply them without consultation with the doctor nevertheless.

Folic acid as it influences development of a brain of future child is of great importance. Her good suppliers are yellow vegetables and fruit - sweet pepper, carrots, apricots, dried apricots, peaches, and also sheet greens.

Calcium is necessary for formation of bone structure, and you will be able to receive it in enough all from the same of milk, kefir, cottage cheese and cheese. These products without fail have to be present at a diet of pregnant women. Otherwise the lack of calcium of an organism will lead to the fact that at the most future mother joint pains will be observed. And there is no wonder, as your organism will begin to give to a fruit elements necessary for it from the stocks. Consuming the products containing calcium, you remember that phosphorus is necessary for its correct assimilation. And fish is rich with it.

Iron - one more important element for the pregnant woman. It provides the correct composition of blood of future mother and her child. Many products are rich with iron. First of all, it is beef and a liver, cabbage and spinach, apples and pomegranates, parsley and fennel. And iron best of all in combination with vitamin C is acquired.

Excessive consumption of liquid is a scourge for future mother. The kidneys working with full loading not always cope with the task, and as a result there is a puffiness. And, nevertheless, getting thirsty, especially in a hot season. Sometimes it is difficult to cope with a temptation to drink a glass of aerated water or kvass. But hardly you satisfy thirst, and will cause harm to the organism and organism of future child. And in this case future mother has to remember that it is better to drink a glass of still mineral water, than kvass or lemonade. It is better to drink a glass of fermented milk products, than a glass of milk.

And the same vegetables and fruit will help you to cope with feeling of thirst. All of them contain cellulose which holds liquid in an organism. And, besides, as we remember, fresh vegetables, fruit, berries and greens - a full-fledged source of vitamins and mineral substances. They are rich with the food fibers contributing to normalization of activity of a stomach. And here consumption of the salty products causing thirst should be limited. And one more important remark - during pregnancy instead of usual table salt is better to eat iodinated salt.

Fine dietary dishes, especially during incubation of the child, the porridges cooked on fruit or vegetable broths are. Turn out very tasty buckwheat or millet cereal on mushroom broth.

The main thing, dear future mothers, remember that your health, as well as health of your kid, in your hands!