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The Wolfman (2010). Nothing is new under the full moon? Werewolves always lost

to other cine monsters in popularity. Vampires are elegant, sexy and aristocratical, zombies take quantity and persistence, and ghosts - mystery. The werewolf is only the person turning into a wolf and vice versa. Nevertheless several successful attempts to transfer the story about the wolf man to language of cinema are in the history recorded.

It and well-known parody horror film of John Landis The American werewolf in London and the drama with Jack Nicholson`s participation Wolf and also long-playing a horror - the franchize Howl started from an easy hand of the film child prodigy Joe Dante, and a recent kvadrologiya about opposition of vampires and werewolves Other world . And even Stephen King who prefers to invent own monsters did not resist temptation to use an image of the werewolf in the books Silver bullet and It .

Current cinema-men are not so scrupulous as Mr. King. And when there is a question that it is better - to think up the history or to adapt long ago the forgotten classics, usually incline to the second option. At least, The Wolfman (2010) behind Joe Johnston`s authorship Walker - Self is obliged by the emergence not to inflow of inspiration at a scenario duet, and the picture of the same name painted by German Curt Syodmak even in 1941.

End of the 19th century. The famous theatrical actor Lawrence Talbot learns sad news from the daughter-in-law: his younger brother Ben was missing. However Lawrence first doubts whether it is worth coming back to a patrimonial nest because neither with the father, nor he communicates with the brother already many years, and on that is the serious reasons. Nevertheless, having learned that Ben`s body was found in an awful state, the prodigal son collects simple belongings and goes home to Blackmore.

Circumstances of death of the unfortunate brother are very foggy and awful: his body which is torn to pieces to pieces was found only a month later in a ditch. Someone from local hurried to accuse of younger Talbot`s death a bear from the Gipsy camp, and others seriously believe that the madman who ran away from a clinic walks in the woods. But also those, and others agree that the murderer had really inhuman force and rage.

Lawrence is the person civilized and does not trust in baizes about the animal who is waking up under a face of the full moon. First of all, despite objections of the father, he goes to Roma to ask on the mysterious amulet found it in personal belongings of Ben. In the same night the camp is attacked by a huge wolf who bites Talbot, thereby giving it the damnation. Now Lawrence on own skin should feel hatred and the fear fed by locals in relation to werewolves. It was necessary only to wait for a full moon

I Can argue that very few people saw the movie of the fortieth years from present generation of the audience. In spite of the fact that this rarity is in the Internet in free access. Many in general learned about existence of a tape of George Vaggner only because Hollywood once again gave in to temptation to remove a remake. However, formally original The Wolfman does not treat gold classics though in a picture such famous American actors as Lon Cheney Jr., Ralf Bellamy and Bela Lugoshi were lit. And the Gipsy was played, by the way, by our compatriot Maria Uspenskaya who emigrated to America Stanislavsky`s schoolgirl.

Remembering that to eclipse such names it will be difficult, producers invited to the project of not less venerable stars of the present. In particular, Talbot - the senior was played by sir Anthony Hopkins (who repeatedly tried to finish a film career, but everything will not gather in the light of the eight-digit fees in any way), and his son Lawrence - one more winner of Oscar - Benisio Del Toro. On supporting roles the charming Englishwoman Emily Blant and the Australian actor Hugo Weaving better known in the world as " are noticed; agent Smith from Matrixes .

A casting decent both regarding professionalism, and in respect of salaries. Producers did not stint, on the screen the atmosphere of England of the end of the 19th century is skillfully recreated. Let`s add to it considerable costs of visual effects. The final budget of the movie made 150 million dollars therefore bosses of Universal Pictures were upset, having understood that the picture turned out a complete fiasco in hire and except losses brought nothing. Well, almost nothing - creators of the movie got a consolation prize in 2011 - m when The Wolfman it was recognized as the first in a pursuit for Oscar in the category The Best make-up . Funny, as this time the figurine went to a collection of Ric Baker who was handed thirty years the Oscar for a make-up in " earlier; The American werewolf in London .

We will assimilate to the inquisitive baby and we will ask where here it is good and where it is bad. Let`s begin with advantages. From the point of view of operator art and an atmosfernost of the narration - the movie is simply smart. Eternally crude city and rural Britain, with its small streets, dirty country roads, cabs, pubs and locks is surprisingly authentic that, in general, naturally, the tape there and was removed. Any claims and to filigree work of costumiers and decorators though the considerable role in reliability of the picture was played also by computer effects.

First it seemed that Puerto-Rican Benisio Del Toro is an obvious miskasting, but the actor, being an ardent fan of the original movie, the whole four years prepared for this role, having managed to act during this time at Soderbergh in Che . Yes, it will hardly descend for the native of Foggy Albion, however in Lawrence Talbot`s image looks perfectly. At once it is visible when the performer is given to a role with with all the heart, but not just fulfills the fee. Especially considering that Del Toro was necessary to see off in a make-up room till four o`clock to turn into the monster and back.

Hopkins to which not to get used to play ominous characters is similarly beautiful. And here Emily Blant, despite touching and fragility of an image, for some reason did not impress though here to see other actress even more difficult. But worst of all it turned out with the detective Skotlend - Yard which Hugo Weaving played. Only the character absolutely useless played perfectly. All these cowboy`s manners and game in the acute detective in the costume mystical drama look a foreign matter. Especially as the inspector Eberlin really existed: he managed an investigation of case notorious Jack the Ripper . On what in the movie, by the way, there is a sending.

I will remind that the picture was shot in 2008, and it is released only in 2010 - m. On the project during preparation for shootings the whole cohort of directors was replaced. Work on The Wolfman offered much, including to Brett Ratner, Frank Darabont and Martin Campbell, but all of them refused so generous godsend. As a result Joe Johnston who managed to shoot many nice movies, but any with an adult rating " got work; R . In its asset, generally family comedies, it seems Darling I reduced children Master of the " pages; and Jumanji . And to undertake a serious drama tape moreover and with horror elements, is obviously not necessary without preliminary preparation.

Personally to me reason of a deafening failure The Wolfman it is clear: despite the changed final (in relation to the original of 1941), the picture is desperately predictable. And also it is bulky, slow also a template in all that concerns fancy-dress horror films on werewolves and vampires. One of those landscapes of the Victorian England that it is incredibly beautiful and at the same time boring to impossibility.