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Telekinesis (2013). How the fatal girl according to Stephen King looks?

Classical horror films - a tidbit for Hollywood because original plots every day become less, and youth do not want to revise old movies. To satisfy demand, Americans thoroughly sat down on a needle of remakes, continuing to stamp new versions for new generation of the audience. We already saw

updated The Nightmare on Vyazov Street contemplated modern option of adventures of Jason from Fridays, 13 - e also managed to sympathize with the victims restored Texas slaughter by the " chiansaw;. Still only cinema-men avoided works of the recognized master of a genre Stephen King. In - the first because King extremely is negative to alterations of the screen versions. In - the second because it should consider at the same time both the previous movie, and the literary original, and it for most of screenwriters - an excessive task.

Nevertheless business moved off dead center. Soon we expect on screens remakes (or the next screen versions) such known pictures as Kaleidoscope of horrors and It . The mystical thriller based on one of the most popular novels of the writer " became the first swallow; Carrie nicknamed in Russia Telekinesis .

Life of the graduate of the senior classes Carrie Whyte is far from that that it is described in series Beverley - Hillz 90210 . More likely, she reminds hell on the earth that very funny considering that her mother - fanatically devout woman who apprehended the pregnancy as Lord`s test. Carrie has no girlfriends and friends, and for the slightest fault of the house it is waited personal Catholic punishment cell - the closet covered by crucifixions and infinite notations of mother. It is no wonder that the girl represents one continuous complex, jumping aside on school as if a ghost.

Trouble and that Carrie grew up and to operate her consciousness to despotic mummy becomes every day more and more difficultly. Fuel to the fire is added by the peers using the girl in quality small pillows for needles . The poor thing Carrie who did not gain even basic knowledge about features of a female organism becomes object of infinite mockeries. The instigator Chris with sadistic pleasure records humiliations of the schoolmate with phone and sends video to the Internet. At school scandal which can cost to some especially impudent senior pupils of the admission on a graduation party is about to happen.

Sue tortured by conscience, one of girlfriends Chris, asks the boyfriend, the handsome Tommie Ross, to invite Carrie to a ball. At the same time Chris conceived to revenge the meek creature for the passed final and prepares an enchanting dirty trick. But nobody - neither Sue, nor the teacher of physical culture sympathizing Carrie, mother - know that the girl opened in herself abilities new, novel earlier. And if something happens will be able not just to hit back to offenders, and to arrange the real Armageddon in separately taken educational institution

So left that Carrie became the first ever picturized Stephen King`s book. In far 1976 already quite skilled director Brian De Palma undertook the novel of the writer with enthusiasm of the pioneer and did not lose. It Carrie it is considered one of the best film versions of the works King of horrors at once noted by the nominations on Oscar. The picture underwent testing time, having become a cult sample of the mystical thriller, and nowadays the similar status steadily attracts all bunglers seeking to earn additionally on others finds.

Who such Kimberly Pearce and why entrusted it so important remake? In the late nineties Pearce gained fame the drama Guys do not cry for which the young actress Hilary Suonk received the personal Oscar. Unlike critics, at the audience the tape did not cause a stir and Suonk received a figurine not so much for actor`s merits how many for courage. And then Kimberly for a decade was gone from a look, having emerged in 2008 - m the pretentious melodrama about veterans of the Iraqi war. And in five years charge it the repeated screen version Carrie . In other words, without having either experience, or any merits in a genre, Pearce undertook obviously losing project from which far off smelled of commerce.

Telekinesis - it is a bright example of what occurs in today`s Hollywood. Taking a classical plot as a basis, creators pull fashionable computer special effects on an old framework, update a cast and pretend that on it their mission is finished. Only in retelling history does not win, and bright paints and fresh persons cannot suppress the fact that authors have nothing to add to already told by their predecessors. To surpass, even to repeat success Carrie De Palma at Pearce did not leave.

The choice of the actress for a leading role, to put it mildly, surprises. Sissi Spacek, in spite of the fact that in youth itself became queen of a school ball had very specific appearance and perfectly fitted into an image. Though was more senior than a book prototype on dozens of years. Chloe Grace Moretz, dilogy star Fuck-up on the contrary, completely corresponds to the heroine of the novel on age, but in any way not externally. The nice girl sincerely makes an effort, representing the victim, will affectedly stoop and draws in sponges, but once she puts on and to make up, the Cinderella turns into the Princess, eclipsing the spitpoisons without visible efforts of make-up artists. Looking back at the carried-out casting, in general it is difficult to choose someone, suitable for this role. Unless Dakota Fanning, but that further tests did not promote.

Julianne Moore too if honestly, transformation did not strike. Any professional actress can represent a hysterics in a shot. Not that Piper Lori looked in this image much better, but at that was not behind shoulders of roles in Nights in style Bug Twelve monkeys and Hours . The red-haired beauty Moore even in fifty with a tail is too good to represent the mad mother.

We will remember also remarkable minor structure of the actors who played in the original of the seventieth schoolmates of Carrie - Nancey Allen (future wife of the director De Palma and a star Robocop and Philadelphian experiment ) Amy Irving (ex-to Steven Spielberg`s spouse) and, of course, John Travolta. Certainly, to us it is not allowed to glance in the future in which participants of a remake, perhaps, too will become celebrities and will have everyone the mark on well-known To the Avenue of stars but something is trusted hardly. Do not grow from such hand-made articles, in them grow stiff and are forgotten.

Not everything is as bad as could seem. In Something Telekinesis nevertheless the original surpassed. In scales of destructions, in naturalism and specification of death. Is what to be proud. History of the poor girl cowed by angry peers and religious mummy turned into the story about the vindictive psychopath who with visible pleasure wets the offenders. Somewhere depth of characters was gone, on a surface there were only numerous mutilations, cruelty and mediocrity.

Well, we with impatience we wait for continuation of a banquet when also other books of King receive new, modern interpretation.