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What to present to the teenager? Or ancestors in a cage.

Never ask questions of silly

to yourself, not that even more silly than

You will find

A on them the answer.

If the silly questions

Appeared in the head,

Set them the adult at once.

Let at them brains " crack;.

So, the rule No. 1 Under no circumstances you do not give to the teenager a gift so, for show - will shoot on the place! The problem is that the person at this age, to put it mildly, giperchuvstvitelen. With such diagnosis, do not wait for mercy: you will be exposed from first minutes and will quite incorrectly let know it. Morals is as follows: Better - it is less, but is more sincere! . What does it mean? - Everything is very simple. Instead of presenting the gifts of unclear contents chosen quickly approach the solution of a question creatively. For example, the same hands mold, sew or connect something such. Decision, very non-standard for our time, but effective.

The rule No. 2

Companions adults, remember that your teenagers do not consider themselves as children! And address it seems: Tell me, the dear child in what ear at me buzzes? - can become some kind of provocation. Exaggerated paradoxicality: on the one hand, this child, certainly, needs your guardianship, with another - strives for full freedom and independence. At this age children desperately fight for the independence, the right on a voice and an opportunity to ego-trip. Give them vent - they would make revolution! In this situation your main task - to emphasize the adult attitude towards the teenager. It can be made, having presented to the child a certain sum of money. Handing a gift, surely sentence that completely you trust it and are convinced that money will be spent intelligently and at discretion. In the conditions of adequate perception of information works for all hundred!

The rule No. 3

Treat the teenager, as the fellow soldier. Switch to a friendly wave. Thus, you get access in private office the child, also you learn, at last, that he walks with Petya, but not with Vasya. And that beautiful Masha from 8 B - long ago transferred to davny to other school for hooliganism and as now it is hard for it. Comprehend elements of modern music, and, perhaps, join it. To put it briefly, having been aware of interests and hobbies of the child, you without effort will pick up a tremendous gift!

your child is crazy from fate - N - a beater? - Do not protest, present couple of tickets for a concert better! Tourism - his main passion already the third year (that for you, of course, news)? - Present good tourist stock! The teenager does not represent the life without computer, falling asleep with it in an embrace? - Please it wireless mouse keyboard or just new version of favourite game! And so on, on requirements.

The rule No. 4

About practical and useful gifts. The dearest parents, remember that and useful, in understanding of teenagers, socks, pants and other attributes of everyday life are not practical. You should not give gifts for growth on bright future etc. These children live in the present, that is here and now - one more important criterion at the choice of a gift which should be considered.

do not forget the rule No. 5 that a gift for the teenager - a peculiar symbol of adulthood. For girls - pripevochek the smart set of cosmetics, a fashionable handbag or a gold chain with a pendent can become this symbol. For boys - hand bells - a stylish jacket, expensive perfume or even the razor. Anyway, choosing something to the teenager, try to emphasize his importance, place emphasis on the personality (in case of ignoring, the personality will place emphasis on you).

Also you remember, expensive adult, from time to time, your children are tired of you not less, than you of them. Therefore couple of days of total rest from parents in a circle careless and a few mad friends will become the best gift for teenagers. And once you sometimes afford such luxury, small unplanned holiday. And to stay a little ancestors in a cage