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What is Brain Music ?

the Rhythm of our life constantly grow, progress moves forward, making impossible possible, improbable real. Time contracts and accelerates the course so that we have not enough 24 hours in days. Together with time also people, in a vain attempt to catch up with evolution run. The mankind runs on ladders, corridors, offices, stations, pages, the websites, keys, pools, thoughts; runs in the morning, in the afternoon, at night … infinitely.

And when, at last, stops, finds for himself a stress, a depression, sleeplessness, migraine, alarm and sleep disorders. Night - time created for rest turns into painful expectation of dawn and renewal of infinite run. Almost every fifth inhabitant of Earth suffers from sleeplessness. Generally it is people after 40 years, however even more often sleep disorders meet and young people have 20 - 30 years, and also at teenagers. Every second person daily has a stress.

In search of an exit people often resort to help spirits, sleeping pill, antidepressants and. etc. But wherever there was a person, than was engaged, he is dependent on bioelectric impulses of the brain, having sounded which, physicians created a new method of treatment of patients with neurologic and mental diseases. It Brain Music received by transformation of bioelectric activity of a brain (electroencephalograms - EEG) the patient. Brain impulses of the person are processed by the special computer program which allows to create the music corresponding to the same impulses that arise in a brain of the sleeping person.

The patient listens an owl to personal music, and his brain as though he talks with himself, distinguishing the fluctuations at the expense of what the functional condition of a brain improves. However up to the end influence mechanisms Brain Music are not found out.

Style and a rhythm of music are various and diverse, but it can sometimes remind classical works. Usually this piano work, however records of organ and violin music are possible. Everything depends on wishes and preferences of the patient.

Brain Music it is applied also to strengthening of creative potential, increase of working capacity and adaptation of the person to new living conditions.

This method is already widely used in Russia, France, Switzerland, Italy, Israel.

Is possible, Brain Music - this offer to breathe with life in unison. Perhaps - it is chance to hear themselves. Perhaps - it is just self-deception. To solve to you.

Our life promptly rushes forward, moving apart all imaginable and inconceivable borders, and we need only to accept its rhythm and to resist temptation to roll down on a roadside of stresses, depressions, sleeplessnesses, alcohol and a hopelessness.

Let we are always accompanied by the curing music of our soul …