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Dog world (1962). Primogenitor of a genre or sensation from scratch?

We guessed that the world is imperfect, since the birth. About what occurs around us we receive the truth daily, most often on own bitter experience. It is not necessary till a breakfast " in the mornings; to read the Soviet newspapers or to watch transmission Good morning, country on the TV to understand - from us something is concealed. Yes we also with pleasure perceive ignorance because together with it sound sleep comes.

But reality bites, and the cult picture of Italians Paolo Cavara, Gualtyero Yakopetti and Franco Prosperi " narrates about it; Dog world .

Italians are the nation which, though did not invent cinema (though attempts to appropriate glory, certainly, were), but made it such what it is today. Thanks to natives of Italy of cinema changed to unrecognizability, having appeared not only the most important of arts but also the most inconsistent. Where Fellini smoothly laid - Pasolini rigidly slept. While Bertolucci shook up moral foundations, his colleagues Taviani`s brothers long before Spielberg showed war in the most terrible appearance. Strange film perversions of Liliana Kawani are insignificant in comparison with horrors which were invented by the first Italian horrormeyker whose imagination generated incomprehensible on the screen.

Here and in documentary cinema citizens of this country caused a stir in the most non-standard look. In 1962 the trio of directors invented the new genre of documentary known as " now; mondo . The name it was taken from heading of their collaboration Dog world (Mondo cane). Idea to remove anti-documentary cinema Yakopetti and Prosperi came to mind. They wanted to show that our world, such glossy and beautiful, is actually far from an ideal. In peak to neorealists which, in their opinion, did only shy attempts something to change in consciousness of people, authors Dog world exaggerated to focus attention on sensational, strange, awful or ridiculous, silly or scandalous events, the facts, the phenomena.

The picture is shot so that the viewer has no doubts in its truthfulness. The finishing touch in each episode is put by the commentator who skillfully sends the doubting audience to the necessary course. Some audience even complained that they after viewing of the movie could not remember the words pronounced off-screen, but perfectly remembered visual material. To you not genitals to insert it 25 - m a shot as it was done by Brad Pitt in well-known " Fight club; it is professionalism of pure test.

The tape is chaotic in a form, but is very logical according to contents. All short scenes externally as if are not connected with each other, but actually all of them is accurate and in a provocative manner describe human essence. Here and strange ceremonies of the natives slaughtering with sticks on holidays tens of unfortunate pigs, both a cemetery of pets, and unclear to the western viewer Asian habits and traditions, and even sketches from the Hamburg pothouse. In the latter case the commentator stopped for about ten minutes because all events on the screen were so picturesque and self-sufficient that no excess words were required.

Dog world made revolution which fruits we reap still in documentary. The matter is that in those days when Yakopetti and Prosperi went to travel all over the world with a movie camera in hands, in a genre there were secret bans that is possible and that cannot be shown in a shot. First of all, it concerned murders and death. Documentary film makers preferred to inform, and the Italian authors put the task to shock. And shock in this case is more likely positive therapeutic effect, but not a method of intimidation and conscious input in a depression. Though other shots Dog world sensitive affect people extremely negatively. Up to full rejection.

And still the plan was humanistic, but not commercial. Authors intended not to frighten white people and to show them what occurs beyond their narrow outlook. From where the yuppie with Wal - the street still learns that Chinese adore eating a dragon, and in Japan in local sobering-up stations women who diligent bring round in the mornings the compatriots work only. That in Australia there is the whole army of girls - rescuers, and in Italy there is a sect which members protect and look after remains of the dead during plague. And here it would be interesting to inhabitants of Asia to learn that women in full America visit fitness - clubs where their faded body tries to bring into a due look for the next round of the marriage relations. As well as the fact that in New - York there is an elite restaurant where serve the baked cockroaches, fried ants and other exotic at exorbitant prices.

It is obvious that authors consciously manipulated the viewer, straining him stories about Chinese houses of death or showing the crippled hunters of sharks, dispersing melancholy shots from a trip of too choosy American pensioners to Haiti. Cruel shots are diluted with amusing sketches, in turn zhivopisuya sins human: vanity, greed, gluttony, nonsense and so on. Without having managed to learn one lesson of the universe, we already penetrate into the new story. The picture lasts almost two hours, but it is impossible to come off the screen because all is mounted very competently and vividly.

Modern public Dog world it is unlikely will strike because it is possible to find shots in the Internet and stronger. And at the time of a premiere the picture caused the real furor around the world. And also infinite polemic, criticism, scandals and the other consequences accompanying doubtful glory. Inhabitants of the planet apprehended the Italian shock raznopolyarno, from enthusiastic responses before full rejection. In the majority of the countries the picture was stopped, cutting out especially concerning reason episodes, in the States, on the contrary, even pushed through documentary of new generation on Oscar, having nominated the header song " for a gold figurine; More composer Rits Ortolani. In Europe Dog world was included in the competitive program of the scheduled Cannes Film Festival, and gentle British in general forbade a tape to display from - for sets of violence scenes over animals.

Anyway, the tape really exerted the most powerful impact on a cinematograph, having generated not only the whole series of continuations from Yakopetti and Prospero, but also a cohort of imitators (series The Shocking Asia for example). In 1963 - m, having felt a smell of money, a duet of directors (Paolo Cavara refused to work on the sequel owing to the moral beliefs) released the sequel Dog world 2 having continued to investigate many-sided human nature.

However authors, obviously, relaxed and worked with smaller enthusiasm. In particular, some episodes were production but not documentary that played subsequently a dirty trick within all genre. In the second part already much less unpleasant shots, creators all - decided that excess bans it is too expensive for them therefore added more positive to the scenario and concentrated on ridiculing of silly customs of a consumer society.