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Three days on escape (2010). To teachers on a note?

Human opportunities are not boundless that does not prevent to overestimate one forces, and another - to underestimate. In a critical situation drunk instantly sober, men of courage hide for others backs, and ailing get on feet and begin to break world records. history of the modest school teacher who arranged to the wife escape from federal prison does not seem to

On this background something outstanding any more. Nevertheless this story inspired French Guillaume Lehman and Fred Kavaye on a movie " script writing; In total for the sake of it (2008). And already the success of this picture in the European hire drew attention of Hollywood where during an era of total scenario crisis hurried to let out the remake known to the world under the name Three days on escape (2010).

In a family of the school teacher John Brennan (Russell Crowe) there was a misfortune: his beloved wife was left at first without breakfast, and then sent for a lattice for twenty years for murder of the chief. The passerby saw how Lara (Elizabeth Banks) left the parking where found the woman`s corpse to death filled with the fire extinguisher. On the tool of murder Lara`s prints were found, and on her jacket found blood traces. And though Mrs. Brennan also tried to relate to an investigation that she on an entrance faced some addict who was obviously hurrying to leave a crime scene, detectives considered proofs too obvious.

In three years John several times tried to challenge a judgment. But having been refused on the last possible appeal, drooped finally. As well as his spouse who despaired so that she even tried to make a suicide. Understanding that seventeen more years in such situation it will not sustain, the teacher looks for a different way of reunion from darling. To choose especially not from something to live to one, to bring up the son and to occasionally visit the wife, or to step on a throat to own principles and law-abiding and to get out Lara of prison illegally.

Having consulted with the skilled convict, the teacher begins to save grandmas and to look for an opportunity. However escape from establishment of federal level is an invention serious, demanding big expenses, composure and a certain knowledge which John has no. To study never late - the proverb so John has to become essentially other person in the shortest possible time says. Soon his wife will be transferred from city prison to a colony, and there will be no time left for sincere throwings at all by

For transfer of the French movie in the American realities chose not the so casual person: Paul Haggis is a cinematographer with an experience, Oscar, Emmie and Venetsianskogo`s prize-winner of a film festival. And though many critics and the audience consider a victory it Collisions in 2006 - m a politically correct compromise (all - and Munich Spielberg, and Humpbacked mountain Ang Li deserved bigger), from a song of words you will not throw out. Haggis understood that he got glory incidentally therefore on gentle melancholy for a while left direction and did the favorite thing - scenario. Here to it and the truth equal is not enough, after Collisions Haggis became the author of such pictures as The Baby on one million and Letters from Iwo Jima Clint Eastwood, and also participated in creation of two series of Bondiana with Craig.

To the tape Three days on escape Haggis did not remove remakes and did not consider it necessary because he itself could imagine excellent plots. But whether decided to arrange himself holiday, whether just bought ready material, but agreed to drive the project especially as under his wing producers managed to entice Russell Crowe. Having quarreled with the constant composer Mark Ayshem because of religious beliefs (shortly before the beginning of shootings Haggis officially left scientologist sect), the director invited to cooperation of other famous author - Danny Elfman. Funny and the fact that the same acted as producers of alteration Delbosk and Missonye that sang lullabies the original. French, probably, could not wait to see the world superstar in a leading role though In total for it and without Russell Crowe (but with participation, by the way, of Dian Kruger) looked not bad.

What turned out from this invention? So to say, nothing of that kind from what it would be worth inflating an elephant. The original at least for an award Cesar was nominated in the category The Best debut . Haggis`s picture and should dream of it only. The French fir-tree was decorated with expensive Hollywood toys, it became brighter and more elegant, but did not stop being a fir-tree. In other words, authors did not manage to think up anything new therefore they went on the way of specification of old. As a result timing of a remake increased by a quarter till two o`clock screen time from which it is an hour and a half given to the drama and still slightly - slightly - to an action. So on escape really there were not three days, but less than thirty minutes.

For Collision the director acquired the most important principle of the American commercial cinema - it is not necessary to prompt, it is not necessary to hint, it is necessary to rub the nose of the viewer, differently it, confused, and will not understand where to laugh, and where to cry. In Three days this focus was turned several times, it is the most successful in a scene of farewell to the father who was unexpectedly played by Brian Dennekhi who left big screens ( Rambo. First " blood; Cocoon and Gorky Park ) . Very touching scene in which the elderly veteran clean beat Crowe that at a difference of the fees looks outrage. And still we will be forced to clench fists in an episode when the hero, having forgotten about the humane profession, wets drug dealers and earns money for the grandiose plan.

In a pursuit of financial success, and other reason for a remake also could not be, creators forgot about an essence. The French movie told about an inevitable evil, about the tragedy of the little person forced to fight against system and to smother in itself moral messages. The Hollywood option is a story about how gladiator rescues the wife. The local drama is boring and predictable, we already believe that the hero loves the spouse and wants to live with it long and happily, but not to knock about to pension alone. But authors are captured more by process, but not drudgeries of conscience when the law-abiding citizen, having despaired to find justice, takes lawlessness in hand. Russell Crowe did not understand that one sad look not to lift such role, and once it was magnificent as the mad mathematician. Alas, in Three days before us only a cover of the actor not capable to recover own mighty invoice the sluggish narration.

Paul Haggis too counted upon a formula good someone else`s movie plus star plus stamps equally in cash desk . In America which inhabitants also did not know about the French tape the remake was accepted cold and beside the point claims. The thriller which does not keep audience in suspense everything two hours - it is already bad. Dennekhi and Liam Neeson as the experienced criminal - it is good, but it is not enough. Music leaves in perplexity, and several focuses from the world of thieves and burglars really work so use on health.

The general verdict - repetition was superfluous. And the excess proof that foreign ideas should be reinterpreted but not to copy.