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Malavita (2013). Easy pulp fiction or How Besson is blown off?

Luc Besson himself is guilty that now nobody takes his creativity seriously. Having let out two hits in a row in the mid-nineties, the Frenchman so grew bolder that simply ceased to look around. Even it is difficult to note at what moment its opuses (mostly producer because independently Besson almost stopped shooting film) began to be associated with commerce and bad taste unambiguously.

For the last 14 years the French director, the author " Subways; Nikita Leon and Fifth " element; shot only four feature films, apart from its work over long-playing and to very few people an interesting cartoon serial about Artur and miniput. For the same period of time Besson produced, it dread to think, nearly one hundred pictures. Certainly that on statement time it did not have at all especially as periodically he is also a coauthor of the script for own opuses.

In the people it is considered to be that Besson was finally blown off and from - under his feather nothing worthy can leave by definition. Therefore also new picture Malavita despite the acceptable collecting at movie theaters, was in the world, and in Russia in particular, it is somehow despised by default . Also it seems that not for nothing.

The Italian mafioso Giovanni Mantsoni, famous in narrow circles, at some moment considered that lived enough and handed over the accomplices with giblets. Its indications allowed the authorities to send for a lattice not only the small small fish, but also the boss Don Lukkeze who nursed a blood grievance on the traitor. Giovanni providently subscribed for the program for protection of witnesses, but, knowing vindictive character to Lukkeza, is forced to escape at the slightest chickie. So he travels about several years across Europe, time in half a year changing a residence, names and a legend. And together with it and its family - the wife, the daughter and the son.

Here and this time Italo`s family - Americans has to leave a cozy lodge in Nice and move to the quiet Norman town. And again to try to adjust life, to get acquainted with neighbors, to adjust communication with peers. Only now something pulled Giovanni on creativity. Having found the efficient typewriter among stuff, he began to splash tirelessly memoirs, than extremely guarded with FBI. Having presented to inhabitants of a remote place as the writer Fred Blake, the gangster diligently scribbles baizes about the heroic last, so far his members of household hardly put in new conditions of life.

However how many to a string not to curl, sooner or later, powerful Don will find rat also will give to the bandits the order to smooth out a hole. Blake - Mantsoni needs only to hope that good luck did not abandon him, and the family at the right time will support the daddy by Tonino Benaquist`s

- the novelist, very popular in France, the winner of several awards, including for a co-authorship of the script for the movie Read lips (2001). For the obvious reasons outside the homeland of the book of the writer raised by demand were not. Until Besson did not decide to picturize his light criminal novel Malavita (in a free translation - bad life ) . Generally, at the time of Benaquist`s shootings already managed to create continuation therefore at Malavita Besson there is every chance to find the sequel. If by then Robert De Niro is capable to have fun still over own image of the main film gangster vseya Earth.

What is interesting, the tape is not similar to the screen version at all. The scenario is so simple and unartful that does not pull on the literary work in any way. Merit whether it writer, or heavy work Besson and his coauthor Michael Koleo, it is difficult to tell. Apparently, nobody from above-mentioned in process strained, and therefore adaptation looks as next bessonovskiya flik with eminent stars in a shot and a full holder of stamps.

The main dignity of Besson - the producer - ability to make money from air. And the material is simpler, the easier from it the standard middling which though there are not enough stars and, but expenses pays back steadily is molded. So was with infinite Carriers and Taxi why not to try a bit different genre especially as this time it is not necessary to fabricate dialogues, everything is already ready and packed into a cover.

At the same time it is impossible to tell that Malavita bad or boring movie. No, it just usual and predictable. Same successful jokes (for example, periodic imaginations the father of family) repeat several times to squeeze out a maximum of a gag. For the third time it is not ridiculous any more, but whom it concerns? It is obvious that the creator also does not wait for an applause, to him to beat off the budget, and rare positive responses - a pleasant bonus, no more. For a long time not end in itself.

Bargaining chip Malavita (by the way, so call a dog of a family of Mantsoni, and in the original the movie is called simply Family ) not the hackneyed plot and plain rural humour, and actor`s works is, not without reason Martin Scorsese under whose name venerable Hollywood stars - De Niro, Pfeiffer and Tommy Lee Jones agreed to participate in a tape appears the executive producer of a picture. About the first and it is so clear, it is not too scrupulous in the choice of projects recently though with its reputation and a filmography nothing is already terrible. Michelle Pfeiffer managed to act as the criminal star too, we remember and we love her on roles in Scarface and comedies She is married to mafia . The last could become a litmus piece of paper for Malavita because Johnathan Demme`s work a cut above the present French opus though it is so artless in the means elected by creators.

Despite an obvious komediynost of a situation, the tape somehow uncertainly balances between genres as if without knowing to what coast to be stuck. Here both the drama, and the thriller, and romanticism, and even the criminal fighter is closer to the final. From easy reading matter creators imperceptibly pass to real-life corpses as if there was no bright southern sun, amusing skirmishes at supper and traditional school shots when the brand new pupil gets used to the unfamiliar and hostile environment. The mash of styles does not prevent to watch film, but also does not give integrity to a picture.

No doubt, a key trick with viewing by De Niro and Tommy Lee Jones Nice guys perfectly characterizes the general spirit - the parody to everything that gets into the shot. On once cool gangsters and cops, on the fatal beauty that blows up now provincial shops, on tugovaty and importunate French, on the American lifestyle and food. Or all - the black comedy, considering obvious violent tendencies of Mantsoni who got used to solve any pressing problems, including and zhilishchno - municipal, with the help kind word and heavy blunt objects .

It is sad that Luc Besson confirmed with the next work our worst fears: to us not to see originality " any more; " Subways; shrillness Leon and iskrometnost Fifth " element;. Creativity was finally transformed to business.