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American Psycho (2000). Wrong office plankton? You Know

, than movies about loonies are attractive? Any normal person after their viewing feels even better because is what to compare to. Life does not indulge cinema excesses, schizophrenics in life it is much more prosy and more terrible, than on the screen. Other mentally ill people at the cinemas embodied by mighty actor`s talents turn into cult characters. As, for example, self-proclaimed American Psycho performed by Christian Bale.

the Actor went long fourteen years to this role and as much again departed from it. The screen version of the scandalous best-seller of Bret Iston Ellis was given by everything hardly, and to Bale who decided on so ambiguous and provocative image - and even less so. Other, much more eminent and highly paid performer - Leonardo DiCaprio took notice of the project. Having felt a smell of money, producers promised to Leo who was already in time to drown in " Titanic; and to sunbathe on " Beach; the budget which twice grew up and exclusive cut of the scenario. But agents of a star took advantage of the opportunity in time, having persuaded DiCaprio not to be confused with doubtful according to contents fliky because consequences for career can be the most deplorable. Kristian was not afraid and, in general, did not lose though he did not wait for momentary effect too. The picture was successful, but not so to eclipse Silence of lambs and Hopkins. The shot got to a target, but not to ten.

Patrick Beytmen, externally respectable employee of solid firm Pier and Pierce tear apart internal contradictions. Its success, wealth and beauty could envy, however nobody, even the closest friends and the bride, is not aware of true hobbies of Patrick. In the afternoon this magnificent bachelor creates visibility of rough activity at own luxurious office, and in the evenings visits the most expensive and popular institutions of the city that in a cozy situation to chat about trifles and to flash intelligence before ladies.

But the most interesting in Patrick Beytmen`s life occurs at night when the representative gilded youth and the successful yuppie turns into the wild animal killing all without discrimination. Today the harmless hungry bum who counted upon alms from hands of the rich passerby fell his victim, and the street prostitute, greedy to money, ready for a thick pack of notes to satisfy any perversions of the client will suffer tomorrow.

Beytmen understands that to him there is something very bad. The vanity and envy led to the fact that it own hands chopped up the more successful colleague on pieces, and now the annoying detective ransacks yes near around, trying to find a catch in his dissonant alibi. The trouble is that the more Patrick kills, the more difficult to him to escape from a vicious circle. He is not able to control the atrocities any more, and his brain begins to throw the surprises forcing to doubt reality of the events

American Psycho treats that type of reading matter after which inevitably there is an unpleasant deposit in soul. The scandal connected with issue of its third book helped sales, but Bret Iston Ellis would probably prefer not to invent this provocative character because a lot of things in Patrick Beytmen - reflection of deep psychological injuries of the writer. The press found a lot of personal that the author who in youth was exposed to violence from the father found a way out of the pain in a creative field.

The screen version turned out ploshche more primitively than the novel - an inevitable evil with which it is necessary to be reconciled. Nevertheless we gained an impression about the one who such Patrick Beytmen. This is the vain, angry and extremely dangerous sociopath suffering from pathological hatred to women, foreign success and to himself. This young man has very strange ideas of that, to be properly in good shape: he carefully watches the body and the person, that he eats and in what puts on, but at the same time quietly has the unprotected sex with street whores, smells coke in dirty toilets and periodically tastes own victims.

As one would expect, the best-seller caused a large number of disputes in Puritan America. One urged to forbid the novel and to anathematize Ellis, others supported the writer, claiming that " dirt; is not in rest rooms, and in the heads . The third diligent absorbed read and which - who even managed to realize valuable advice . The speech, certainly, about the Canadian maniac Paul Bernardo, for which American Psycho became the reference book from where he derived inspiration.

Beytmen is not some stupid cine maniac on the " type; Leather person from Texas slaughter by the " chiansaw; (by the way, the hero revises this movie at home), in his behavior distinct motives are traced. It kills women because considers them as unscrpulous beings. Probably, for the same reason it leaves in live the bride who for hours prattles about a wedding and does not cause in the murderer any emotions, except irritation. It eradicates angrily in the person of the more successful colleagues on business, and the successful transaction, the exclusive business card or well sewed suit can become a reason for violence. People, useless from the point of view of the maniac, like the unfortunate homeless who " become a target; does not want to find to itself work . And also just passersby who were not lucky: they appeared at the unnecessary moment in the improper place.

Admirers of the novel accused the director Mary Herron that she altered the tape final, having presented all events as nonsense of the sore head of Beytmen. In the book in this respect no summaries are issued, just the hero reaches a deadlock when even the violence caused to them ceases to bring him satisfaction. Herron dared to doubt reality of the events, than confused the viewer even more.

In its filmography American Psycho and remained the most noticeable creation, subsequently Herron steeped in work on television. She still tried to shock public twice, in 2005 - having released m the biography sex - a symbol 50 - x Bettie Page, and in 2011 - m having shot the pretentious bloody drama Diaries of a moth according to Rachael Klein`s novel, but both times without visible success.

And here Christian Bale, despite bad example given to public, managed to step over this stage in the career and already to the middle zero, in particular after work with Christopher Nolan on the new version of the Batman, turned into a full-fledged Hollywood star. As well as any scandalous work, movie American Psycho drew to itself attention of actor`s brotherhood - in a tape many of that time and present stars, including Uill Defoe, Josh Lucas, Reese Witherspoon, Justin Theroux, Jared Leto, Kloe Sevinyi and Samantha Metis were playing a supporting role lit. However all of them - only foggy images in the suffering consciousness of the main character whose activity visually confirms: the rich have whims. And that the Great American dream has the back at which it is dangerous to stare for mind.