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Comedy Fast changes (1990). What American actor managed to surpass Belmondo?

Many directors act in own movies. Most often in episodes, as, for example, Peter Jackson chewing carrot in initial shots Hobbit or the legendary Hitchcock liking to show the large profile in some insignificant scene. Actors, in turn, sometimes play about direction, and even become world-wide dear professionals. Clint Eastwood and Sean Penn - bright to that examples.

the American comedian Bill Murray replaced role only once and changed a director`s chair, without having forgotten to reserve a leading role. There was it in 1990 in the criminal situation comedy Fast changes (in the Network there is also other variant of translation - Change of scenery ) . Formally Murray was not lonely, the company at a wheel to him was kept by Howard Franklin, but also at that experience was no more. Franklin became famous as the screenwriter of such popular pictures as The Novel with a stone Rose Name (screen version of the famous historical detective Humberto Eco) and Ridley Scott`s thriller The one who protects me . It is amusing that to such amateurish tandem in questions of direction everything is it was succeeded to create a nice show, the benefit on the screen that one wrote the fine scenario, and another compensated the inexperience by magnificent actor`s game.

The swindler dressed in prikid the clown Bozo, threatening with the gun and dynamite, in broad daylight plunders bank. The impudent clown does not hurry anywhere, quietly locks hostages, takes away a lump sum from the safe and conducts measured negotiations with quickly arrived police. Requirements of the robber are happy are exotic: for a start the clown requested two helicopters, the " motorcycle; Harley Davidson the comfortable bus and the jeep on huge wheels (Monster Truck). It is obvious that the impudent fellow plays for time, but for what and why, here in what a question?

Well, long it is not necessary to wait for the answer. The matter is that the robber was not going to sit up in bank at all and to hold the fort. He used the received odds of time, washed away a bright make-up, took off a suit and together with accomplices left the building under the guise of the hostage.

And here - that became clear that to rob bank was the most easy problem. Far more difficultly on - silent to be washed away with money and to reach treasured flight to Fiji. Gore - pilferers make a slip behind an oversight, at first having got lost in the hometown, then having sat down in a taxi with the driver - the emigrant, and in end of all troubles, having got into troubles with the Italian mafia. While cops stormed bank and recalculated hostages, unlucky robbers absolutely despaired to leave with production, but desire to leave Big " apple; it is so big that all obstacles seem scanty in comparison with an ultimate goal

Bill Murray - one of the best comedians of modern American cinema. On its account a set of bright actor`s works, including such remarkable and all favourite movies, as Ghosts Hunters New Christmas fairy tale And how Bob? and Groundhog Day . To this performer in power to extend on itself the whole movie even if all others will move just statically in a shot and to say cardboard remarks. However, Murray was always famous for the fact that very carefully selected to itself projects and seldom acted in a frank shnyaga. Only therefore in any way the third cannot take place Ghosts Hunters because Murray at heart the perfectionist also demands from other participants of the project of so scrupulous relation to material.

The company to the actor - the director - the screenwriter Murray in a shot Fast changes Geena Davies and Randi Quade without whom the impression of a tape would be incomplete made. And if Davies in general plays exactly, without surprises, representing the girlfriend of the main character, then Quade is just gloss. Unsightly Randi for career became skilled in roles of full morons while his nice younger brother Dennis played filmstars and saloon handsome men. In this case the actor got party of rather stupid clodhopper Loomis, from - for whom, actually, the majority of troubles and occurs.

But the most pleasant that the picture looks on one breath. Not only thanks to excellent actor`s game and witty dialogues, but also the smart scenario written by Franklin in a co-authorship with Murray. In spite of the fact that the movie - that not original. The original under the name " appeared five years in France earlier; Robbery in which leading role was played by Jean - Paul Belmondo who decided to soften the image of the superman with the light criminal comedy. According to critics, the French primary source looks slightly better, than the American remake, but it is worth recognizing that tapes essentially different. In Hollywood many French comedies including " were damaged; Fugitives and Unlucky but Fast changes fortunately, it is possible to consider as an exception to the rules.

At first it was planned that Johnathan Demme will manage shootings, but just offered that instead of the frivolous comedy work on the screen version of the novel of Thomas Harris ( Silence of lambs ) so he obviously did not lose. And though its work in general was taken complacently over by native public and film critics, Murray considered that his director`s merits are small, and any more was never engaged in statement.

In one of early promotion interviews Murray noted that the picture has to be pleasant especially to inhabitants of New - York because only they really will estimate incredible desire of the main characters somewhat quicker to leave this city. Really, not money, but an opportunity to buy freedom where - nibud far away from dirty America were one of the main motives of robbers even. Possibly, this motive to native public did not attract therefore the tape acted in hire so-so, having earned as a result modest 15 million dollars. So much it was also spent for its creation.

When the actor remembered the director`s debut again, noticed also other nuance: actors very successful now - for example, by Tony Shelub were involved in the movie on bit parts ( Men in black Blood and then: " anabolic steroids;) and Stanley Tucci ( Lovely bones Hungry games ) .

Unfortunately, having grown old, and to the actor in 2013 it was executed 63, Murray grew cold to comedies, having considered that in an easy genre he already reached everything that could. Already at the end of 90 - x years Bill began to be drawn towards drama roles considerably. At first he worked well together with the colleague Tim Robbins in the drama The Cradle will shake nominated for the Golden Palm of Cannes. Then acted at Wes Anderson in To the Family Tennenbaum and, as a result, received Oscar nomination for the smart image in the touching lyrical picture Difficulties of the translation Sofia Coppola.

Here so the unlucky student of medical college deducted after the first course reached heights of which other comedians of Hollywood can only dream.