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" Club; Breakfast (1985). The best school tape in the history of Hollywood?

With a premature demise at the age of 59 years of John Hughes in the American cinema the whole era ended. In spite of the fact that Hughes the last did not take years ten active part in activity of Hollywood, news shocked all fans of his creativity. Here is how happens, the person on the hometown left in the morning to walk - and there was no person. Big heart ceased to fight. you will not call Hughes`s

the prolific director, more precisely, he preferred to trust the ideas to others as he considered, to more talented directors. Nevertheless during the period from 1984 to 1991 he shot eight movies in a genre of the comedy and melodrama. It is hard to say in what field Hughes achieved bigger success because what it undertook, always it turned out brilliantly. In its asset scripts for such known hits, as Home Alone Beethoven Sue`s Ringlet and 101 dalmatians . Quite often Hughes acted as the producer, the benefit that to success went not for long and quickly found financial independence.

It is possible to carry to its director`s udacha also the youth tape The Day off of Ferris Byyuler and the flashing comedy with Steve Martin and John Candy`s participation By Plane, by train, by " car; and romantic tape Sue`s Ringlet . But well-known Hughes became thanks to the early work - the chamber drama from life of school students under the name " Club; Breakfast (1985). This movie the director designated a new trend in youth cinema. Many if not everything, started imitating its style, others it is very successful ( Fires of the Saint Elma Joel Schumacher), others stupidly and dullly copied under a tracing-paper. Which - who tries to recreate the atmosphere of the eightieth on the screen also today ( Bring me home ) but it is already impossible to understand and experience that time in the new millennium.

Five school students are forced to spend the Saturday day off at school. Offenses at them different, and one on all - to sit out punishment eight hours behind school desks and to write the essay on the subject To What I present myself . Performance of a task is monitored by the strict teacher Mr. Vernon therefore it is not possible to leave class limits. However, even in a glass it is possible to arrange a storm.

The company gathered ill-matched. The hooligan of Bender constantly argues with the teacher and tries to hook all attendees loaded questions. The athlete Andrew relies upon own force more, than on ability to answer with caustic causticity and unsuccessfully protects from trite hints of Bender queen of a ball Clare. The last looks at the audience haughtily, pretending that it got here incidentally. And while the shaky botanist Bryan tries to squeeze the word in conversation of peers, his neigbour Allison loudly gnaws nails and publishes rare, but very characteristic sounds of disapproval of all events.

The conflict is inevitable because all five are unfamiliar with each other, they are connected only by the general school. But there will pass time and the hooligan everything is it will be pleasant to the princess, and the fighter will make out internal light in the psychopath. They will never become friends, but forever will remain members of a peculiar club which had to have breakfast together at desert school Saturday morning once

the Present generation seriously considers American " pie; the best youth comedy which is ever shot in Hollywood. I do not argue, at brothers Vayts the quite good cinema, so far as concerns the standard school flika which are sucking round a subject of a school ball, loss of virginity and the first sexual experiences turned out. " Club; Breakfast - at all not the comedy, and even not a romantic tape, but the full drama though in Hughes`s movie there are a lot of touching and ridiculous moments. Just the author made so that these moments are not perceived by the alien sketches urged to stir interest in the events. It is not the notorious laughter in the hall imposed on a soundtrack, and not the sortirny humour causing unambiguous reaction in the hall. Humour at Hughes thin, and therefore not to everyone clear.

Can seem to someone that in a shot nothing occurs. One talk, communication, the conflicts, tears, recognitions - continuous The House - 2 . But it is worth getting accustomed to these teenagers to understand - they for the first time in life faced what adults call age crisis . They are not so skilled philosophically to perceive failures, but are already ready to fight to death to defend own outlook on life. This youth knows the price to mistakes and is at that stage of a growing when it is ready on any you boil, except hunger strike .

The episode with a breakfast can be considered as the most amusing especially as on food character of each character is perfectly traced: the hooligan remains hungry, scoffing at the nutritious menu of the botanist. The athlete fills up a table with a heap of carbohydrates and proteins, princess spreads a set for sushi, and nervous Allison sotvoryat small and absolutely inedible revolution with a parental sandwich.

As well as any cult movie, " Club; Breakfast over time acquired a set of the facts and interesting details from shootings. It is known that John Hughes could not find a common language with talented, but it is difficult the operated actor Judd Nelson (Bender). And continuous quarrels of the last outside a shooting stage with the actress Mollie Ringuold (Clare) seriously enraged the director. It was initially planned that the picture will be replenished with sequels each ten years, but Hughes`s unwillingness to continue cooperation with Nelson put a fat cross on these plans.

Many moments in the movie is a pure actor`s improvisation. Perhaps, therefore the tape seems real and sincere, and the problems discussed in a shot - actual to this day. Teachers curse pupils, being afraid to imagine that these people through couple of decades will fill with the country. School students hate teachers and are under constant oppression of parental expectations.

We often hear how superstars of Hollywood began the career in movies through passage, gradually getting on a crest of a wave and winning public for years. With main characters of the film in " Club; there was absolutely other situation - all of them early became famous that then to go to oblivion. Today to actors it is already good for forty (and to someone and for fifty), and it is possible to tell surely - none of them a star became. Neither red-haired beauty Mollie Ringuold, nor explosive Judd Nelson, nor even descendant of notable film family Emilio Estevez (son of the famous Hollywood actor Martin Shin and brother of Charlie Shin). All their glory and remained in the eightieth, but then they were the real idols of the American youth.

It is no secret that John Hughes wrote the scenario of the masterpiece within two hot July days. Even known smash hit of Simple Minds " group; Do not You (Forget About Me) it was written, likely, longer. In a tape in general there is a lot of good music creating the unique atmosphere of that time. Singers Billy Idol and Brian Ferree were whipping the cat subsequently that refused to cooperate with Hughes. As well as Nicholas Cage to which the director offered Bender`s role.

In spite of the fact that " Club; Breakfast did not receive the sequel (or perhaps thanks to this fact), the picture dispersed on film quotes subsequently: sendings to the movie meet in more than fifty American tapes. And quite deservedly solid Entertainment Weekly edition recognized Hughes`s work as the best of everything that ever was removed in Hollywood on a school subject.