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Emo - fashion or subculture?

Fashion or subculture?

Is no time, many admirers of informal culture were so-called Niu - metalworkers namely, listened to Jane Air, Amatory, Psikhey, 5diez and similar to them groups. But then something those, already not many admirers of a nu - metal, began to let grow bangs that they closed a half of the face, to stretch ears to the huge sizes to insert into them, so-called Tunnels and to cover the clothes with a huge number of badges. And there was it pretty quickly. There where punks still quite recently hung out and nu - metalworkers, hang out Aimo now - whales. I think, it is worth going deep into history of formation of subculture of emo a little. Emo - the subculture, arose, it is a little a lot of, about 22 years ago. Of course, Aimo - the culture, as well as many other subcultures so to speak were collected from several other cultures. Are modernized, or are simply taken half. And the following chapter we will devote stories of education of emo - subculture. But now we will consider Aimo - culture in music. Emo - comes from the word of emotion, emotional (from English, sl., Emotion Emotions). To be convinced that music really emotional, you can, having listened to any song with Aimo`s label. In Aimo - music, there is very beautiful, melodious vocal and it is obligatory in some moments (generally it is refrains) the hysterical, creaking vocal. This type of a vocal is called Skrim - a vocal (From English, sl., Scream Shout). Many groups playing in style of Emo finish the performances earlier because they are overflowed by emotions, and they break musical instruments. Fortunately it is pleasant to their admirers.

history has some

time to talk about history of education of this peculiar, but as many consider, very interesting subculture Well, came.

First so to speak a wave fell on 1985 - 1994. Summer of 1985 became so-called In the Revolutionary summer . Then the Punk - culture of Washington, covered a new wave of groups, with various sounding, focused on heavy the punk - music with a melodious vocal and inserts of a hysterical voice in certain moments: Gray Matter, Soulside, Ignition, Marginal Man, Fire Party, Rain, Shudder to Think, etc. Some groups kept the fast hardkorovy sounding based on the punk with new vocal methods, as a noticeable exception it is possible to consider Dag Nasty.

began to call Sounding of many groups " over time; classical Washington sounding The Part of this sounding was ironically called Emo as reduction from emotional . One of sources claims that this term for the first time appeared in flipsaydovsky interview with Ayen Mackay (one of founders Aimo - cultures). Soon after that the Washington groups received a label Emocore .

became 1994 - 2000 the second wave of culture of Aimo. In this period, emo began to gain character of popular music. This subculture became known to a bigger circle of people. Also there were considerable changes in the plan of music - it became more pleasant to listen to this music. Exerted a greater influence on Aimo - music such styles as Grunge (Grunge) and India - fate (Indie rock). Thus, thanks to a large number of groups of Emos playing in style, this subculture got to rotation on radio and TV programs.

of Emo - culture today.

At the moment Aimo the subculture, strongly became stronger in youth to a party . Today there are more and more commercially successful projects, such as The Used, Funeral For A Friend, and other, but on sounding they are already far from initial Aimo - collectives. Aimo - style extended not only to music. The clothes for admirers of this culture, were also chosen as some moments from the punk. Aimo - whales (i.e. emo - children, admirers of emo - subculture) wear clothes in one-time - black tones, with bichromatic patterns and the stylized badges. As well as in cases with many subcultures, sometimes it turns into a craze and is not connected with outlook of the person and his musical preferences in any way. Style of emo completely differs today from sources. Vosnovn Aimo - whales and Aimo - fights have with sXe, diy the movements nothing in common and have a vague idea of sources of emo.

But if to remember the movie Crybaby (Cry boy) with Johnny Depp in a leading role, it is possible to think that clothes style of Aimo, arose at the time of Elvis Presley. Remember this movie. As they put on: Tight trousers, so-called Leather biker jackets it is black - white gym shoes and the most interesting, is that they tried to put Hayer (hairdress), similar Elvis Presley, water. After a while hair dried and fell on the person, forming similar action, called nowadays Aimo - a bang . And the name of the movie speaks for itself Cry Boy - The crying boy.

Suicide as way out. Or it is fashionable?

In Aimo - culture it is considered center correct, to condemn itself for any incorrectly perfect acts and at the same time to cry. Though personally to me has not the luck to behold a picture of the crying Aimo - fight, nevertheless I think that it so. Often reaches attempts of a suicide. That is, if to look at Aimo`s hands - Kid, it is possible to see ispolosovanny a hand edge. Very seldom there is an attempt of a suicide of Aimo - Kid, other character. By the way, I, for some reason constantly speak about emo as if about a man`s half of mankind, having forgotten about a fine half. Women. Girls of emo, call Aimo - girls (Aimo - the Girl). Though, Aimo - fights with Aimo - girls is not enough, than differ.

is A lot of suicide cases on an utter nonsense. The girl threw - cut veins. The guy threw - cut veins. There`s nothing to be done, but such is a position at many Aimo. However, they cut veins, not to kill themselves and later to be proud of these wounds. Do not think that we discuss all Aimo now. Now we speak about so-called Poseurs . Those people who do all this only for fashion. Only then to flaunt before friends. M - yes there`s nothing to be done, but poseurs are present at all subcultures.


M - yes, here such it is subculture. For some of course it all the same will remain fashion. And for some it will become a part of the life. Let`s wait well, for the new fashion collected already from other subcultures. And then, there where hung out Aimo - fights and Aimo - girls, modern people will hang out.

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