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Frozen earth (2013). Indifference as the worst of the evils?

Before issue Silence of lambs the Hollywood directors treated scenarios about serial maniacs - murderers with some fastidiousness. To level Hitchcock Psycho all the same you will not reach, and at movie theaters you will impair a little a rating thoroughly. Hannibal Lecter in enchanting execution of Anthony Hopkins changed a situation radically: maniacs registered on the screen seriously and for a long time, having pushed other film villains the background.

the Picture of the debutant Scott Walker bribes only the fact that it is based on real events. Really, in the seventieth - the eightieth years of the last century on Alaska the cruel and cool murderer Robert Hansen who serves the huge sentence 461 year long without the right of pardon now was active. Real stories it is always more interesting fictional, but also screen versions give in more difficult. From lots of police materials it is necessary to pull out the most important, otherwise you risk to get stuck in tiresome details as it happened to David Ffincher and his thriller Zodiac . Walker tried and it is visible, however one desire will not be full.

In two weeks prior to the voluntary withdrawal from national guard the sergeant Helkomb (Nicholas Cage) receives on hands case of the raped prostitute Cindi Paulson (Vanessa Ann Hudgens). The police closed case because to whom claims of the selling maid who ran into troubles are interesting? Especially as her offender - the local baker Robert Hansen (John Cusack) - is considered the law-abiding citizen in addition with an ironclad alibi. And it does not matter what Hansen was already attracted for similar offenses earlier. He was even condemned on a five-years period, but quickly left prison for good behavior.

The Helkomb is disturbed not so much by young Cindi`s destiny how many strange similarity put it with a heap of unsolved losses and murders of girls on Alaska. Handwriting of the murderer same: the victims force, and then kill. And the more unknown corpses the police finds in the wood, the shadow on Hansen who is known for the addiction to hunting falls stronger. The private plane helps to reach hard-to-reach spots in a taiga to it, and to track therefore for it adventures hardly. In a problem of Helkomba enters to nail the maniac for some trifle subsequently to untwist him on recognition. But Hansen is too clever though the psychopath to get in a trap. He carefully hides the trophies (jewelry murdered to them girls) and skillfully covers up tracks. The only chance of the sergeant are testimonies of Cindi, on whom the maniac and his accomplices arranged the real hunting ,

the Lack of real history what we foreknow is, than it will end. And here on the question Why? Scott Walker did not find time to answer. As well as did not become to tire the viewer the story about how Hansen from ordinary, mentally unbalanced teenager turned into the famous cruel maniac. Before us the axiom of the American remote place appears: the one whom least of all you suspect appears the murderer. Dear member of society, the loving father and the husband, the owner of the business and the owner of several rare hunting trophies. And at the same time incredibly dexterous liar and the murderer who managed in more than ten years of the stay on Alaska brutally to kill more than twenty young women.

Walker made the same mistake, as Ffincher in above-mentioned Zodiac : he so was fond of investigation that he forgot about lack of an intrigue at all. We already know all details! Why this routine and infinite talk, dialogues, meetings and interrogations are necessary? More stoutly to reveal the identity of the psychopath? Neither doctors, nor psychologists, nor the detectives working on Hansen`s business could make it. To it did not broadcast an internal voice, he did not make ritual sacrifices and did not compensate children`s lameness. Just killed without stopping, eradicating one to it the known evil. All these nuances in Walker`s tape are not opened not a jot.

Actually, in a shot venerable stars, like Nicholas Cage and John Cusack are also not necessary. It is frankly boring for the first (remember with what enthusiasm the actor acted in the parody fighter Fuck-up ) he does not even try to represent emotions, just works the solid fee. Cusack looks slightly better especially as the actor already happened to play maniacs, but also he is clamped in a close framework of the poor scenario. The only moment in the movie when their stay on the screen seems justified is an episode with Hansen`s interrogation in a police station. Here where Cusack showed that it is capable not only it is lovely to smile in romantic comedies, but also to show teeth of the wolf in sheep`s clothing.

Behind everyday life of a detective consequence also key social implication which could interest the thinking viewer is lost. Why does that happen that maniacs become serial murderers? Who is guilty that law enforcement bodies make light of crimes which victims are representatives of unsuccessful sectors of society? Or fallen woman already fell so for what it it is not a pity? But Walker, owing to a narration tyagomotnost, managed to demonstrate, also the zaskoruzla system of the American justice where the person is guilty only when he was seized literally by a hand is how slow. Or so far he does not confess to deeds as it was made by Hansen to whom, apparently, just bothered to play with the law in a cat and mouse.

Frozen earth quite justifies the name. A story is told indifferently, cold, as if the event in backwoods does not concern other, safe America at all. To whom what business that the police for years beats around the bush, even without trying to arrest the impudent criminal who is active in full impunity at it near by. However, the accusatory manifesto at authors did not appear too, they removed the detective story, cinema how caught the maniac but did not convict severe reality.

The picture turned out is exemplary - an indicative example of how it is not necessary to shoot thrillers. Clear business, the debutant wanted to stick out author`s vision, but behind a mask of the impartial story the mass of the settled stamps from which already the head hurts is covered. Probably, the talent if it is available, Walker decided to lay up for future projects though one more such movie - and to the director it is necessary to pester studios. In America the tape did not reach a wide release, despite big names on the poster and participation of one of stars of a youth hit Cool musical Vanessa Ann Hudgens. The last was turned, however, into the dismissed addict with an experience therefore her admirers could just avoid the movie not to spoil impression.

Finishes finally final video series when authors tell the viewer that their movie it is devoted to all victims of Hansen . Then on the screen photos of the real girls ruined by this animal alternate. In total nothing, only music under video imposed absolutely improper. What proves once again the frivolous relation of creators of a tape to the chosen material. On the contrary, Robert Hansen exists and is still living, already thirty years living at the expense of the state budget in Spring Creek colony on Alaska.