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The Big alarm in small China . Green eyes will ruin the world?

John Carpenter by right are considered one of the most talented horrormeyker of Hollywood. More precisely, was considered as that to the middle of the ninetieth years of the last century. In an asset of this director such movies, cult and significant for a genre, as " appear; Halloween Something Fog Christina and Prince of Darkness .

in the middle of 80 - x Carpenter, having given in to general fashion on spectacular adventure cinema, decided to try the hand on the project, for it unusual. The script of the sequel to one of the most underestimated by critics and the audience to a tape - fantastic buffoonery " fell into hands of the director; Adventures Bacharach Banzaya in the eighth measurement . However the original version of the text of Carpenter did not suit owing to what the scenario was rewritten until changed to unrecognizability. At first the main character dropped out of history, then action of the movie was transferred from the Wild West presently, and instead of prairies, Indians and cowboys ubiquitous Chinese and the well-known Chaynataun appeared.

The studio seriously considered candidacies of Clint Eastwood and Jack Nicholson for a leading role, and the director secretly turned the text to please the old friend and the colleague - the actor Curt Russell with which they worked together on such popular pictures as Escape from New - York and Something . As a result the opinion of the director moved commercial calculation of producers, and in 1986 America amusing mix of mysticism, kuna - faugh and comedies under the name " came out; The Big alarm in small China .

The long-distance truck driver Jack Burton in life has three passions: its truck, women and gamblings. Behind the last he likes to visit Chaynataun the friend Wang. But this time the man was lucky and it was not lucky at the same time: to win - he won that, and here the necessary sum at Wang with itself did not appear. To pull time, the Chinese suggests Jack to give a ride to him to the airport where there arrives from Celestial Empire his girl, the beauty Mao Ying.

Misfortunes never come alone, and runs crowd as those hooligans at the airport and take away that in the face of Wang and his companion is abducted Mao Ying on a red sports wheelbarrow in the unknown direction. The Chinese is sure - here did not do without Triad which secretly governs in Chaynataun. The pursuit of thieves was not crowned with success too: having come under cross fire, Jack lost the truck, and his friend - hopes for fast release of the bride from tenacious paws of the artful sorcerer David Lo Pang. The last already two thousand years live on Earth in an image of incorporeal spirit and dreams to remove a damnation. For this purpose he needs to marry the Asian with green eyes, that is Mao Ying.

Understanding that to fight against a ghost habitual means it is useless, Jack and Van call to the aid the driver of the tourist bus, and in combination the magician Egg Shena. Together they intend to go down in Lo Pang`s den and to fight off the vile old man a krasna the maiden, otherwise the villain will find former force again and will arrange a big alarm not only in small China to

Big alarm became for Carpenter the first and last attempt to escape for a framework of the genre allocated for him in Hollywood. Attempt not too successful if to trust dry figures of financial statistics. Following the results of a box office of 1986 the picture occupied 71 - e the place, without having managed to beat off also half of the budget. Certainly, the director inspired by a wave of spectacular adventure movies of Spielberg and Zemeckis counted on bigger. Critics, on the contrary, were more favorable to experiment, but their opinion is traditional is not attached to the financial statement therefore producers initially gave up as a bad job any continuations. And Carpenter was not eager to get stuck in sequels, having realized that climbed on others territory.

Grandmas grandmas, and it turned out vividly and vigorously. In the Chinese house everything mixed up: mysticism and magic, kuna - faugh and firing, the melodrama and adventures. There is a suspicion that authors got confused in this mash of genres that did not allow them to make the narration integral. The picture as if becomes unstuck on several bright episodes, leaving impression of a certain sumasbrodnost and haste. As if Carpenter hurried to create the hero in the footsteps of Indiana Jones, and haste, as we know, is good in essentially other affairs.

Nevertheless whom - whom, and Curt Russell it is impossible to accuse of a tape failure precisely. At once it is visible when it is scripted under the specific performer: despite abundance of characters, Jack Burton always in the center of attention, though looks in most cases not so effectively as his colleague from Spielberg`s movies. Russell already took place as a star therefore was able to afford to fool about and mock at own image of the cool guy a little. His hero is talkative and fearless, but when business reaches fight, he is late with acceptance of the right decision eternally. He is desperately lucky both in fights, and in love, but he leaves with the same with what came, promising to return on the first call. He prostovat is also straightforward, but that and is nice. Russell also promoted fashion on the best dress of the filmstar 80 - x: white undershirt and shabby jeans.

Carpenter strongly spent for special effects what earlier diligently avoided, preferring to pile on the agony traditional cine means - installation and music. For the time tricks and everyones magic are removed very decently. What is costed by one of Lo Pang`s accomplices who is active lightnings or the flying sorcerer`s eye looking in the sewerage for uninvited guests. Hand-to-hand fights are put skillfully, the benefit too that one of specialists who in the past was closely cooperating with Bruce Lee was engaged in them. Did not do also without frank irony on low-standard Hong Kong boyevichok which heroes constantly fly and fight in air.

In general the movie is watched easily and easy, the same as heroes act. It is necessary to rescue the girl? Let`s go! Three together against the whole gang of the Chinese bandits? Yes it is easy! You speak, the sorcerer is available? Yes the hell with him, we will reel up on a fist! In Jack Burton`s life there is no place to long and painful planning, it to you not eleven friends of Ouchene . It is sometimes simpler to set to a jaw, than to explain to the opponent his wrongfulness. In a shot some movement, any statics or pauses is continuous. What is besides not similar to Carpenter, the master of a suspense and long plans.

Here to you and banal result. At all awkwardness and dampness of a plan, the tape turned out amusing and live, but obvious loans and lack of own master plan prevented the director to achieve unambiguous and momentary success from colleagues from shop. Subsequently The Big alarm in small China became classics, only unclear what genre. The tape and today, nearly thirty years later, does not lose a charm, it does not seem silly or primitive. Simply good cinema which lacked the trifle to become better.