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How to register the website in search engines?

Many think that creation of the page - the heaviest moment in development of the web - a resource. I will tell you absolutely opposite - the heaviest is promotion.

But it is also more important. The interesting attractive website about which nobody knows is much worse than ordinary gray a resource with thousands visitors in day. The second will bring in more income.

So, part one:

When you something look for

where you go first of all? Correctly, on a search engine! Most (85%) of users look for information by means of them therefore we have to see to it that we would be indexed as soon as possible.

As work search engines?

Search servers have own database which contains generally only references to Internet resources. Interactive scenarios of system independently address each website, the reference to which is had in the database, search for the keywords entered by the author of inquiry in its text and include references to this page in the file of the report. Then the robot consistently passes on all hyperlinks found on this page and if the related resources are absent in the database (index) of the search server, information on them is automatically brought in an index. This process is called indexation of the website. The sense of registration in a search engine is reduced not only to that the reference to your resource was introduced in the database of the server and underwent indexation procedure.

Is desirable that information on your page got to a cache of the server computer as search is carried out first of all according to the data which are stored on its disks, then - on the exiles and only to the last turn which are available in base - directly on the Internet. Registration goes about two weeks therefore it is necessary to index the website as soon as possible.


Preparation for registration.

Create usual text the file in which type the description of the website.

Registration manually it is made rather simply. You come on the server of search service and look for the reference To Add URL ( to add the " page; it is simple to add ) for Russian-language systems and Add URL ( Add NewPage ) for systems with the English interface. Such references are located, as a rule, near a form of interactive inquiry. Further you will need only to follow this link to web - the page with the detailed description of rules of registration, and then to enter URL - the homepage address (com/index. html), the description of a resource and keywords in the offered interactive form. Pay attention that it is necessary to specify expansion in a name of the file of a starting page, and it is necessary to distinguish. htm and. html, differently the server can give then an error message.


What to write?

Use the words which are found on your pages bigger number of times. Also use synonyms, but do not repeat twice and do not enter things about which there are no speeches, but which as some I think, can increase attendance of the website.

On the Internet there is a mass of the websites offering automatic registration in many search engines. Personally I do not trust them - many of them can make something to the liyena;). And when all of you made with own hands, you will be firmly sure that in few weeks your website will be indexed by the most known servers of a RuNet.


List of the main search engines:

of yandex. ru

google. ru

rambler. ru

aport. ru

atrus. ru

list. ru

stars. ru


mafia. ru

susanin. net

ulitka. ru

ramblert. ru /

omen. ru

goldenurl. radio. ru

megaportal. ru

hi. ru

nigma. ru

look. ru

net. ru

yes. ru