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Quicker, than rabbits (2013). Sadly, ridiculously, actually?

For quite some time now all cinema products leaving from - under a feather of the well-known four Quartet I became a peculiar brand by which are guided and to which all domestic comedies of the last years are compared. From the moment of an exit to screens of our country Day of radio this comedy quartet turned into the quality mark because ridiculously, originally, it is mostly fresh and in an apple .

However, any first the fresh product has property to lie too long therefore, having felt a wave, persons involved Quartet I hurried to use a fertile situation and began to shoot movies nearly annually. After a dilogy What men " speak about; actors and screenwriters (and for quite some time now also producers) Leonid Barats and Rostislav Chait, having secured with support of the colleagues Alexander Demidov and Kamil Larin, published at the beginning of 2014 the new comedy with the provocative heading Quicker, than rabbits . Having given thereby the powerful answer foreign To The Hangover only with local color and mystical background.

Having regained consciousness in the morning (though the time of day is not specified) in unfamiliar and, frankly speaking, to a strange situation, Lesh and Slava events of last night hardly try to restore. In the room without windows and doors, but with multiple twisting corridors, the ficus, saving in the absence of a bathroom (its role plays a decorative palm tree) closed by a coffin, unclear statues and venochka with the corresponding parting words. It is remembered badly, and even with the advent of their producer who refuses to trust in the version of the events beyond the grave at all, the situation does not become simpler.

All party - the alcoholic and in combination the employee of traffic police, the former schoolmate from America, the prostitute and even the transvestite Gena is soon tightened. Apparently, the night was rough and if to put all together, then even very interesting. Only it is still more questions, than answers. Which of the audience sank down on the disguised man with which the company obviously came to the producer home to lower the played mean tricks cat in a toilet bowl? How on a party the cop who is well putting for a collar, and the forgotten class monitor who twenty years ago drove off in the New World got especially long ago? Perhaps all these sacramental questions will be answered by the girl Lena accompanying men in a limousine on their pleasure trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg? Or perhaps points over yo the huge rabbit who precisely knows who and that drank, ate and when, at last, releases all will place?.

Sooner or later all becomes boring. Here the same Bachelor party it was blown off already on the sequel because today you will not surprise the viewer with one genitals. Quartet I still is in process, but crisis of ideas is already available because if continuations and loans went, good do not wait. Still ridiculously, but the tightness is already felt.

Operating with recognizable archetypes, creators of the comedy skillfully drive out of the public weakened by New Year`s holidays not just laughter, and natural rzhach. Because if to call the transvestite by a proper word, all laugh. Because these words at cinema usually do not talk, say them driving in a stopper or in line at cash desk, or it is silent, about itself, on a vector in the administration. And here it is possible.

If cop, then surely alcoholic and coward. If the man, then for some reason in a female wig and with blue nails, tendencies now such. The prostitute will surely set on the right path and will fall in love with the most insignificant character who, in turn, is so pathetic that over him to laugh loudly even guilty. The producer - the fat lady`s man who has no friends, only creditors, subordinates and a fan of mistresses. In total on a stamp, all without a hitch therefore works on all hundred. The main thing - is actual. How many such stray souls in a gloom of a post-alcoholic syndrome gather in movie theaters across all Russia? And if so cruel hangover is unfamiliar to you, then it is easy to present it.

Children from a quartet are still good in what is called chamber cinema . Without leaving four walls, they play the drama, the comedy, the farce and the tragedy rolled into one. It is not some national Fir-trees lusciously merging in uniform New Year`s waste under a ring of a chiming clock. More likely, simple history which can happen to each of the audience in the hall though are available not to everyone so powerful wheels that struck memory on an hour and a half screen time. For especially noted even an animated synopsis is. Like, who did not understand, we repeat step by step.

Which - who will remember even not hooligan Bachelor party and cruel atmosphere Saws where the characters driven into a corner are forced to wet naturally the friend to the friend in rescue of a stomach. Ours rabbits too heat the neighbor, only in more graceful manner. Even in the next world it is possible to sum up blood offenses, to convict the fellow of greed or nonsense, to offend Ali`s word business, all the same. Such klaustrofobichesky waxworks exhibition, where everyone for, and God - against all. To the last nobody appeals though he is mentioned fire and brimstone through the word. And the Lord in an image of the loutish GAI officer is probably search with toxins in minds of screenwriters.

Quicker, than rabbits it is impossible to look without preparation. It will be ridiculous, but in the wrong places. The general plan is far deeper, and here Quartet I does not change itself not a jot. Behind buffoonery the soul chained in a close framework of a genre melts. Here that happens when people play according to the scenario: they can present each joke in two foreshortenings - clear and parallel clear. From such splinters of thoughts the movie where to the final already and you do not know also gathers, whether to cry, whether to laugh.

This picture - again the screen version of a performance, but not so gloomy and philosophically suffocating, as a theatrical performance. New Year everything is, commerce besides, image of comedians, it in kachel there. For the money Barats and Chait were ashamed to leave the viewer without mood especially as rivals in the next cinema halls, though without invention, but each squeezeed-out smile vydushat.

And still after viewing at heart there is no former ease Election day or What men " speak about;. It seems both gags hilarious, and characters absurdly - amusing, and even the habitual assembly of celebrities flies by in episodes, but the general message casts melancholy. Not the despondency, namely grief because it is truly noticed - is not present more killingly diseases, than fatigue from life. And here it is though a shovel unload.