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How to restore the health after holidays?

do not pass completely for a human body long New Year`s holidays. The abundance of food, alcoholic beverages and sleepless nights are reflected in a mirror on January 9, and we can do nothing with it, we are dependent birds of this great celebration. What to do and how to change a situation to the best before labor everyday life?

Would not like to recommend to abuse all above-mentioned, but already late, most likely, next year there will be the same. It is possible to give still advice to come round numbers so from the fourth, but as the others - guests, you will tell. Therefore we will settle into shape on the eve of appearance at work.

So, councils for restoration of an organism after holidays:

1. Thoroughly to sleep.

2. Any coffee to meet morning only by rather weak tea, and at least three cups. Tea surely has to be with a lemon, in the presence of a healthy stomach, and sweet even if you do not drink tea with sugar, overcome yourself. (I think, those to whom it is contraindicated, in New Year`s week lead a reserved life and these councils are not necessary to them at all).

3. A warm shower, not hot and not cold, namely warm not to shock the organism. In soul it is necessary to spend so much time how many there is a wish. After a shower to pound itself a towel.

4. To drink a glass of water with a lemon segment (we remember about contraindications).

5. To return to a bed and to have a rest once again in a kingdom of dreams or just to lie down a couple of hours, it is possible with a cold compress on a forehead.

6. To drink couple more of cups of tea and to pokhlebat thin soup. To try to eat more nothing though to the 8th probably, it is more already and there is nothing.

7. To take a walk in the fresh air. This point is obligatory, your organism urgently needs oxygen.

8. To drink still weak tea and to steam of glasses of water, gradually, not at once.

9. To go to bed till the morning.

Women can make the refreshing face pack and bodies.

It is not recommended to use cleaning teas, the organism is already dehydrated, you can strike it big blow. Also it is not necessary to abuse absorbents, they bring not only bad substances out of an organism, but also good. It is possible to drink water, tea, glucose and regidron to restore vodno - salt balance in an organism.

In the morning before work it is possible to wipe a face with an ice piece, to drink rather weak tea, to have breakfast easy food, for example - porridge or skim cheese.

During the lunchtime surely juice, water, soup or borsch, and on it let`s stop, holidays already surrounded us from all directions literally this word.

The dinner also has to be easy, not high-calorie - for example, vegetable salad or nonmilk porridge, tea, compote.

Try that the food was all week easy, unostentatious, contained cellulose and was as much as possible liquid - it is necessary to put the intestines in order. Tea and juice - it is desirable with the content of vitamin C, it very well affects an organism with a post-festive syndrome. It is possible to begin reception of vitamins to recover itself former forces and health. And of course, it is good to get enough sleep - at least a week after celebration of New year!

Protect the organism - holidays at us much, even such big as New Year`s amusements, and here it is, darling, only one.