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Hobbit: Heathland of Smauga (2013). The fairy tale - lie and in it a hint?

Are unconditional, the screen adaptation by Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings brought a powerful contribution in promoting of works of the English writer and poet John R. R. Tolkien. Which - what attempts became cinematographers and before, but all of them sank into oblivion, behind an exception unless, series of full-length animated films of the end of the seventieth years.

Very few people know that even in the Soviet Union (then still to the most reading country in the world ) based on Hobbit the photoplay with Igor Dmitriyev and Ivan Krasko`s participation was created. Not to mention the cancelled project of the beginning 90 - x in which Gandalf`s role intended to Nikolay Karachentsov.

If not persistence of the producer Saul Zeynts and not galactic scales Peter Jackson`s enthusiasm, then and all the famous trilogy could hang at a fabrication stage. History of cinema did not know so ambitious projects to, later. The risk was a noble cause: Lord of the Rings not only devastated pockets of the audience for billions of dollars, but also started in a movie world new fashion on a fantasy genre. In many respects to Jackson and the company we are obliged by emergence of other fantastic projects. Both at cinema, and on television ( Game of Thrones ) .

Last year Jackson began a new crusade. Initially idea of the screen version of the children`s book Hobbit, or There and back in epic stylistics Lord of the Rings seemed an invention strange and difficult feasible. However creators threatened in advance on a dilogy which was stretched as a result to three movies for the period from December, 2012 to December, 2014. The decision in many respects political and commercial, than connected with aspiration most fully to reflect the writer`s plan. Because to squeeze out of the short story the whole saga - the thankless job though financially favorable. And if in the first part ( Hobbit: Unexpected travel ) farfetched events and characters of eyes did not make callous, in the sequel Heathland of Smauga obvious search with own imagination of authors who had to finish thinking and detail a lot of things for Tolkien is felt.

Having won a victory over the king of orks Azog, tourists led by Thorin Oakenshield and Gandalf safely left a battlefield on huge eagles. Ahead a new misfortune - a dense magic thicket, a haven of huge gluttonous spiders and unfriendly forest elves. Having treated hospitality immortal ushan, gnomes ended up behind the bars, including thanks to fieriness of Torin who did not forget old offenses. However Bilbo, having learned pleasure of a magic ring, the invisible being makes the way to prisoners and sends them down the river very unusual type of transport.

While Gandalf in the company with the forest magician Radagast ransacks in search of the woken-up Evil, gnomes and the hobbit are alloyed in barrels to the Lake city of people, the next settlement in the neighbourhood with the Lonely mountain. Travelers not only spiteful orks, but also time adjust, secret pass to a kingdom Erebor can be seen only with the last beam of the autumn sun. But to get through a rear entrance is only half-affairs. To get a sacred stone Arkenstoun by means of whom Torin hopes to unite separate tribes of the relatives gnomes should overcome at first the new owner Gora - an artful and powerful firedrake of Smauga Fans of Tolkien it is aware of

that Hobbit and Lord of the Rings - these are two absolutely different books. Hobbit - short children`s story, Lord - the epic saga in three volumes. And it is therefore no wonder that when Jackson and his screenwriters began to master Hobbit in a manner peculiar to them, what initially reflected the author turned out not absolutely. It is known that Tolkien extremely irritably treated all attempts of screen versions of the works and such approach would not approve unambiguously. His descendants are only capable to have legal proceedings for authorship, but to affect the huge Hollywood conveyor on production of blockbusters are incapable.

Discrepancies with the book weight, and all of them from the category " is found; for greater effect . So, as nostalgia from time to time Lord in a shot started Legolas who got fat the person, and also attracted to the narration of shady characters like Saruman, Sauron and Nazguls which in Hobbit even it was not close. It is no secret that the king of orks of Azog safely merged in fight with Dine and did not live up to events of the book. Not to mention that the gnome Kily did not fall in love with an elfin luchnitsa, and the bearded spies who made the way to the Lonely mountain also did not dare to think of entering open fight with a dragon. The romantic line was included for attraction to screens of a weak half, and final mochilovo in Erebor`s subsoil was executed only for the sake of an otbitiya of the massive budget. A fantasy without special effects - money for wind.

Whether causes so free address with the primary source irritation? Funny, but droplets. In - the first, extension of the short book for 9 hours of the trilogy initially meant that creators will dream and supplement history with new characters and events. Also it is necessary to pay them tribute, they exactly supplement, but do not muddle, detail, and do not distort. Mistakes are, without them in any way, but it is difficult to notice them with the naked eye, and that who did not read the reference, and at all it is impossible. In - the second, together with timings also the pleasure is prolonged. In - the third, all innovations do not contradict the central plot, and only bring necessary amendments. Because, in fact, Jackson removes background Lord of the Rings whether you like it or not.

If not to gundosit and distract from parallels with the book, before us the full blockbuster with all elements, traditional for the fenteziyny world: smart special effects, suits, scenery and drama music of Howard Shor. Continuation looks less unexpectedly in comparison with the first part, but continues to bend the line and tries to obtain invariable success from public: at the time of writing of the review Heathland of Smauga reached the majority of territories of the planet and mastered more than 600 million dollars in cash desks of movie theaters.

Nevertheless an intermediate series connects more, than unties because main apofigy will take place in December, 2014 - go when a dragon, people, gnomes, orks, elves, eagles, wizards and the lonely hobbit meet in the main opposition called in the book Fight of five armies . Only for the sake of this final chukalov which undertakes to be not less fabulous and powerful, than a siege Minas - Tirita in Return of the king it is also worth waiting for the next winter.