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What do we know about ice cream? To whom what is possible and how many?

At all seasons of the year ice cream - a favourite delicacy of many, and in summer day it seems to us rescue from a heat. Now it is possible to find ice cream for every taste. Let`s try to understand what it depends on and how to make a right choice.

- Ice cream is not only a dessert as many consider, and a full-fledged food product, the leading researcher of department of examination of foodstuff of Institute of ecohygiene and toxicology of L. I. Medvedya of T. V. Vorobyov explains. - It contains milk, digestible fats, milk protein, vitamins, calcium, and ice cream with fruit fillers - also pectins.

Classical ice cream contains 15% of fat, creamy ice cream - 10,5%, and dairy - 3,5% of fat. This classification is accepted long ago, it did not change and now, names are just added to it. For example, " ice cream; Morozko contains already 12, but not 15% of fat.

Now the range considerably increased thanks to new foreign technologies and new food components. The accurate tendency towards decrease in caloric content is traced. If earlier, for example, for stabilization of a consistence such traditional components as cream, eggs were used, then now with this chain apply food additives of a natural origin - so-called gum. For each type of ice cream - soft, fat, low-fat - various compositions of this gum are used. Besides, instead of butter apply its vegetable substitutes - palm, coconut.

Use of new components gives very big scope for various combinations - for example, it is more than butter, it is less vegetable and vice versa, so, also degree of fat content of ice cream changes.

Under the law, at us it is not allowed to use synthetic dyes because ice cream in large numbers is used by children, but, unfortunately, to us complaints that there are violations sometimes arrive.

The maintenance of food additives, in this case dyes, we surely control. Other additives of a natural origin - pectin, an agar, the modified starch, stabilizers are used on a compounding in such dose that it gave the conceived technological effect.

It is forbidden to add preservatives to ice cream. Researches showed that use of vegetable stabilizers allows to determine longer period of storage of ice cream and without preservatives - at the expense of the bigger content of solids. Thanks to it development of microflora in ice cream is slowed down.

- If ice cream - a full-fledged product whether it is possible to use it every day? - It is possible for

if you love it, but consider that this product high-calorific therefore calories need to be considered.

- They say that in small amounts diabetics can eat this cold dessert. - Is not present

, it is impossible. Usually ice cream with a traditional compounding includes sugar therefore it is not recommended to diabetics. We granted permission for production of special ice cream with sugar substitutes to the Cherkassk firm Voloshkov field . On flavoring and aromatic indicators it is amazing. However we have certain requirements to realization of this product of a special purpose - on packing it has to be accurately specified that this ice cream for diabetics with sugar substitutes, it should not be on sale to children, and our peddler least of all interests who will buy it.

- Ice cream - a favourite children`s delicacy. There is an opinion that it can be given to small children since two years. Whether so it? - Is not present

. Though ice cream - the dessert loved by children, is not a product for baby food. At us it is considered that the younger children`s group is kids till six years. And till three years food in general specialized therefore neither ice cream, nor chocolate, nor chewing gum, nor carbonated drinks it is impossible to give to children unambiguously.

- Some nutritionists recommend to allergic persons to be careful of some ice cream with fruit fillers.

- to Them should belong to any new product carefully. Though if the person has an allergy, for example, to fresh strawberry, and in ice cream it already in the processed look, then an allergy can not be.