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In what to play with guests New Year`s holidays?

the Known fact - the people demand some bread and shows. And it is clear that the best time for the bright, emotional and memorable shows are a New Year`s vacation. Holiday preparations are finished, punched a chiming clock, the first three glasses of champagne, several liqueur glasses of vodka are drunk... And here - that time to have a good time. What can be made?

do not puzzle, and just play on - to the adult.

the First game - I will guess Itself who I

needs to take

For this game the glued leaflets of paper of the small size, a marker or a felt-tip pen. It is healthy if they are on New Year`s subject. The leader who writes with a marker on leaflets names of any objects - type tinsel, a snowflake, a fir-tree etc. is elected. The guest did not see an inscription, glues a leaflet to him on a forehead. Neighbors see, but should not speak.

So at the holiday table guests with multi-colored leaflets on a forehead appear. Cheerful picture. Then each of them tries to guess who is he, that is - that is written on it leaflet. At the same time there is a rule: guessing has the right to ask only one question.

For example, on a leaflet the word snowman .

Guessing: I am live?

Leading: Yes .

In this case the guest can ask the following question.

Guessing: I am Father Frost?

Leading: Is not present .

And the question passes to the following player. If the answer after the first question the negative, then second player can safely ask the question. Game causes positive emotions, laughter, pleasure and on New Year`s Eve perfectly develops logic. It is checked.

Of course, as usual, between the first and second - a pereryvchik small therefore skillfully combine games with viewing of New Year`s representations on television, dances, musical compositions, binge and snack.

Game second - New Year`s bouts-rimes

handles or pencils by the number of players and a sheet of paper from a notebook or a notebook will be necessary for

for everyone For this game. This game was thought up in the middle of the 17th century by the French poet Dolyu.

It consists of two short stages.

The first . Each guest on a sheet of paper writes two rhymed couples, the " type; new year / will fall the horse jumps / the hostess hides and others. Again condition: observe New Year`s subject. Then to the neighbor the leaflet with written in words is expressed on the right and the second stage is carried out.

The second . Everyone, received couples of words, thinks out a short quatrain, for the clear reasons on a holiday. To guests give to time as little as possible. In this case verses are more ridiculous. Just a storm of emotions, try!

Game New Year`s news


For this game needs only the head. Conditions are that. Players report New Year`s news, only one - bad, and another - good. For example, the first: the hare got drunk and rolls under a fir-tree; the second: but he will sleep by Christmas. It is fine New Year`s gymnastics for mind.

As it is accepted, on New Year`s Eve it is possible to read and make various forecasts and horoscopes for a year.

Game New Year`s horoscope

writing-book leaflets, handles or pencils Will be necessary for

for everyone. Everyone writes at first zodiac sign for which there will be a prediction. It is desirable that it were different signs and for those, which at the holiday table. Then each guest writes only one offer. Then the sheet of paper is transferred or around, or in a free order, by the principle who to whom is pleasant . So each participant writes according to one offer in each leaflet and the surprising New Year`s horoscope which then becomes engrossed in reading turns out.

Several offered games, I hope, diversify your New Year`s holidays, will please guests, will give joy to owners and will give a positive charge for all 2014. Happy New Year and good luck!