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International forum of health, sport, beauty and longevity. Where and when?

in Moscow will take place on August 16 - 18, 2014 the International forum of health, sport, beauty and longevity. Main organizers of action told about it on the eve of new 2014: The Russian Union of martial arts, the International association of health, beauty and longevity, Tyanchzhuansky Institute of martial arts, League of health of the nation - the all-Russian public organization, etc.

Organizers reported that they the main task of the Forum see creation of conditions for human development through advance of culture of a healthy lifestyle and prevention of diseases, formation of philosophy of longevity, the statement of the principles of mass sport at the interdisciplinary and interindustry levels.

For this purpose over the Forum the famous athletes, doctors, journalists, ecologists, teachers and those who are ready to share experience of health and longevity are employed. Uniqueness of the Forum is that for the first time in one ruler are put health, beauty, mass sport and longevity - as one continuous process.

Experts on the presentation of a forum in December, 2013 in Moscow spoke about it.

Except the theory guests showed health and beauty. Olesya Kovalenko is the seven-time world champion, the eighteen-time champion of Europe in sumo - is the ambassador of beauty and health. Under her female charm all participants of the presentation, and especially delegation from China got. It seems that on a ring she won against rivals not sports skill, and the radiant smile.

Among guests of honor of the presentation there was Liu Shaobin - the rector of Tyanchzhushansky Institute of martial arts, professor, the honored doctor and the master with a world name. Its university fruitfully cooperates with the Russian Union of martial arts in the field of studying of the theory, development and promoting of this sport. He, as well as his colleagues, considers that development of martial arts is the integral component of a healthy lifestyle, mental health, harmonization of the personality. Because fight as art is a reflection of adaptation and cooperation of the person with itself and world around, it is natural protection of the person against violence, a moral impoverishment, hostility and ruin, it is the direct opposite of aggression, to race for power and egoism.

Liu Shaobin as the mentor of a Taoist chi kung and the doctor, a lot of time devoted to treatment of a serious illness. His merits are recognized by the government of China. Now he is 68 years old (looks on forty).

With 20 - summer age he lived in isolation in mountains of Tianrushan - mountains of heavenly pillars .

At Liu Shaobin`s Forum will share knowledge of martial arts, the Chinese traditional medicine, sports medicine, improving practicians.

In the east traditional the medicine which at us in Russia is considered " is called; national or nonconventional . But thoughtful Russian physicians understand that it is necessary to treat the patient, but not an illness. Despite tough standards of medical care, the doctor cannot but understand that any illness is the conflict of the person with that Wednesday in which he lives. Healing can step only after harmonization of habitat, that is after understanding of problems, change of nature of food and the relation to surrounding, emergence of installation on healing.

Therefore even more often the Russian doctors address experience of east medicine, people - improving practicians, experts - methods of association of cultures and experience of other countries. The forum is urged to strengthen these efforts.

Future Forum set many tasks. It will become merging of the international academic community of scientists and experts from various branches of medicine, education, culture, sport for discussion of questions of longevity and human development. Will show innovative technologies in the sphere of preservation of spiritual and physical health, increase of physical activity, formation of moral culture and a healthy lifestyle at the population. Presents the information, educational, cultural and sports programs promoting increase of interest of the population in preservation of health and longevity.

Main subjects of the Forum:

1. Modern medical approaches to programs of increase of life expectancy. Basic concepts and the principles of medicine anti-aging. Genetics of longevity. Reserve opportunities of a human body. Preventive medicine. The express - diagnostics. Medical approaches to development of longevity from a position of genetics, gerontology, homeopathy, phytotherapy. Healthy food. It is information - the educational and legislative conditions allowing to lead a healthy lifestyle and to realize mass strategy of prevention of diseases.

2. A role of physical culture and sport in preservation of health. National and regional strategy for strengthening of health of the population by means of occupations by physical culture and sport. Promoting of mass sport. Availability of occupations by mass sport for the population. System effectiveness of physical training for children and youth. Anti-doping strategy.

3. Science and education. Health of the person and healthy lifestyle. National and regional strategy of formation of a healthy lifestyle at the population. Prevention of socially important diseases (tobacco smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, other) . Ensuring availability of qualitative preventive educational programs. Creation of conditions for active involvement of children and youth to the activity forming responsibility for the health and health of the relatives.

4. Influence of art on health. Approaches to formation of spiritual and moral health. Art and programs for treatment, rehabilitation. Education of healthy habits. The cultural and art projects aimed at the development of the humanistic personality, all-round development of the person.

5. A role of martial arts in formation of culture of mental and physical health. Philosophy, culture of martial arts. Techniques of traditional east medicine. Practicians of martial arts. Approaches to development of the person as persons.

Developing the Forum subject, we will remind words of the academician A. D. Sakharov about a homosphere of the person - as to protection against degeneration and brutality.

We consider as the main task of the Forum strengthenings of a homosphere of the modern person - healthy spiritually and physically.

Practical recommendations about preservation of health and human development will become result of the Forum.