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How to identify the house tyrant?

Presently when women became more independent, perfectly earn, have the status in society, and respectively on anybody do not depend, they are under the power of the man less often. But all - is so that to them real men - tyrants meet. How to notice the first calls? For the man - the tyrant something is constant

not so. Eternally it is dissatisfied with everything. Constant cavils on type: Not there put a glass! Incorrectly made a bed You have no need to buy it! He solves everything for you and knows how it is better. All this strongly oppresses the woman. It cannot quietly to sigh because her blessed spouse does not want to reckon with her opinion as it almost always incorrect, from his point of view.

Your reciprocal discontent and belief on the fact that it is not right, can bring your man - the tyrant out of themselves. It turns out if you are silent and you do as it is necessary - you good, and slightly deviated from the course - means, the worthless woman, the hostess, and other reproaches. And that not the fact that if to make everything as your tyrant demands, you will be a clear head for him.

It is easy to tell: And when married - did not see? Well of course, did not see! In - the first, all have at us euphoria when we fall in love! And in - the second, quite often happens that this despot hides in all ways for the time being what can frighten his darling.

But nevertheless there are some identification marks or, on the contrary, give such men, the moments which have to guard you to you green light :

How it reacts to stressful situations?

How treats mother? Unacceptably bad attitude towards mother, but also big attachment is not really good too.

The man - the tyrant likes to condemn others most to shout that he in life will not act this way, however it just words.

The situation in his family will testify to much. Look narrowly how there lived his parents?

If someone from parents was a house tyrant, that is a high probability that your man adopted it.

Ask him on the childhood. Whether his age-mates offended? Or perhaps parents criticized? If so, then most likely it vents the unexpressed offense on you.

But never you should draw hasty conclusions. It is just enough to be careful and to observe the man.

What else has to guard?

Jealousy: does not need to think at all that if is jealous - means, loves and furthermore if you did not give a reason, groundless charges of incorrectness - only proofs that your man - the tyrant.

Control: controls in everything - as to you to be painted what to carry with whom to communicate, up to trifles.

Insults are already a proyavleniyeneuvazheniye to the woman, and it is impossible to allow it.

Gallery play: the man on you presses houses, and wants to show to the people how he loves you, what cordial relations at you.

Alcohol: a state of intoxication and sobering up can only aggravate a situation, up to aggression in the form of a manhandling. It is better that the house tyrant did not take alcohol as, maybe, his desire to dominate will only increase.

It is always right: his opinion - one and practically always correct. Though all of us know that opinion of everyone - individually and in own way interestingly.

If so it happened that you noticed, being in marriage, such tendencies of your spouse, then of course, the first that you can make is not to react violently to his remarks and cavils. Your tranquility will not allow it to develop a situation further. If it is possible, then ignore some of its requirements, and especially - if they are ridiculous. Keep silent - can, he will reflect and will understand that he goes too far.

But in conclusion there is a wish to tell: there is an opinion that house tyrants love the wives and girlfriends, but the special love. However nevertheless there is that side which cannot be crossed and if it is allowed, then about what love it is possible to speak? It is possible to endure some cavils or discontent from the soulmate, but when it reaches to the point of absurdity or a manhandling, here even you should not think - it is necessary to gather and leave forever. Life one, and it has to be to us in pleasure!