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Charles Bronson and Kindzhayt: Taboo subjects . How career of filmstars comes to an end?

Who does not know Karolis Buchinkis? Nobody knows. Or perhaps another, Americanized name of this person - Charles Dennis Buchinsky is familiar to you? Too not? It is no wonder because the descendant polsko - the Lithuanian Tatars, been born the eleventh child in a poor miner`s family of emigrants, is known to the world under the pseudonym Charles Bronson.

Charles Buchinsky (Bronson it became much later) in school days did not visit a theatrical circle, did not drive friendship with representatives of creative bohemia and did not think of career of the actor at all. In the early forties he, as well as many, voluntarily joined the ranks of army and served several years in aircraft. And when war ended, Charles appeared out of work, with empty pockets and a full freedom of action. Having exchanged about ten working professions, he suddenly understood that actor`s craft - quite quite good earnings. Also began to squeeze gradually into Hollywood, having begun, as they say, with bottoms.

When in the States the notorious anti-emigratory wave began, Buchinsky, on the advice of the agent, replaced a surname and continued to master the big screen under a harmonious pseudonym Bronson. First to the actor got only steps offstage so far in the late fifties he was not invited to join a casting Magnificent seven . Well-known Bronson became suddenly, but never was vain. Even staying in the status of a star of national scale, the actor seldom visited thematic parties, preferring to have a rest in the family circle. Why unfairly passed for the boring person.

First Bronson`s career surely crept up. In the sixtieth it steadily appeared in credits of all serious military fighters, beginning from Big escape (1963) and finishing In Dirty dozen (1969). To it, but not Eastwood, entrusted legendary Sergio Leon the main party in the tape Once in the Wild West and Rene Clement invited in the thriller Passenger of a rain . But at some moment Bronson became a hostage to them the created image of the brutal macho, the laconic man with steel fists and a tenacious look. This image which reached apogee in the cruel criminal drama Thirst of death the actor was forced to operate for the rest of the life. And fighter Kindzhayt: Taboo subjects (1988) - to that the brightest and, alas, sad example.

The detective of police of customs, the lieutenant Crowe, long ago, but without visible success pursues on streets Los - Andzheles of the souteneur by nickname the Duke. The last not just delivers girls to rich perverts, but specializes in young children, placing the victims on an imaginary freedom of choice and heroin. The slippery Duke manages to avoid problems with the law, but Crowe whose explosive character is well-known to colleagues and members of household, nevertheless finds ways (often not the most humane) to prizhuchit the bastard.

Meanwhile in City of angels there comes the typical Japanese family: the father - the workaholic cowed by domestic squabbles the wife and two daughters. Hirosha head of the family grew cold to the spouse long ago, preferring to spend time behind reading obscene comics and in the company of selling maidens at any corporate parties and meetings without " ties;. But what in Japan is considered norm in America - a taboo subject. And in punishment to the dissolute Japanese his innocent girl got in tenacious paws of souteneurs as a front sight in a sticky web.

Crowe, whose daughter were oblapat recently in the bus by some drunk Asian (at will of fate that was Hirosha, coming back with next business meeting ) I am not glad to a new task at all. However, having seen as Japanese suffer, and in particular the girl`s father, gets down to business with redoubled zeal. Especially as there are all bases to believe that young Fumiko became the hostage of the hated Duke If you saw

I Am eager for death (1974) - in own way reference police fighter with Bronson`s participation, - that, consider, you watched all subsequent filmography of the actor for twenty five years ahead. From 1974 for 1999 (in four years prior to death Bronson left cinema) he acted in thirty full-length films at cinema and on television which good part is made by similar criminal flik, including four sequels Thirst of death . All these years Bronson was engaged in what he planned from the very beginning of the career - worked the fees. In its asset there is no prestigious award, an award or the nomination, however the name it is known by many admirers of the Hollywood production: very indicative example of transition of quantity to quality.

However, just quality of these opuses suffered first of all. Here on and shootings Kindzhayt: Taboo subjects two met lined the pilot - leading man and director J. Li Thompson. The last was before rather famous director, the author of such known tapes as Island Guns Navaron (1961), Cape of fear (1962) (a remake of this thriller Martin Scorsese issued in the ninetieth) and Makkena`s Gold (1969). However already in the eightieth Thompson got acquainted with Bronson and gradually rolled down to the level of the commercial puncher. Which - who is inclined to consider that fault to all was illegibility of Bronson who did not seek for dramatization of the image, and was ready to act in any shnyaga if only paid.

As it is sad, but Kindzhayt: Taboo subjects - the boring and predictable movie with flat, sometimes incoherent dialogues and rare splashes in an action. Bronson not just grew old, he grew fat, recovered and does not pull any more on the filmstar with what it was in 60 - 70 - x. The actor plays it is negligent, lazy throwing remarks and giving punches to the partners in a shot. Fights look like cutting from Bollywood especially as in the majority of scenes of Bronson the doubler because in 67 years fighters are given already hardly replaced.

The scenario belongs to a feather of German Harold Nebenzal whose notes on napkins were picturized in 35 years three times. In other words, the author of the text - full zero multiplied by the known producer tandem the Globe - Golan who for the career let out many cheap boyevichok of the category B . As the only light spot it is possible to consider actor`s game of Juan Fernandez, one of the most picturesque film villains of Hollywood 80 - x ( Crocodile of Dundee 2 ) . This performer still continues to act in negative only images: from the last the cult horror film " is remembered; Collector .

On a plot the detective Crowe struggles with the Latin American souteneur, helping to find the daughter of the Japanese emigrants. The Asian subject during that time was very popular, but authors of the movie dragged in it for effect, without wishing to dig deep into social problems. Japanese are presented extremely one-sidedly: the father of family - sexually anxious pervert touching girls - teenagers in public transport, his wife is the cowed housewife who is patiently serving the husband, and the oldest daughter - the typical victim of nonsense and infantilism which sat down to unfamiliar uncles in a limousine to show the way to school.

Against underdevelopment of auxiliary characters Bronson`s hero could seem the justice embodiment if am not a racist with sadistic bents. According to authors, the detective of police of customs quite so has to look. And the poster shown in a shot with the slogan To Serve and protect - it is not a symbol of justice, and mockery. However, what police, such and customs.