Rus Articles Journal

What bitches are?

You are cruel, is gentle, again beat with

brittle nerves...

you have to Carry the plate:

Dangerously! Before you the BITCH!

So the poet who was often running into terrible bitches and over and over again passing very painful blows exclaimed.

If to assume that at the call of the poet all bitches suddenly will take and will fasten the plates recommended to them, then gentle and vulnerable men will be for certain shocked by huge scope of a stervizm - this terrible as a tsunami, and unpredictable as Ale - ninyo, a spontaneous natural phenomenon.

But bitches, happen different, the main types of bitches which most often meet at our latitudes are given here. We hope that this classification is useful to our readers, the enemy as the famous commander used to say, should be known by sight.

Spontaneous bitch.

it is In appearance silent, lovely, decent, kind and tender, but it can be got about a floor - a turn. One incorrect word, inexact gesture, a back-handed compliment, and fall upon the poor man abuse streams, tubs of dirt, a bucket of charges, and is frequent also material objects in the form of frying pans (with a garnish), teapots (with boiled water), the heated irons and plates with fragrant borsch. The main signs of this kind of bitches are the mild look and some complex. Spontaneity of character is shown also in sexual life. Such lady can quickly be excited and seize the man in any interior of the house, at work, in transport, on public action. Does not like to refuse to itself something as the constraining centers at it are struck with a virus unknown to science. The spontaneous stervizm is treated difficult and long. Resorts, waters, expensive gifts, moralizing conversations are not effective. Help antibiotics in the form of regular injections (sometimes with application of physical impact). Pavlov`s doctrine about the main instincts, and his result - a clear understanding the bitch of that fact that is the cornerstone of re-education if she once again will begin to play the tricks it will be very painful to her.

The rested bitch.

the Most difficult type. The obstinacy is transferred on the maternal line or got during inept education in the childhood. Shows a stervizm in everything, everyday and hourly. The rested bitch is in a condition of a permanent hysterics therefore it is extremely dangerous to people around. In sex it is also unpredictable, as well as in acts. The sad statistics passionlessly reports about the numerous mutilations put with jealous bitches of this type to at the fault friends. Is not subject to re-education. Only hippopotamuses with thick skin and deaf, blind and mute cynics can get on with such ladies.

The bitch - the eccentric woman.

You the interesting eccentric woman, but business, you see in that... - the famous singer sang. In what business, it, however, did not bring to curious public. And the matter is that eccentric woman - the term which was born in warm Odessa and characterizing the softest (tolerant) shitty type. The eccentric woman constantly wants to change everything around the partner in life, the apartment, work, acquaintances, children and relatives, a situation around herself, a look behind a window and even the country. The permanent dissatisfaction, some sentimentality and shy romanticism is characteristic of the eccentric woman. She all the time looks for something better, behaves in a queer way but often its actions remind Don Quixote`s fight against mills. The eccentric woman brings to relatives the mass of inconveniences. It all the time does them remarks, trying (from the most good intentions) to change these relatives to the best. Very much is upset that they change, but not as quickly as it would like. Eyes at the eccentric woman on the wet place. Often and unjustly cries, explaining it with pain from imperfection of the world. In sex demands romanticism of candles, a guitar, tender words. At treatment of such type of a stervizm excellent results are yielded by a full load of the eccentric woman some interesting business that time and forces on eccentricities at it did not remain.

The bitch - a chameleon.

At work it the angel with gentle wings. It is precautionary, soft, witty, radiates charm and charm, in affairs and thoughts it is sober, logical and predictable. If it is necessary, will render any sexual service to the higher employee. Has reputation of the excellent, reliable, executive worker, her portrait constantly hangs on a symbolical Honour roll. Houses it changes by hundred eighty degrees, turning into the real tyrant in a dressing gown. Constantly shpynyat the husband - the henpecked, children - slovens, the mother-in-law - the schizophrenic, without allowing them to relax for a second. Sex in the family relations uses as an additional tool of pressure upon the husband. Removes the guilty spouse with sexual allowance before full correction. Itself is exposed to correction with great difficulty. Only the partner in life with very strong character is capable to eradicate a hameleonizm at such person.

Having armed with theoretical recommendations, you, men, can safely apply them in everyday practical life because those times when bitches carry distinctive plates, will hardly come soon, having remained only a good wish of the going woolgathering poet. Not for nothing the aforist who got under charm of the mistress - bitches and managed to escape, fortunately, from her iron embraces, thinly noticed The Bitch is the woman turning the man into a hybrid of the vibrator and " ATM;. You will not tell better.