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What movie became the best according to the Oscar in 1977? Annie Hall Of

the vast majority of current directors has Woody Allen no own style. They can be well-known, successful, rich and omnipotent, but are faceless. Producers change them as gloves, looking for more compliant, pliable, economically profitable. They do not create for a long time, and stamp, trying to discover sides of forms and having thrown contents depth. nobody elected as Woody Allen`s

. He came to Hollywood and will leave when it is necessary for it. In its asset four Oscars and the whole assembly of the European film awards. In Woody Allen`s movies there is no groundless violence, a frank sensuality, skabreznost and special effects, that is what well is on sale at movie theaters. For the most insignificant role in its tapes the taken place Hollywood stars are ready to conduct long negotiations and to work without the fee. Why this sickly Jewish intellectual from New - York causes such stir? Because Woody Allen - one of the thinnest and talented American comedians of the present.

In spite of the fact that in 78 years the director continues to please every year us with new works, we will address a gold era of his creativity, the end 70 - x - to the beginning 80 - x years. During this period Allen created the best-known masterpieces, cult comedies and dramas: Love and death (1975), Manhattan (1979), Selig (1983), Hanna and her sisters (1986). And, of course, unique Annie Hall for which he received during one ceremony two gold figurines at once - for the scenario and direction.

Ordinary-looking a nu - the York stand - ap the comedian Elvi Singer meets charming Annie Hall. Generally Elvi was already twice married, but at him was not got on with the first wife in a bed, and with the second spouse there were no common interests. Another matter - Annie, the girl versatile, talented, inventive in love and with active living position. That is the complete antithesis of Elvi who a half of the conscious life visits the psychoanalyst adores books in which heading the word " appears; death also hates Christmas.

First lovers have all and on all fronts is got on. They take the friend to the friend the hint and take shortcomings for continuation of advantages. But the passion passes, and on a surface there are only emotions of which it is obviously not enough anew to kindle love fire. Annie is eager to move forward, and Elvi quite accepts his quiet and peaceful life. The union of two hearts breaks up to general simplification, but soon Elvi realizes that, having gone to solar California, Annie took away with herself a part him. Part of youth, recklessness, readiness to live in one afternoon and to enjoy small pleasures. He is also glad to return to the past, but, unfortunately, life has no subjunctive mood

By estimates of venerable critics the tape Annie Hall it is not considered the best in Allen`s career at all. But the most sincere and touching - yes. It is surprising how the director and the scriptwriter in one person managed it is not banal and ridiculously to tell an unpretentious story of relationship of two most ordinary people. Similar scenarios in kilotons fall out on ours a body - and screens in the form of snotty melodramas, soap operas and romantic comedies, but all of them are similar to a chewing gum which sweet taste quickly disappears. And Annie Hall still remains actual and serves as something like the management for those who want to find the half in life. And reminder that the morning sun never lasts a day.

In Woody Allen`s works the viewer is always bribed that he shoots film about himself. Even in the free parody on War and peace that it is known to the world under the name Love and death Allen continues to be oneself - the oddish and unsightly Jew wearing spectacles, having complex and incessantly sneering at himself. This trick could bother, but does not bother because Allen every time finds a new point of support for the reasonings on sense of life. Also the fact that the director is not afraid to mock at own fears, failures and strangenesses is important, becoming from the movie is closer and closer to the movie to the people . Not to mention that in a picture " basis; Annie Hall the real-life relations of Allen and the actress Dian Keaton who played a leading role are put.

Romantic history attracts sentimentally adjusted persons, the others are not tired to revise the movie from - for improbable quantities successful hokhm, hints and jokes. Frazochki of the " type; masturbation is a sex with the person whom you love and other jokes were included by right into a gold pantheon of the film quotes which dispersed on the world. Some episodes as a scene with lobsters or conversation in turn at cinema are the real minimasterpieces from which all movie is entirely weaved. There are no casual phrases or an idle talk, there are no unnecessary pauses or an excessive aping. Each shot is verified about one second that adds weight to bit parts of future stars, such as Jeff Goldblum (the guy speaking by phone at a party) or Sigourney Weaver (the girl with whom Elvi meets Annie closer to the end of the movie by chance).

To the present viewer who got used to model Hollywood melodramas, it seems Beauties will seem wild that it is possible to place in a shot of the romantic comedy of so ridiculous character as Elvi Singer performed by Woody Allen. However he repeatedly admitted the most exact embodiment of New - York, the city of which Allen sang in the creativity ( Annie Hall the nu - the York trilogy, along with the pictures " is considered the first part it informal; Interiors and Manhattan ) . The truth and the fact that before the communication with Dian Keaton (her real name - Hall, and Keaton - a pseudonym in honor of the famous comedian of an era of silent cinema Buster Keaton) Allen was really twice married. And to call him the loser in love affairs language will not turn, considering its long relations with the actress Mia Farrow and the subsequent scandalous marriage with 22 - summer Sung - and Preven. But image of the somewhat eccentric guy in a foolish suit so stuck to Allen from the moment of a premiere of the film that he long time continued to exploit him. Not without benefit for, naturally.

Besides four Oscars, including the main figurine in the category The Best movie of year the picture won the Gold globe (Dian Keaton) and five awards of the British film academy. In the early nineties Annie Hall it was included in the National register of movies and the picture was included into any lists and ratings and continues to get regularly.

By my personal experience Annie Hall is a peculiar litmus piece of paper for definition of presence at the person of sense of humour. Therefore if you meet on the course of life of the person who honestly admits that he did not see more crazy movie, run at full speed and carelessly.