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Where is Road of death and where it conducts?

the Highway - piece unsafe in itself. But is in the world of the road very dangerous. Such as old road in the Bolivian province Yungas (North Yungas Road). Many consider her dangerous in the world. Also call precisely Expensive death .

On this site about 70 kilometers long connecting La - Paz and Koroyko, annually breaks more than 25 cars, 100 - 200 people perish. According to one sources, the road was constructed in 1930 - x years by Paraguayan prisoners. Others say that here in 70 - x years of the last century the American construction company worked.

The road goes down from height of 3,6 thousand meters to 330 meters above sea level. Here very steep slopes, slippery and dirty covering. In places on this twisting and extremely narrow to the route two cars cannot part - it is necessary to stop, go forward, to understand and agree.

By the way, one of local road rules orders to the driver of the going-down car to stick to an outer edge of the road, and the priority right of journey always at the transport which is climbing up uphill. Which - where also one truck finds room by miracle, besides, that trucks and buses - the main transport on To the Road of death .

But there is more to come. During travel on it to the highway drivers should deal with not the most favorable meteoconditions: the cool Andes plateau with average monthly temperatures from 6 to 11 degrees Celsius are replaced by the damp jungle of Amazon. Road here not only narrow, but also very much, very slippery. Asphalt covered only the first 20 kilometers of a way, the rest - dirt and clay. Also do not forget that vehicle fleet of Bolivia are very old and worn-out cars with the erased tires.

Often from - for dense fogs the road happens it is visible only on several meters forward. And then it is necessary to move very slowly and accurately. Not only, not to face passers - from - for tropical heavy rains often there are landslides, and the piece of the road can just wash away. Here it, recipe of deadly fear.

The road received the name rather recently, in December, 1999 when the car with eight Israeli tourists fell in an abyss. But it is not the loudest accident on this route. On July 24, 1983 here in a canyon the bus in which there were more than hundred passengers - today this most terrible road accident for all history of Bolivia fell. Locals, if they have to go through road of death pray to reach live. Happen that, to the nearest hospital to go not one hour. On the same road, by the way.