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Elvira: Sovereign of darkness (1988). Who the most sexual vedmochka of Hollywood?

at the time of the USSR our viewer the American cinema products did not indulge. The Hollywood movies, of course, got to the Soviet hire occasionally, but only the most innocent, like comedies or musicals In the jazz only girls How to steal one million or My fair lady . And those were mercilessly stopped regarding any liberties.

In the late eighties the situation changed on opposite. The population tired of two TV channels and domination of native movies on screens, began to get videorecorders. Directors, as if having agreed, began to shoot new Perestroika film from which stirred up not less, than from realities. As a result movie theaters began to lose promptly audience and that though somehow to hold public, were forced to dilute sessions with a gollivudshchina seriously.

As we know, this invention did not help domestic film business to rise from knees (process continues still), however at that time the American movies were not exposed to cruel censorship any more. In other halls without any supervision tapes about Rambo from above were shown, in others broke cash desk Die Hard and on a session Wild orchid it was possible to buy the ticket, having only waited in not less wild line. That is why emergence on posters of the half-naked Gothic maiden confused nobody any more, saw and stronger.

The speech, certainly, about one of hits of 1988, the black comedy with fantasy impurity under the name Elvira: Sovereigns of darkness with Cassandra Peterson`s participation.

The TV host Elvira works on private channel where she in one low-standard transfer comments off-screen on foolish horror films and a fantasy of the year one. Mademoiselle obviously drops out of a cheap interior, but financial difficulties do not allow to escape from routine to it. And here still the new owner of the channel, lewd zhirdyay in a cowboy`s prikid, unambiguously offers it increase through a bed. The solution of all problems appeared in time as it is impossible in time: addressed to Elvira the invitation to visit a cut of property of her deceased aunt Morgany living in unimportant American Mukhosransk came.

Having arrived to sharing of inheritance, Elvira realized that in the town are not glad to her. Local Puritan society is shocked with its frank tricks and dresses, and the suspicious uncle Winnie is obviously not glad to suddenly appeared relative. The brother deprived Morgan of inheritance therefore the old man, as well as other peasants, has a grudge against Elvira. From the things left to the girl, most of all he is interested in acquisition of the cookbook. And it is even ready to go to a crime if only to catch the ancient volume.

Elvira also did not suspect that instead of a small volume about tasty about healthy food it got the book of magic spells. And still a poodle - the bodyguard and a decayed mansion which the maiden dreams on - fast to alloy and go in desired Las - Vegas. However, before she should enter unequal fight with the forces of evil living in a patrimonial nest. The spiteful sorcerer uncle Vincent seriously decided to exhaust the relative, but Elvira and without magic abilities could guide to rustle. And being a hereditary witch, and at all will show all a kuzkina mother

Elvira: Sovereign of darkness - a striking example of how it is necessary to remove low budget comedy zhutik. For the career the director James Sinyorelli created only two feature films: comedy Easy money (1983) with participation of the comedian Rodney Deyndzherfild, not too famous at us, and Elvira . However the success of both tapes drew attention of producers of the show ", most popular in America, to Sinyorelli; Saturday evening on the air on which the director works already a quarter of the century. Actually, Elvira in this plan it is very indicative - the plain plot about the dissolute maiden who startled the remote town is crowded with gags, amusing sketches and rather ridiculous moments.

The leading role in a picture was played by the American actress Cassandra Peterson for whom Elvira`s image became really guiding star. Already nobody remembers how young Cassandra got in Guinness Book of Records having become the young show - girls in the history Las - Vegas. Her rough youth included residence in Italy, participation in mass meeting of Bondiana ( Diamonds forever ) and acquaintance to Federico Fellini who presented to the American a bit part in the Rome .

Having come back home, Cassandra preferred to a film career work in night clubs, but soon adjoined actors - improvisators where gradually and it was issued in all the famous Sovereign of darkness. In life Cassandra only partly reminds the eccentrical Gothic star, but from the moment of a picture exit her name strongly is associated with the character. By the way, in initial credits it and appears - Elvira. That the image was successful wonderfully well, says also the fact that Peterson practically at the same time nominated for two multidirectional film awards - Saturn and Gold " raspberry;.

The movie turned out easy, unpretentious and amusing, as well as the heroine who without fail puts on in the fitting black dresses with a bottomless decollete and constantly cracks jokes concerning everything that surrounds her. And rudeness, hypocrisy and hypocrisy because men see in her only easy object for claims, and the woman - the strong competitor surrounds Elvira. The vedmochka, though wishes to twirl a romanchik with the attractive owner of movie theater, nevertheless is too keen on other person - by itself. A peculiar sense of humour and habits of the vamp frighten off the stronger sex, but Elvira does not wait for godsends. And if it is necessary, will take by force. Or will pretend to be the weak half which is eager for protection and protection.

Sinyorelli`s picture, despite positive responses of critics, financially did not take place. Modest collecting did not manage to pay back even the poor budget in 7,5 million dollars. However the character was so fallen in love to public that Cassandra did not manage to look back as she tightly grew into a sexual black dress. Her Elvira appears here and there, wandering from a TV show in series and back. An exit last for today took place in series Last real man (2011).

And decade before Cassandra agreed - to participate in the sequel of the movie which brought her the world popularity. Alas, continuation was much weaker than the original, though is not deprived of a charm. The second part is syuzhetno not connected with the first at all, and the vedmochka instead of our days lives in the middle 19 - go centuries - a gold era of a gothic style and mysticism. On a genre the sequel remained the black comedy, but lost a charm and ease, being a plain commercial hand-made article.