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Deception Illusion (2013). The fakir was drunk and focus was not successful?

what we love focuses for and we dislike conjurers? Focus is a combination of our ignorance, a carelessness, curiosity and a childlike faith in magic and miracles. And the conjurer - the person who remorselessly uses all this to make impression on us and it is quite good to earn.

At the heart of any focus, whether it be a rabbit in a hat, the divided into halves woman or the guessed card, lies small and innocent fraud. The audience is ready to be deceived, however is eager and to understand the deception mechanism not less. And here - that is covered the main irritating factor: the real illusionist never gives secrets of the magic . All magic consists in the secret, and having lost it, focus stops being miracle, turning into banal sleight of hand.

In ancient Egypt there was a secret community under the name Eye which members used the illyuzionistsky abilities in the peace purposes. Only unlike Robin Hood whose glory lived up to our times, conjurers Oka sought to keep the activity in a secret and allowed in a brotherhood only the elite.

Our time. Four illusionists at the same time receive the invitation to initiation in Eye in the form of four cards on which their role in test is specified. Among invited appear: Daniel Atlas, the young sharper who after quarrel with the assistant left a scene and by means of card tricks kadrit now to themselves girlfriends for the night; former assistant Atlasa, Hanley Rivs`s beauty; gipnolog and the telepathist McKinney who is hilling unlucky tourists and peasants and skillfully parting them on dollars. And also Jack Wilder, which at all not the conjurer, but the simple pilferer using sleight of hand for rather dishonest selection of money at the population.

Having united under a wing of the rich sponsor, this good company of magicians was named a big name Four riders also organized round through towns and villages of America. However soon popular show turned into scandal: on the air conjurers robbed bank in Paris from where to the aid of FBI the French agentessa urgently left. To send illusionists to a lock-up from the first attempt did not leave: neither proofs, nor witnesses. Only who is able to help the authorities to untwist swindle of century is somebody Tadeush Bradley, the famous unmasker of conjurers and charlatans. But even he appears to understand artful designs of magic and magic not in power hurriedly. And meanwhile Four riders continue to fool successfully public and to fool police you Know

in what consists real focus ? In ability in general of the French director Louis Leterye deprived of talents to present the candidate to producers. And here the known student`s principle worked: at first you work for the record book, then it for you. Once Leterye tried in an actor`s field, having wormed way into mass meeting of the tape Asteriks and Obeliks: Mission Cleopatra (2001). Probed communications, guided favorable acquaintances and - voila! In 2005 - m the famous director and the producer Luc Besson trusts it the second movie with Jet Li`s participation under the name Danny Chain dog (2005). Besson`s guardianship did Leterye`s career good: after not too sensible, but nevertheless the profitable sequel Carrier he is invited to Hollywood. And not where - nibud, and on shootings of the next blockbuster Marvel Improbable Hulk .

Hulk in principle, it was quite good, but it is boring. Perhaps, one of the worst projects among multiple screen versions of comics Marvel. Having said goodbye to superheroes of the present, Leterye went over to events of years bygone. Namely to free adaptation of Ancient Greek myths about Perseus and the Olympic gods. To the Frenchman charged to rivet a remake of an old peplum Fight of titans which in the light of fashionable tendencies was converted into 3D - a format. And here the Frenchman finally baked, having shown full helplessness. Curve tridimentionality, the dumbest scenario, flat actor`s game - all aspects which Leterye had to look after on a position. Rescued from a failure Fight of titans only fashion on 3D and absence of powerful competitors.

Deception Illusion externally looks as attempt to wash reputation. It seems and not the blockbuster, but with the solid budget and a heap of rating stars. Both not the thriller, and not the drama, and easy reading matter about a gang of conjurers - Robin Gudov who plunder the rich and distribute to the poor. Only from - for a grouping of names on the poster the viewer flocked on sessions: Woody Harrelson, Mark Ruffalo, Jesse Ayzenberg, Melanie Laurent, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine. As a result impressive world collecting over 350 million and a sight on the sequel. And in fact - a zilch and stupidity. In other words, the fakir was drunk and focus was not successful.

It is no secret that Deception Illusion (in the original - Now you see me ) unsuccessful symbiosis " represents no other than; 11 friends of Ouchene Prestige and Illusionist . Unsuccessful because on the narration course (and the idea was in general quite good) the picture loses ease and the drive, and in the end cuts all intrigue with summer, offering audiences the most foolish outcome from all possible. Instead of gloomy secrets nolanovsky Prestige the series of farcical tricks with soap bubbles, cards and rabbits whereas sense of all representation in that it is banal to clean someone`s pockets are offered to public. The only riddle of the movie is the certain mysterious character who is allegedly leading actions Four riders (Apocalypse?) and having benefit from all an invention muffled at first sight. The riddle which is squeezeed out and solved by the principle Operations Y : that nobody guessed.

Leterye`s picture is a beautiful soap bubble which is fated to burst, sooner or later. It pouts, expands in volumes, promising something unusual and tremendous, but the result is natural - the fountain of splashes and the wet place. It is obvious that computer means which Leterye`s team did not lack, it is possible to get anything from a notorious hat of the conjurer. However for some reason Nolan and Berger, managing far smaller means, managed to recreate magic of cinema on the screen, and Leterye instead of real miracles palmed off on us the mountain of special effects. Focus at cinema is interesting until you believe in him, and to believe in the events on a scene Deception Illusions only exclusively naive viewer can.

Without having anything against Mark Ruffalo, it is worth recognizing that on a fakturnost and charisma the actor concedes even to Ayzenberg, not to mention a trio Harrelson - Freeman - Kane thanks to which to watch the movie not so heavily. Interest in a tape remained until authors entirely did not switch to adventures of the detective and his flirtation with agentessy the Interpol.

Cake from the chief - the cook Leterye turned out too beautiful outside and fast inside: all the most sweet and tasty was from above, and the stuffing disappointed. Instead of the adventure thriller we received the slow criminal melodrama. Illusion of magic remained only illusion. But there is a lot of deception and cheating in a picture.