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Secrets of female laughter. What it in a bed?

to Estimate legs, a breast the person and other delights almost all men can. And here to foretell what it in a bed - the task is more difficult. The sexy beauty can be the cold small fish minutes of proximity, and externally quite colourless woman is able to charm so the man that that forgets about everything on light.

Still in the ancient time men tried to foresee sexual temperament of the woman. This information, you see, important. Especially for that part of rational men who not really - that are inclined to romanticism and do not like to buy pig in a poke . Tried to guess on eyes, a shape of lips, a breast, a foot But it appears, the sexual temperament can be foreseen on female laughter. You represent what economy of forces and time! Told a joke - and everything is clear to

1. If the female laughter is similar to a ringing hand bell and at the same time it throws back the head, this is, as a rule, the trustful dreamer, easily gives in on compliments, but at the initial stage it is necessary to behave decently. She adores making love and is ready for experiments. The love with it is fabulous also a zakhvatyvayushcha.

2. Very decent laughter. , it seems, and opened, but always within etiquette. Sometimes is followed by graceful gesture: touches finger-tips a lobe of an ear, curls of hair, external corners of eyes. Often it seems unapproachable and cold. That it will also remain if you having put spurs to a horse will rush in attack and will begin to force events. Such women are not similar to instant soup. This rather refined dish for gourmets which needs to be prepared for hours, and then slowly to revel refined (that is sex). Her passion flares long slow fire.

3. Laughter silent and low, almost silent. at the same time strongly blinks eyes. Sometimes it seems that it only represents cheerfulness, and actually fixedly watches you. This is, as a rule, the strong, ambitious and overwhelming personality. Irrespective of your gestures she will solve, to go with you to bed or not. It is difficult for it to pick up the partner, but if it nevertheless appears in a bed, then makes love long and tirelessly. Her behavior in a bed strongly depends on mood.

4. Laughs quietly, frostily, often covering a mouth with a palm. Such women are often timid, with the cart of complexes which prevent it to appreciate themselves. And you then for what? You speak to it what it beautiful, good, kind and clever. If she begins to argue, do not listen to her and continue to bend the line. When it appears in a bed, swear that she is the best mistress on light. If you force it to believe in it, so it also will appear.

5. Giggles rather, at the same time bows on one side. the Kindest, sympathetic nature. All love it, all to it go to speak for life, it will refuse to nobody. And she will understand you, but in a bed then will not lay down. She needs to be convinced of your feelings, to understand whether she wants it and, the most important whether it at the same time will cause somebody pain. That is seven times will think before being given. It is ideal for those who love the submitting partner, gentle, tender, but with quite moderate temperament.

6. When laughs, wrinkles a nose. In it it is a lot of children`s, externally naive and direct. Such charming smiling blonde with chubby cheeks. Actually she is canny. Adores courtings, flowers, chocolates. Sex prefers the most trivial. Is interested in experiments purely theoretically, and then loses them in the imaginations, but it is extremely rare in reality. This woman - the eternal girl for dads with quiet temperament and fans to sponsor.

7. Laughs greedily and at the same time often touches a hand the person. Dream of the erotomaniac. Moves it inexhaustible curiosity and pensiveness. Sex for it fascinating pleasant game. She long does not deliberate, can spontaneously be given in any place, makes love passionately. However do not forget about its majesty a condom.

8. Laughing loudly, widely opens a mouth that you were not mistaken that all her 32 snow-white teeth not porcelain artificial limbs. It is quite temperamental in a bed, but also will demand the same from you. And God forbid, you will not meet its expectations.