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Blood and then: " anabolic steroids; (2013). Great American dream for idiots?

Still American Michael Bae shot exclusively serious film. About serious bad guys . About ofigitelno enormous iron robots for the serious money equal to the annual budget of a two-three of the African states. And about severe children who in all seriousness rescued Earth from the falling asteroid. And suddenly Bae decided to become frivolous.

He cut out article from the magazine and picturized absolutely real story about three idiots who were lucky to realize Great American dream. That is, to see conditional Paris and to die.

To dream not harmfully. Harmfully to cash dreams in especially large sizes. But to Daniel Lugo, the unimportant fitness coach in a city rocking chair Maiya, there is a wish to be the user, but not the loser. It was bothered by letters with unpaid accounts in a mailbox. The stupid maids with huge boobs tightening the already smart forms for thick purses of the boyfriends got. And Lugo to death was tired to give advice to people who at desire can buy both the trainer, and all gym at once. And then arose the rectilinear and impudent plan in the head of the muscleman.

Having instigated the friend Adrian and the strapper Paul who recently leaned back from a zone, Lugo kidnaps one of the rich clients, the Colombian businessman Victor Kersho to appropriate his financial accumulation and other material benefits. However Kersho was extremely tough nut: no tortures and beliefs could force it to put the signature on the necessary papers. And then Lugo, having tempted with free grandmas of the familiar notary, forges documents, and Kersho as superfluous shoots.

Being the near victim of steroids, Lugo did not manage to consider all consequences of the acts. The unfortunate businessman survived and is eager to sweep, but police officers do not trust in his colourful story and the Colombian origin of Kersho does not cause trust. And at guys the stolen grandmas came to an end meanwhile, and came it is time to hill one more money-bag. Only this time the plan was absolutely useless

Bae transferred in the most evident way to the big screen expression Force is - mind it is not necessary . And during viewing of the movie Blood and then: " anabolic steroids; there is a feeling that to you equal layers impose noodles on ears. Well people cannot be such morons! Dullness of the main characters reads off scale, and only when on the screen there are final credits and persons of real prototypes, understand what on Earth of fools for hundred years ahead is laid up. Can, still as can. It is enough to walk on streets to understand - while fantasts exercise the wit and invent the parallel worlds, Jedis and transformers, life throws up plots and stronger. Or as Einstein spoke: There are only two infinite things: Universe and nonsense. Though about the Universe I am not quite sure .

On " style; Blood and then closest to the debut movie of Bae Bad guys . Say, the director dreamed to remove something low budget and with sense long ago. That you understood, the last low budget the fighter " was the project in career of the director; Rock (1996) worth 75 million. All other creations of Bae cost producers (including to Michael) at least 120 million. However, thanking To Transformers the director earned so much money that until the end of life can shoot now festival film and spit on collecting. But Bae is, first of all, a commercial director, and therefore his new opus did not do without stars, an excellent soundtrack, black humour, beautiful women and the bright, juicy picture.

Actually, Bae`s picture also differs only in tasty camerawork and real background from the majority of similar criminal tapes. Having returned to sources, the director skillfully draws a shot, but, alas, his supreme deprived of talent of the story-teller. The movie lasts more than two hours and it seems excessively tightened. Lack of assembly finds and constant offscreen bubnezh (heroes not only communicate, but also think aloud) turned a tape into excessively detailed file on three musclemen - imbeciles. About the movie you will not tell that it looks on one breath though the couple of the moments to the viewer will be remembered. For example, the episode with elimination of proofs is removed almost at the level of well-known Pulp fiction .

It is obvious that the more than modest results in hire (by the standards of Bae, it is natural), the tape is obliged, first of all, to a successful cast. For example, Mark Wahlberg fitted into the project ideally: the actor likes to brag of proportions of the torso. And Wahlberg learned to embody near, but cute guys in a shot long before cooperation with Bae ( Nights in style Bug Cops in a deep stock and Third wheel ). It is a pity only that the actor everywhere approximately identical.

Worst of all the situation is with his workmate Anthony Maki ( The Hurt Locker ) . On the bodybuilder, even a beginner, Maki does not brush away and the character some muffled, faceless . Though steroid problems of his hero with a potentiality, perhaps, the most amusing part of the movie. But the third passenger performed by Dwayne Johnson - just gloss. We got used that Rock (the actor`s nickname since professional wrestling) represents in a shot of superheroes and cool guys. Here Johnson got party of the stupid spindle-legs who is carried away by coke, women and faith in Jesus - cocktail in itself explosive.

From allegedly minor characters, certainly, it will be remembered evreysko - the Colombian businessman (Tony Shelub) who is cruelly deceived by the personal trainer. On the one hand, victim. With another - the typical nouveau riche who is proud of own financial position why suffered without measure. As always, are fine Ad Harris as the private detective and Michael Rispoli in an image of the cool pornmagnate.

Blood and then - a story that dreams of some idiots everything are come true. In the society of consumerism and a glamour where grandmas and sex govern, similar incidents happen more often than it would be desirable. It is a pity for Nobody, nobody - it was sung in one song in one very famous Russian movie about a similar gang of morons. In Bae`s movie essentially there are no heroes that the creative plan once again brings closer to the original. As they say, from a song of words you will not throw out.