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Comedy We are Millera (2013). How the real family business looks?

Authors of the American comedy We are Millera nearly two hours of screen time spent for convincing us - the union of the stripper and drug dealer is not worse than a tandem of the worker and the collective farmer. These professions are extravagant, politically incorrect, but are economically justified. Where still toilers of machines and fields will be able to gain strength for the subsequent labor feats how not in a strip - bar behind a glass of beer or in the close company, passing round a kosyachok?

So far one build bright future, others paint everyday life with bright paints. Especially as even such marginal, from the point of view of Puritan society, persons are capable of live emotions and noble acts too.

In life of the gallant bachelor David Clark there is no place to boring offices or tree fellings. The brought-up and lonely guy trades to himself on bread and butter in the fact that he gives people joy. In the form of accurately packed up portions of marijuana. Business blossoms and smells, Clark does not look for problems with the law, delivering goods only to the checked buyers to whom problems are not necessary too. However even in serene life of the imperceptible pusher there is a swagger - a major.

Having decided to intercede for the local homeless child, Clark did not calculate forces therefore lost all week revenue, warehouse stocks and personal savings. As compensation of losses his boss demanded a real trifle: David has to go to Mexico and bring from there it is sensitive and a half herbs.

Certainly, to one to be put through border - a dead duck. And here the excellent idea comes to a lucid mind of Clark: to pretend to be the father of model American family. As the wife he uses the neigbour - the stripper Rose to whom he periodically lines wedges, and roles of children - that homeless child and rather stupid neighbour`s boy have to play teenagers. Clark promised to all participants of a regatta assignments from profit therefore the family Millerov turned out indeed as from the picture. The problem is that it is sensitive and a half - it is a full van of drugs, and in hastily hammered together family the serious passions ready to endanger already impracticable mission of

the American public - strange rage. On the one hand, it likes not turbid reason opuses like recent Doomsday 2013 and with another - romantic comedies like that that was removed by the director Rouson Marshall Tyorber. And it seems genre one, and movies, how different in a consistence. In the first case we deal with full improvisation when the mockery and obscenities cover any rudiments of common sense. Tape We are Millera - the typical situation comedy when the majority (but, alas, not all) comical situations arises from - for discrepancies of expectations to the facts.

The Russian viewer accurately designated the position ruble: Apocalypse at us earned about 70 million, and We are Millera - More than 570. And not because our audience remembers and Jennifer Aniston according to series " loves; Friends and therefore, chtoma are brought up on similar movies, since the Soviet smash hits and finishing with the French hits. The plot for the Post-Soviet viewer always prevails over incoherent gags, and in Millerakh it is. Thanks to authors of the concept, Bob Fischer and Steve Farber who once wrote not less ridiculous history about Uninvited guests with Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson`s participation.

Why Millera did not manage to snip off the same tasty piece in hire as, for example, The Hangover ? The enthusiasm was enough for creators only for the first half of the movie. The situation when the small narcobusinessman - the loser tries to transport by means of a fictitious family through the Mexican border marijuana ton, is indeed comical. However as soon as the boundary is passed, authors begin to squeeze out from a fly of an elephant. Adventures ended, there was only a romantic fuss and trite sketches, like a breast press in tent or the teenager bitten for personal belongings. Besides, entirely the choice of screenwriters is the reason of so sharp exhaustion of the imagination. And what else hopes producers when invited to Sean Anders and John Morris`s work, creators of such failures as " could feed; Sex drive and The Time machine in a jacuzzi ? It is clear, from where legs at 90 percent of sortirny jokes with which, which - as are interrupted " grow; Millera having stepped for the equator of timing.

But we will strongly not chikhvostit authors, they tried as they could. If to consider the movie in general, then the project very successful, beginning from selection of music and finishing characters. Unexpectedly and brightly Jason Sudeykis which had to work before at a background revealed, accompanying the same Wilson in To Celibate week . Perfectly looks on the big screen of Jennifer Aniston on whose figure you will not tell in any way what to the former spouse of Brad Pitt knocked 44 years recently. The actress stunningly, sexually looks and sex will give odds to much present - symbols of Hollywood which okromya botox lips and to brag have nothing. Episodes with Aniston`s exits can be reconsidered infinitely, and the fact that she is able to reincarnate, Jennifer proved for a long time.

Millerov you will not call the lovely family comedy because there are a lot of the moments here too close to the foul. But romantic - quite. Because the viewer is concerned more at all not by(with) whether David Clark will be able to deliver a grass to the destination and what will end his Shura with - messes with the neigbour Rose and whether will learn them pseudo - the son to kiss and hit back to offenders. This " set; soap cliches does not disappoint at all because the adventure part of the movie is made for show. The director Tyorber, whose start at cinema took place very mediocre tape Bouncers (2004), took a notable step forward. Thanking Milleram his career spread uphill, and we only need to enjoy a two-three of amusing episodes from shooting which is laid kindly out exactly before final credits.