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Cactus in a plate, or Than Mexicans have dinner?

the Cuisine of Mexico is extremely original and peculiar that has a talk mixture of culinary traditions of the Indian tribes of Mesoamerica with strong influence of the Spanish and French compoundings.

At the same time the majority of traditional ingredients of a local cuisine initially appeared in these parts, and only then were carried all over the world, having gained popularity in other regions.

The huge choice of local products is the cornerstone of Mexican cuisine: corn (maize), avocado, beans, vegetable marrows, sweet and usual potatoes, tomatoes, cactuses, chili pepper, pumpkin, fowl, vanillin, peanut (and its oil), cocoa, and also set of species of fish.

The predominating place in national Mexican cuisine is taken by corn - fried and boiled, in the form of flour and as drink, with mayonnaise or grated cheese, with meat and ground pepper... The most widespread dishes from corn - corn flat cake, baked on coals, with a stuffing taka meat in the " cornmeal; posoles (and also the drink of the same name from corn), mix of the roasted cornmeal with " cocoa; pinoles flat cake from the " cornmeal; " tortilla; boiled on " steam; tamales - pieces of the corn test with sauce, antokhitos repostarias flat cakes with various stuffings - pile kesadilyas tostados chimichang etc.

Burning siliculose chili pepper - the business card of Mexican cuisine, it is more than 80 grades here. Do hundreds of grades of various sauces of it, stuff, add to various vegetable salads, meat dishes, to fish, and, of course, to corn.

Meat dishes are also extremely various. Not knowing before arrival of Europeans of cattle and hens, Indians created a set of original recipes from a local game (boiled, the iguana with corn porridge baked of a dragon etc.), but also quickly used and new products. And now truly Mexican various " goulashes are considered; olya podrida boiled pork with " vegetables; to a chipila fried beef ribbons with a bean garnish to the kayena asados mincemeat with tomatoes pikadilyo the hot stuffed " flat cakes; empanada tens of species of a fried or stewed turkey (it seems Monte Lablano ) peculiar " rolls; enchilada with a pepper, cheese, eggs or meat stuffing, mutton on - Mexican, " pork slices, fried on a spit; takos al pastor beef with beans, eggs ( Vallejo " ranch; or with potatoes and ham), and also karnitas chicken meksikal and set of other, not less original dishes.

The range of the used vegetables is also extremely various. On the first place, of course, beans - fresh and dried, in fried and fresh, as a filler of flat cakes, soups and as a garnish - can be listed all dishes from them infinitely. Also tens of dishes from a cactus " prepare; nopal (leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds are used), agaves, haricots, avocado - to the guakamola (it is used as in snack, and secondly dishes), mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, etc. A peculiar local " fruit enjoys special popularity; chayot consumed in a baked, stewed and boiled look, as a part of baked puddings, salads, garnishes etc. of

On a dessert most often there are fine local fruit, the original dessert from a fried sugar cane " is extremely popular; Canas asadas fine pastries in the French style, sweet royal " bread; roska de Reyes rolls and cakes, and also excellent sweet vegetables and fruit dishes - cherry chimichang a souffle from corn, mango with cream, kesadil pumpkin in syrup, sheyd - leyd various puddings with a stuffing and nutlets.

From alcoholic drinks brought the real glory to the country " tequila; (it is made by double distillation of juice of a core of a blue agave), which naschityatsya more than 300 types (four look - Blanco, by Joven, Reposado and Anejo are officially approved), and also the traditional " alcoholic beverages; to a pool " mescal; (it is made by simple distillation from five different types of an agave), sotola and bakanor . The Mexican wines (are generally created on the European technologies), " brandy are also good; Don Pedro and " beer; Crown .