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What is behind a facade of your kitchen?

Remain the fact that kitchen - the most used room in the apartment on which depend a cosiness and weather in the house . In kitchen prepare, eat, communicate. That is why the kitchen has to be most convenient and equipped state-of-the-art. Unfortunately, most of hostesses are owners of kitchen rooms of very modest sizes. Therefore the question of convenience and rational use of small space rises into the forefront.

It is pleasant when everything lies on the place and behind the necessary trifle it is not necessary to dive in depth of a narrow dark case, on the way overturning banks and breaking so carefully brought order. And in the matter we are come to the rescue by accessories for kitchen. Types of kitchen accessories and accessories to them are extremely various: these are various sliding regiments, mesh baskets and mesh regiments, containers, so-called roundabouts - the turning regiments and grids, numerous lifting devices. It is not always simple to understand what kitchen mechanism is necessary for you.

Today we will talk both about kitchen accessories, and about front (furniture handles) and krepezhno - connecting (couplers, loops, polkoderzhatel, metaboxes) accessories which define appearance, functionality and service life of kitchen.

The adjustable plastic leg is used for installation of kitchen boxes. Let`s take as an example a leg of production of the leading Italian producer of accessories for kitchen - the Volpato company (fig. 1). Installation of a box on legs allows to protect it from effect of moisture which is always present at kitchen. The leg is made of high-strength plastic, has a special carving and maintains loading to 80 kg. Additional durability and to fastening the metal fixing screw stiffens. Convenient adjustment of a leg on height outside of or from within a case (through an opening for the fixing screw) with flat allows you to compensate to vents by the screw-driver roughnesses of a floor at assembly of kitchen. Legs are issued 100, 120 and 150 mm high. The cap closing a head fixing the screw is included in the package.

A problem of inconvenience of use of narrow and deep cases baskets solved mesh vykatny. Ball guides of full or incomplete promotion, depending on a design, helped us with this question. Now it is enough to pull for the handle, and the basket softly leaves a case so the owner of kitchen should not climb with the head in search of a necessary subject there. Mesh baskets happen to the lower or lateral fastening, to fastening to a facade or without it. Options of design of baskets also incalculable set: one - two - and three - level, with the holder for plates, offices for bottles and various trifles. The dispersion on width of section is also big: from the narrowest, allowing to fill even the small space which remained after installation of standard modules, to huge, allowing to establish roundabouts and a set of boxes under a sink.

The devices are developed for the rounded-off and cut off lateral sections: mesh baskets of an angular form have the right or left lateral fastening of guides, and completely move in a lateral case.

The set of mesh baskets under a sink is extraordinary convenient. Enters it p - the figurative top basket allowing to bypass discharge and it is rational to use space under a sink, and a continuous lower basket. Mesh baskets of full promotion with fastening to a facade.

The turning regiments ( roundabouts ) - one more device for comfortable work. Roundabout represents the semicircular regiments rotating around an axis which are fixed in a case, opposite to loops. The necessary thing can be got easily, having turned the shelf on an axis. For angular cases exist roundabouts by 270 degrees.

The device under the name " is more capacious; magic corner (fig. 4). These are the rectangular boxes connected with each other as cars, by means of a rotary element. Forward by one edge it is attached to a door. When the door opens, this box leaves and extends with itself another. When the door is closed, boxes move in the same sequence.

Also the so-called column is not forgotten. Mesh capacities " are developed for it; Column . The set is intended for installation in a case from 190 to 230 cm high. It is possible to install up to 6 baskets. Column it is completed with ball guides of full promotion. After promotion of system all contents of a huge case will appear at you before eyes, and you will easily find the necessary thing.

There is an opinion that, the mechanism is more difficult, the it is more with it than problems. But, in - the first, kitchen mechanisms not so are difficult. They fasten most often an easy way by means of screws and self-tapping screws. In - the second, it is not easy to break a design from stainless steel at all. Of course, any drawer can be put out of commission if to load it excessively, however at the correct installation and reasonable use kitchen mechanisms will serve to you for many years.

Posudosushiteli - the traditional kitchen accessories installed in hinged dryers. Usually are included a lattice for mugs in the package of a posudosushitel, a support for plates and the pallet. Except the sizes, posudosushitel differ with quality of a covering and way of installation.

Inexpensive posudosushitel are painted by powder paint which is easily damaged when transporting, and are established on polkoderzhatel, i.e., there is no rigid fastening.

These shortcomings the Italian posudosushitel " are deprived; VIBO . These posudosushitel it is possible to use in dryers without the lower board (water flows down directly in a sink) since the plastic frame of a posudosushitel fastening to sidewalls self-tapping screws gives necessary rigidity to the drying case. Metal parts are made of stainless steel with a covering. Especially for an angular case the angular posudosushitel is developed.

The nickelized posudosushitel INOX differs in original design and reliably fastens to walls carving flanges. Such way of fastening allows to compensate at installation of a posudosushitel of inaccuracy of production of a case.

In modern kitchens the reylingovy systems allowing to use rationally free space of walls between kitchen cases and table-tops are widely used. Such decision allows to hold near at hand often used things, without encumbering tables and cases. The chromeplated tubes of reyling and a wire of hinge plates give to kitchen a stylish, modern look. A wide choice of hinge plates gives the chance to place ware, spices, knives, detergents, towels, etc. Recently the great interest is caused by reylingovy systems of various flowers: gold (glossy and opaque), opaque chrome, old bronze.

It is rational to fill with one more way free space of kitchen installation of a multipurpose kitchen (bar) rack which represents the pipe with a diameter of 50 mm put vertically with the rotating hinge plates established on it is represented. The pipe can fasten to a ceiling, to a wall, to be a table support, a basis for fastening of shelves and cases. A variety of options of fastening of pipes and hinge plates allows to realize the most courageous imaginations of designers.

In conclusion you want to wish success in creation of your kitchen. I hope that this article will help you not to be mistaken with the choice of kitchen accessories for your projects.

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