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How to carry out morning exercises for preservation of youth?

of Research of physiologists and doctors - gigiyentist show that those who regularly go in for physical culture get tired less, are in a form longer and later grow old. the Sport for yourself choose

. But the obligatory sport is morning exercises. This charging includes the exercises necessary in order that the waist was thin, legs - harmonous, the line of hips - beautiful. This charging of only 15 minutes of your time will borrow. You can carry out these exercises on a floor, a rigid bed or a rigid sofa.

1. Exercise for a waist.

Lay down on a back. Stuff up hands behind on a neck. Slightly bend knees. Raise an upper body and remain in such provision of 6 seconds. Repeat 10 times.

2. Exercise for a neck.

Lay down on a plain surface. Put a pillow doubly and put it under the head. Strongly press the head to a pillow and do not move 6 seconds. Repeat 3 times.

3. Exercise on shoulders. Take

a big pillow. Embrace her and press her to yourself - that hands from an elbow to shoulders strained. Repeat 6 times.

4. Exercise for improvement of a shape of legs.

Extend legs. Put a pillow between legs. Squeeze it very much and remain in such provision of 6 seconds. Repeat 6 times.

5. One more exercise for improvement of a shape of legs.

Lay down exactly. Foot of the left leg lean on fingers of right. The left leg you press on right, and the right leg - on left. In 6 seconds replace position of legs. Execute 3 times on each leg. When performing this exercise muscles of legs from a knee to a hip strain.

Charging for lazy

If at you is not present time in the morning for charging, these exercises just for you. They are very effective, and their performance will take only 8 - 10 minutes.

Create to yourself mood and a charge of cheerfulness for the whole day!

All exercises can be carried out lying on a floor or on a rigid sofa, having cleaned a pillow. When performing exercises you breathe evenly and quietly.

1) Lay down on a back, extend hands along a body. Then stretch, feel how the backbone is straightened.

2) Several times move stupnyam of legs: forward - back, forward - back.

3) Lift as both legs together are possible above the right leg, then left, and, at last.

4) Bend down to the extended legs, try to get palms toes.

Gradually increase performance of each exercise to 10 - 12 times. Also you remember that maintenance of flexibility of a body is necessary for preservation of youth.