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What to eat to look vigorous?

our health directly depend on what we eat. We improve mood and energy increases if in our diet a large amount of useful nutrients. we Stock up with

with energy! Stresses and a mad rhythm of life lead

to fatigue and irritability.

1) you were tired and want to take a break on a coffee cup with cake? Caffeine and sugar can give you only temporary feeling of inflow of energy. Then blood sugar level quickly falls, and you will feel tired and broken again (familiarly, the truth?) .

2) Instead of perekusonchik with coffee and cake, eat regularly and small portions. And the quantity of proteinaceous and carbohydrate food has to be balanced.

3) Example of an easy lunch: oatmeal cookies with a piece of cheese and tea, green apple and natural yogurt with addition of nutlets.

Healthy immune system

If often you catch a cold, so you weakened immune system.

1) Eat more products rich with vitamin C - fruit and vegetables.

2) is Also necessary zinc which is in eggs, fish and sunflower seeds of sesame and a sunflower.

We struggle with a stress!

Works involving all hands at work, traffic jams, quarrels with friends - all this can lead to a daily stress.

Special substances for fight against stresses develop adrenal glands. It is possible to support their work by means of food, vitamin-rich In and With:

1) are rich with Vitamin C strawberry, a kiwi, red pepper.

2) Vitamin B also helps with fight against a stress, it contains in bean, green vegetables and fermented milk products.

Food for... sex If sex does not please with

you, the reason can be elementary - a lack of important products.

1) the Most important component of full-fledged sexual life is vitamin E. It contains, for example, in fat fish (salmon). Therefore it is recommended to include it in the diet (not less than 2 times a week).

2) is Also necessary vitamin A. Therefore eat fermented milk products, oranges and yellow fruit.

3) to Maintenance of energy and normal production of sex hormones are promoted by minerals chrome and pine forest. Chrome is a part of meat, cheese, and pine forest is present at all fruit and vegetables.

We sleep peacefully!

1) For a deep night sleep needs amino acid tryptophane. Dates, bananas, dried fruits, milk and cheese are rich with it.

2) the Reason of emotional physical pressure can be a lack of magnesium and calcium. Therefore add to the diet darkly - green vegetables, fish, nuts and sunflower seeds.

3) the Example of an ideal dinner for a good dream: natural yogurt, dried fruits, cocktail from banana and soy milk.