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The photo on documents - my business of

of the Photo on documents - my business

Began all with the fact that I decided to open own photographer`s studio, knowing this business from within, I decided that I can repeat success of the uncle for whom I when that worked.

There was a summer of 2006, I began to register the SP, pride overflowed my breast I went with highly raised head, the straightened shoulders and other visual effects speaking about my solvency. Process of registration did not take a lot of time, having used services of one legal office, I continued and further works on a bank field, i.e. according to Prost speaking I was a specialist in loans, and mentally bringing closer that day when I develop the banner over the road and I rent several billboards, and eager to be photographed will be tumbled down on me in itself. It was the most wonderful time.

The first from what my pink glasses turned pale, so it from a problem of receiving a loan or the credit (to whom as it is convenient) though I could not count all yet costs which in a consequence fell down me, I hoped to receive from bank not a lot of many 180 - 200 t. the rub, the sum in principle not big, but banks demanded any providing, mine z. few item was it., guarantors were not. And any " programs; You Give bucks to businessmen! with bucks had nothing in common, only took away time a great lot (that is natural since any bank risks, giving money under Oh I decided to trade in balls here, give money, and? ) many demand accounting reports of which from me and was not spstvenno as well as all the rest, But nevertheless grain was thrown into the soil and it sprouted in the head of my relative (I was in the seventh heaven holding in hand a necessary bag, then to me and could not come to mind as I will pay off, the pink veil dimmed eyes)...


to work reasonably decided to find at first the room since purchase of the necessary equipment would take 2 - 3 days no more. Still I am surprised as quickly we found the room, it was the trade pavilyonchik but quite suitable for services it settled down in place very through passage, and so through passage that people simply forced down my pavement sign which stood near an entrance. To the subway there were 2 - 3 minutes of the course, there was excellent weather, there was Mai`s middle, I was ready very positively, felt as the Russian Donald Trump and had a presentiment of fast profit.

Here probably should depict a portrait of my workmate, in comparison with me it was the person three times the exceeding my volume, all life he is engaged in hockey and command spirit for it not the empty word, however the parity relations at us did not turn out since being more senior than me for 12 years and including itself more skilled in life, he preferred to take the leading position in the solution of some current questions and in general pressed on me that in soul very much was not pleasant to me, but I did not show the emotions and thought that everything will rise on the places over time. Still that it struck me in the first weeks of our partnership so that the assumptions and ideas arising in his head with the terrifying speed he obviously distracted from the main business, forced me them to study if I could not parry its next crazy offer. It seriously slowed down process of untwisting of a point and the solution of administrative matters. Slowly it began to podbeshivat me though I and behaved to me it was necessary to argue and adduce with it indestructible arguments.

In general he was not a bad person. Here probably the name should not reveal him and therefore I will call it Andrey.


There now we also opened, the pavement sign ordered previously was heated on the sun and specified by the person interested to be photographed, where to them actually to go, on any known sources to us information filtered that the man has to be the first client and having mentally concentrated we with Andrey stood on this handsome Apollo who has to bring us incredible wealth near with the pavilion and smoked in hope to see it. But by characters absolutely of other fairy tales and myths, generally former Union for some reason went. Time went as suddenly in our pavilyonchik the young girl whisked and before I managed to open a mouth Andrey in two jumps flew to the room and barked to this lovely creature at an ear: We DO NOT WORK, SVETA NET!!!! also pushed out the become puzzled girl on the street... I turned sour it smiled, a pier forgive not our fault, and about himself thought that for nonsense we so in general will be left without money, and that if only women to us follow photos that then? Where in these signs common sense? I shared thoughts with the workmate on what he cut off: The man and a point " will be the First; listen Andryukh, I asked, and the moon which today is incidentally not decreasing? My attempt to translate all these signs for fun was not successful. As we were already told later by one person. YOU WHAT IN MAY OPENED?!! EVERYTHING is CLEAR NOW! You WILL TOIL! here so it is always simpler to write off all mistakes and miscalculations for signs and so forth a crap, than to recognize them and to take measures.

On the street became cool meanwhile and we were closed in the shed chock-full by the equipment. Nobody to us went, and it caused burning feeling of loss, unclear to a mudflow, or if you want a dissatisfaction. I struggled with the internal loser as could installing in myself and in Andrey self-reliance, but the workmate did not give in, we were similar to characters of an animated cartoon: I - Ah and it - Oh . But suddenly the door was opened and a sure gait to us was it, unshaven, all some rumpled, but proud Man Andrey was swept up without knowing what to make but soon went outside, and I photographed him and made in the Photoshop from Man Apollo. Here we also waited for this notorious moment, but nothing changed a horn of plenty probably dried up, something did not work though strange the first was Man ...

be continued.