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How to build a fence, without having quarreled with neighbors?

you bought old giving or a piece of the earth, processed all documents, received desired " brilliant green; also built the beautiful house. Starting construction of not less beautiful protection of a site, it is necessary to remember that this construction interests your neighbors above all. How with them not to quarrel?

Of course, first of all it is necessary to glance in the documents, namely - in the Scheme of borders of the land plot. Most likely, you will not find coordinates (these are such figures defining location of points of angles of rotation of borders of the site allocated for you on the planet Earth) in it as they are the State secret, and here so-called Note of geodata study attentively. Measures of lines, or distances, between these points of angles of rotation are given in it. Draw the scheme of a site on a piece of paper, write out accurately measures of lines on this scheme, arm with a steel roulette and go to the site.

If you mastered a site from scratch find pegs, or metal probes which to you once were shown by surveyors or land surveyors. If your site surrounds many years an old fence which you decided to replace, identify its turns and corners with the scheme. Make control measurements. If you found ALL pegs or if angles of rotation of an old fence are accurately readable, i.e. are defined visually in nature on districts with an accuracy not worse than in 20 cm and if divergences of your measurements do not differ from specified in to a note of geodata more than on 20 cm, you can safely call neighbors and devote them in your construction plans. At the same time also you will get acquainted if are unfamiliar.

Most likely, results of your inspection will be less productive, and you will find out that the part of pegs completely disappeared, and the tumbled-down old fences do not allow to define unambiguously where it was, this corner of a fence. Without being upset, try to restore its location in the way so-called linear notch i.e. postponement of the distances specified in your scheme from the next, already checked by you pegs or accurately readable corners of a fence.

Perhaps, you will find disappearance of very considerable part of pegs, or the old fence so decayed that it became absolutely unlike the image on the scheme. The diagnosis is clear, and the recipe only one - to call to the aid surveyors, or land surveyors.

to begin C of what?

It will be ethic if you devote your neighbors in the plans. Quite perhaps, they suspiciously monitor for a long time your experiments with roulettes and pieces of paper, and is more useless to keep them in suspense. Invite them to walk on joint borders, show the documents, glance and in their papers - it is quite possible, you will find couple more of control points from which it will be possible to restore something from lost. Perhaps, agree with them about joint financing of action, beginning from fee of surveyors and up to individual share in construction of your general fence. It is possible also that you do not agree upon some positions, and there will be a conflict, but well already the fact that all parties concerned will distinctly represent its essence.

How to find surveyors?

not to run into charlatans or clumsies, address to local bodies of architecture or land management - will offer you the list of the organizations or businessmen having the corresponding licenses and who proved as earlier performed works. Take an interest in the prices. You do not pursue low cost. The prices of these works of a normirovana, reduction in cost is usually reached due to quality of works, also gross blunders, as a result of economy on a cycle of control measurements are possible.

Distinctly state your task. For example, RESTORATION of borders of the land plot such - located there - belonging to volume - on the basis of that - " is required;. Ask to prepare the Specification. Attentively read it, pay attention to the list of reporting materials. If to you just suggest to hammer pegs into the earth - run from them. You need the explanatory note about the performed works, the Act of restoration of borders and the plan of a site, with the description and schemes of fixing of points of angles of rotation of borders of the land plot. If financing of works is carried out together with neighbors, stipulate the number of copies of reporting materials. Look at the sum in the estimate. If it not really differs from earlier you sounded, slightly penetrate into structure of the planned works, safely sign and wait for team of experts in the appointed day, usually it is 2 - 3 persons. Do not forget to warn neighbors.

Upon completion of works will show you boundary signs, will suggest to sign the Act of transfer of these signs to you under supervision over safety. Take an interest how you will be able to restore them, using only one roulette if by oversight or someone`s evil intention the part of them is destroyed. It is good if at survey there are also your neighbors - in case of ambiguities it will be possible to ask questions the expert whose opinion will be perceived by all high parties as official.

Having received reporting materials, having eliminated all ambiguities and having established mutual understanding, it is possible to start directly construction of a construction. By the way, it is not excluded that in the course of a land surveying you change initial plans, and the fence at you with which - nibud from the parties will significantly grow up... however, it is possible and vice versa - decide to be limited to symbolical ograzhdeniyets, or you will leave a small gate in a stone wall - not to carry shish kebabs through the street.

Live in peace and friendship!