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Thrillers Class 1984 and Class 1999 . Training with risk for life?

In a year 1982 - m the American director Mark L. Lester decided to slightly open eyes to the compatriots on the back of system of school education and shot the drama thriller Class 1984 .

He was not a pioneer in this subject: it is enough to remember School jungle (1955) Richard Brooks which plot, by the way, is in many respects crossed with the movie of Leicester. The tape removed on topic of the day does not lose to this day relevance because visually zhivopisut an essence human. As they say, times change, and people remain the same.

The music teacher Andrew Norris who released the colleague from a fighting duty also did not assume that new work will become for it test of all life. At school where he was abandoned by destiny, there are obvious problems with behavior and diligence. Pupils everywhere hang around on lessons with a cold weapon, in toilets there is a brisk drug traffic, and the local director stays without turning a hair - to it if only to overstay this position.

The hooligan Peter Stegman who hammered together around himself a gang from thorough morons fills with criminal buffoonery. Stegman - the personality ambiguous: grown under supervision of rich mother, he got good primary education and even not bad plays a piano. However at some stage young Peter lost the correct way and decided that it is impossible to become famous for good affairs .

The teacher and the pupil were had a snack outright. Quarrel from easy skirmish developed into full-scale war on which, as we know, all means are good, including lie, treachery, insidiousness and cruelty. But the teacher does not intend to give up on favor of the enemy. Sooner or later, he should recognize that heavy mount is far more effective than moralising notations

First of all we will understand who such Mark L. Lester. And his name, by the way, is good to us it has to be known. In - the first, it is the author of the popular adventure movie Stuntmen at which in the Soviet hire more than 40 million people looked, neither more nor less. It is one of the few American movies shown at movie theaters of the USSR practically without notes. Clear business, as Class 1984 was our critics and censors it is watched, but the similar show in the early eighties on the Soviet screen did not get. Even in spite of the fact that the picture perfectly showed decline of the rotting West and insolvency of a local education system.

In - the second, Lester - the creator of one of cult fighters of an era of VHS, Kommando with Arnold Schwarzenegger`s participation. And if Stuntmen looked at a third of the country, Kommando practically all inhabitants of the former Soviet Union because at the end of 80 - x the tape was the main hit of video salons saw. In - the third, he is one of the few who managed more - to picturize less decently Stephen King in the thriller Generating " fire; in which leading role was played by the young starlet Drew Barrymore.

Actually, cinema merits of Leicester were also limited to it. It is possible to remember still a two-three of second-grade works, including the fighter Dismantling in Small Tokyo with Dolph Lundgren and Brandon Li (Bruce Lee`s son), but that there were already absolutely others, boring and uninviting, projects.

Class 1984 - it is a typical hypertrophied view of reality. Certainly, at present schools and not it is created, however Leicester did not seek to excite the population of America at all and to shock inhabitants. It just took a hackneyed plot about hooligans and the teacher and the toddler of contrast brought to a maximum. Andrew Norris is the idealist, the exemplary husband is in addition a teacher of the most peace subject on light - music. His opponent - the furious sociopath, a major, the drug dealer, the bandit and the sadist Stegman in which acts resolutely there is nothing human. Collision of these two contrasts could not but lead to effect which it is earlier bright and original described in the tape Straw dogs Sam Pekinpa. The intellectual driven to despair takes justice in hand and cruelly revenges offenders, breaking all norms of morals and the human right.

Predictability and banality Class 1984 did not prevent the movie to become a genre sample school thriller on which curves such popular pictures as " were shot subsequently; Director Replacement 187 and Dangerous minds .

Pay attention that one of pupils of a musical class was played then still by little-known Michael Dzh. Fox who has in a shot extremely foolish hairdress. Three years later Fox will replace the colleague Eric Stoltz on shootings and will become famous on for the rest of the life role in fantastic classics Back in the future . And got a role of the bastard Stegman other beginning actor - to Timothy Van Patten. Tim did not promote in an actor`s field, but found in himself director`s talent and already in the early nineties began to earn by shootings of episodes in TV series. Van Patten laid a hand to creation of such known TV shows as Sentry Sex and the City Clan of the Soprano Dedvud Rome and Underground empire .

Class 1984 not for long vegetated in loneliness. After relative failure with the comedy Are armed and dangerous Lester went in hiding for long four years. It appeared, he bore idea of the sequel which appeared in 1990 - m under the name Class 1999 .

The beginning of the movie intrigues: in the near future America, thanks to a collapse of educational reforms, turned into a battlefield. School students so became impudent and zamateret that won to themselves territories which from now on are called Zones of free " fire;. The government, namuchivshis with a lawlessness of pupils, conceived to make experiment in separately taken establishment. Instead of teachers sent cyborgs to whom sensation of fear is not conducted for education of teenagers.

Certainly, experiment failed in all respects. Robots were military development, and educational process ended with banal flogging and a smertoubiystvo. The indignant school students, the majority of whom strong sits on a needle and consists in the armed bands, attacked own school with the purpose to pacify the hated teachers who dared to throw down them a challenge.

From the description of a plot it becomes clear that the sequel has nothing the general with the original. Unless a surname McDowell, because in Class 1984 one of roles was played by the veteran of Hollywood and the member of film academy Roddy McDowell, and in continuation his namesake Malkolm was lit.

Sadly and that Class 1999 mainly represents rubbish. Having turned everything upside down, Lester threatened on a fantastic apocalypse, however did not podrasschitat forces and removed a trash boyevichok with amateurish special effects and ugly actor`s game. Even it is not believed that in authors of the movie the same Leicester because two projects - as if the sky and the earth appears.

Four years later the franchize acquired the third and continuation last for today though, in fact, the movie Class 1999: New teacher connects with a dilogy of Leicester only the name. The author of the first two parts here does not even appear in credits, and the movie represents a third-rate shelter - faugh an action that was promoted by the invitation to a leading role of Sasha Mitchell who replaced earlier in sequels Kickboxer Van Damme.

So disgracefully history of quite quite good and intense drama from which we learned that in school cafeteria can not only treat with rotten cutlet, but also a feather ended thrusting sideways, and also the fact that even the peace music teacher can be turned into a blood-thirsty animal.