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What should not be put off?

One of the main principles of human life are the principle of postponement in a long box. Each of us if it is set by such purpose, will be able to remember many cases which were postponed for later and alas, for some reason the majority of points of this list and remain not made.

Someone once told: Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today . Behind it picked up, and let`s repeat. And I, except repetition, am going also to muddle. Or, who knows - to intelligibly explain that he, perhaps, could mean. Quotes - concrete life experience which part quite could remain outside the quoted words stands quotes, but behind each loud statement.

So, never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Following to this principle ordinary begins with mental drawing up the list of necessary affairs and selection of them of those which we physically can execute today. Further follows from skin of wons for the benefit of the list and quote, a stress and after this - the nervous breakdown and an otlezhka on a sofa when there is no wish to do and is could not absolutely nothing. Two - three such cycles - and the loud quote are forgotten because does not work as it would be desirable, namely: does not exempt from the left unfinished affairs, does not bring tranquility, does not increase quantity of made and does not resolve an issue of its quality. Whether but physical feasibility meant?

Except physicists there is a mentality, emotional part, sensual and intellectual spheres, and each of them influences too what you will make and what you will not make. If you are morally not ready to write article now - you it and will not write. If the idea to recolour a ceiling drives you in a stupor, a ceiling if it is painted, then - anyhow. Being in joyful mood, you will write the same article in a different way, than, staying in despondency. Loving, you will be able to tell little about hatred and vice versa. What at you inside, anyway, will affect what you will make outside will set for it color or the tone, will give the form, will define the direction.

What you planned and whatever were going to make if it is contrary to your internal direction, nothing good to make will turn out. And vice versa: when your inner world is occupied by the same, than and hands in external when you are synchronous with what you do - you will make it in the best way.

Initially we made a start from do not put off that you can . I suspect that under you can meant you can well make and, maybe, even in the best way. You can not only hands, not only it is formal - you can and you seek to make all the being.

Let`s turn the incentive statement in a question. What can you make today it that you will not be able to make tomorrow? What you will make today in the best way; what tomorrow you will forget about; what tomorrow - postpone; what will become uninteresting, irrelevant tomorrow and will hang the next tail? With what you burn that wants to be done now, itches. And once you replace only one word, and do not put off what you want / aspire / know as / you can make " today; becomes simple, interesting, much more applicable and useful. And suddenly begins to work as any has to work a little - malsk the principle respecting itself - facilitating life, doing its droplet more tasty and separating really important things from what your attention does not cost now.

There is also other explanation for the same principle. Eat the nastiest frog first of all - familiarly? Obviously? It is clear? It is acceptable? And if to tasty never the turn reaches?

If necessary to put off, tomorrow it either remains necessary, or will settle the need, or will become desired. Both in that, and in another, and in the third case we lose nothing if it is not an obvious thing which is carried out without the excess questions and is it necessary? . And here postponed there is a wish tomorrow becomes already it is necessary because wanted " yesterday;. It simply the quantity of nasty frogs increases. But whether we strive for such result, or nevertheless we want to be engaged in life in pleasant and desired things? And time so - whether that is time to cease to postpone them for later?