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Illusive patrol (R. I. P. D., 2013). The good cop - the dead cop?

Roland Emmerich rewrote in a new way a plot Die Hard . It appeared, in the current year Germans in Hollywood thoroughly undertook on alteration of hackneyed plots. Emmerich`s compatriot, the director Robert Shventke, decided to go a beaten path too and undertook to adapt on the of manners the most popular fantastic comedy Men in black .

The detective of police Nick will not manage to learn pleasure of crisis of middle age, retirement and communication with grandsons. During the next raid Nick falls a victim of greed of the workmate Heys together with whom they untwisted week quite good and, main, profitable the businessman earlier. Having hided the part of the confiscated gold under a citrus bush, Nick suddenly got under a press of own hypertrophied conscience. Having conceived to be given in law hands, he imprudently shared the intentions with the workmate who was not slow to shoot down immoderately the honest friend.

However Nick did not die, though he is dead more. As an alternative to the Last Judgement to the guy suggested to wind off centenary term in the ranks of department Be based with the world . Phantom police service Illusive patrol is engaged in what regulates activity dokhlyak on Earth. The last, it appears, quite often like to pretend to be live, without having an opportunity to go to pastures of Heaven, but also without wishing to flounder about in the boiling copper. At all not all dokhlyak behave quietly - quietly, some even plan artful dead revolution in which center there are that stolen gold, the rascal Heys and an old occult ceremony.

In workmates Nick is given the skilled sheriff Roy who kicked the bucket in a century before last. Roy likes to remember former days, until, as his skeleton was picked by steppe coyotes. It is attached by soul to the cowboy`s hat and old-fashioned colts, and also prefers to work alone and to reprimand in an occasion and without. The grumpy old man and the young detective find a common ground not at once, however common cause rallies even illusive police officers

without being especially zealous admirer Men in black initially I did not give a hostile reception to Shventke`s invention, and on the contrary, considered possible that the cinema will turn out interesting. Eventually, ideas for hundred years ahead it is not laid up so reasonable retelling though and will not make revolution, but will add paints. However Shventke`s reason was enough only for diligently to peredrat structure MIB and to impose from above romantic layer from even more ancient Ghosts Gerry Tsukera. Similar terry approach in present American cinema not a rarity, but the German made everything so rectilinearly that even the American public, indulgent to entertaining blockbusters, apprehended Illusive patrol as insult. As a result the picture grandiosely in hire osifonitsya, having collected at 130 - the million budget absolutely ordinary-looking 33 million.

It is asked whether deserved Illusive patrol the similar humiliation also is so indifferent - a cool welcome at public. Certainly, no. Shventke did not invent the bicycle, but presented to audience quite edible, though disposable popkornovy product with typical parameters of a genre. Here to you both traditionally rollicking humour, and standard history in " style; Buddy - muv and the sentimental moment with love torments of the main character, and spetseffektypod to become the summer blockbuster. The tape turned out not original, but it is much more dynamic and more nice than the same third part Men in black .

Bede Chventque is in what he false played on safe stereotypes. Even actors at it blow in the same pipe, as usually: Ryan Reynolds again in an image of the good guy in bad circumstances (after Buried alive to it any more not to get used to be on the verge of life and death), and Jeff Bridges as if did not change clothes from shootings koenovsky Grip of steel . What to tell about the poor creature Kevin Beykon who, probably, to extreme old age should zlodeystvovat on the screen. And in life this actor very lovely person, the loving husband and the father of two children. But you will not spend on drink image.

At creators was in a sleeve of steam of trumps of which they also disposed extremely carelessly. In - the first, popularity of the zombie - subject in the light of recent Wars of the worlds of Z and TV series Walking dead persons could and had to help the project. But instead of series of ominous zombies we received the same somewhat eccentric aliens, only with a rotten musty smell. It is clear, that various forms and uglinesses were used with the purpose to diversify dead world but looking at these messengers from hell not the horror, but laughter scolds, so they are ridiculously deformed. Visually to the movie there are no claims, all transformations and an action - scenes look at the level of present technologies, but to what was to make a fuss and to think out new names when the essence remained former?

The second invention fell the victim of clumsy realization too. It is that in the world live detectives Nick and Roy appear not in the true appearance, and in absolutely other physical embodiments. Live Roy sees each other in a body of the sexual blonde (the actress and model from California Marisa Miller), and Nick - in a sickly little body of the old Chinese (the veteran of Hollywood, 84 - summer James Hong). This situation with avatars could become that a saving straw which creators could grasp, but, alas, producers did not intend to show the most part of the movie to the viewer the anonymous beauty and the elderly Asian instead of the advertized stars. As a result of Miller and Hong appear in a shot in total for about five minutes, and in the last three from them the joke does not seem such ridiculous any more.

So everything is natural. The first 30 million collecting are the people who were purposefully going on Bridges - the cowboy, the lassie - Reynolds and the zombie. Others were fooled by an effective trailer to the movie in which they, as usual, showed all the most fascinating. The gossip hotline worked at a loss because disappointed in what was seen on the screen it appeared much more, than those who were satisfied kopipasty Shventke. What follows from that dead analog Men in black it is unlikely will turn into the franchize. If to consider Illusive patrol in a separation from persuasive cliches and stibrenny foreign ideas (we will consider that not all saw Zonnenfeld`s trilogy and the melodrama with Patrick Swayze), the tape - is not better and it is not worse than other Hollywood commercial hand-made articles.

P. S. Rumors went that Zac Galifianakis`s candidacy from " was considered for Roy`s role; The Hangover . Here really there would be an unexpected turn which could become a big piece of raisin in a fast roll. But from - for disagreements in film-making schedules the comedian did not manage to find time and to what not to be, to pass that.