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How to choose an ironing table?

the Choice of an ironing table is not less important, than the choice of the iron, and it is worth approaching it seriously. Except a regular ironing after each washing often there are moments when it is necessary urgently and on - fast to iron a blouse or trousers, as a result it is necessary to iron nearly an every day.

Depends on an ironing table:

quality of an ironing;

ease and speed with which you will finish with difficult details (sleeves, collars etc.) ;

convenience and simplicity of an ironing, that is, to you it is not necessary to bend and be above a good board in an inconvenient pose.

Requirements to an ironing table.

Ease. The ironing table has to be rather easy that the fragile woman did not overstrain, trying to iron to the husband shirt (there is no husband the house yet).

Durability. The ironing table has to stand steadily, without being unsteady and without caving in. Ease of a design should not be to the detriment of durability, and its elements have to be lungs, but without weak places.

the Ironing table has to have the sufficient area of a working surface that process of an ironing did not turn into an infinite provorachivaniye and pulling up of a thing.

the Ironing table has to have a neprigorayemy and soft covering that it did not need to be covered with a blanket or fabric in addition. Put also a smooth surface.

Adjustment of height is simply necessary to adapt to any growth. Adjustment has to be simple, and fixing of height of a board - reliable.

the Ironing table in the put state has to be compact that in any, even the place was the closest, the apartment for it.

are Very much welcomed a reliable support for the iron and fastening for the socket to which the iron will be connected.

So, the ironing table chosen by you has to meet all listed requirements, and at the same time have the similar price.

Design features of ironing tables

the simplest design - the wooden board with the rounded edges on folding legs fitted by fabric. Most often plywood is applied to the board, and under fabric foam rubber is enclosed.

Such boards have the lowest cost and some shortcomings. Main of them - board material. Plywood under the influence of steam and moisture will be bent over time, turning a plain surface of an ironing table into the propeller.

To neutralize this shortcoming, many producers make a surface of metal. For reduction of weight in metal do openings or cuts. Stiffening ribs on a reverse side of a board do a design of stronger and do not allow a board to cave in.

Pay attention to fastening of legs to a board and a way of fastening of other elements. Bolts, rivets or welding can be applied. Avoid the models fastened with rivets. Over time rivets are loosened, turning a board into a shaky and shaky design. It is better to choose boards with bolted connection of elements.

The mechanism of fixing of height of a board happens smooth and step. The smooth system of fixing can establish any height, but over time becomes loose and insufficiently strongly holds a board. For this reason it is better to prefer reliable step fixing.

Legs have to support edges of a board on width. It does a board of less compact at storage, but considerably increases its stability. Legs from below have to have plastic or rubber tips not to damage a floor covering. The legs painted by enamel quickly are scratched and lose appearance therefore the corrosion-proof or chromic covering is better though it more expensively.

Covering table-tops an ironing table in inexpensive models make of cotton fabric. In more expensive it is made of synthetic antiprigarny water-proof materials, what is much better. Many producers do a cover removable that it could be replaced. The cover has to be fixed and not fidget reliably on a board.

As practice, the reference sizes of an ironing table shows: length of 130 - 150 cm, width of 38 - 40 cm

the Support for the iron is necessary to prevent casual falling of the iron on a table. Agree, it is more favorable to pay in addition a little for a convenient support, than then to buy the new iron. The support has to be a single whole with a board. Brackets instead of a support are unsafe.

Going in a set a small board for irons of sleeves and any extras most often are not used, but considerably increase set cost. Think whether they are necessary to you. Boards can be equipped with also additional shelves, brackets for hanging out hangers, etc. They do a design too bulky and heavy. Strangely enough, but the elements created for convenience can make use of an ironing table not too convenient. It also increases the board cost therefore well think of their need.


Finally we will remove a formula of a reliable and convenient ironing table:

the small weight that any hostess easily could lift a board;

metal legs from stainless steel or with a chromic covering, bolted;

step regulation of height;

a soft antiprigarny water-proof cover for a working surface;

a reliable support for the iron;

length of a working surface of 130 - 150 cm, and width is 38 - 40 cm

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