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Storm of the White House (2013). Isn`t it time for us to rescue the president again?

For quite some time now in the Hollywood cinema the new entertainment appeared - to rescue the president. This occupation was popular also in former years ( Escape from New - York 1981), however in modern American cinema the phenomenon took the menacing forms and the sizes.

Unfortunate leader of a free world push in all cracks, in all summer blockbusters, turning the head of the nation that into a loud-hailer of civil consciousness ( Independence Day ), in the categorical hero of fighters ( President`s Plane ), in the film villain with amoeba ambitions ( G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 2 ) .

Now the president black, and therefore favourably shades the White House. The last too regularly pull down in all epic accidents. Especially in this genre the expert to try somebody Roland Emmerich whose irrepressible passion to destruction of the second homeland (Emmerich is the native of the former FRG) is displayed in so known pictures as already mentioned above Independence Day The day after tomorrow 2012 and Godzilla .

It is simple to director to destroy for kicks something, to break and chpokat in a shot and when its historical thriller about Shakespeare Anonymous author to put it mildly, by masses it was not accepted, he decided to fall back into the old ways. Let and not in scales of all planet, but, judging by the Hollywood production, the USA also is all planet and if to kill the president, then the chaos on Earth is inevitable.

The former fighter, and nowadays the bodyguard of the large government cone, John Cale dreams to protect the first person of the state. Even in one place itches at Cale as wants. Therefore he registers in interview, takes two invitation and drags in the White House the 11 - the summer daughter who is very keen on policy that already in itself at this age the diagnosis.

On interview Cale gets to a trap of old acquaintances: he is interrogated by the former classmate (or perhaps and love - carrots) that works tirelessly in a personal secret service of the president. Generally, Cale was not hired, but nobody cancelled excursion therefore John continues to loaf on the White House, accompanying beyond the years the erudite daughter.

Here - that the thunder in the middle of the clear sky also burst. Unknown bad guys at first jerked a bomb in a main hall, then crumbled all protection in cabbage, blocked all entrances - exits, including a roof and the secret tunnel (according to which Kennedy took home Marilyn Monroe late evening), took hostages and began to crack system of protection. In total nothing and only directs terrorists not who other as the chief of presidential protection who shamefully went over to extremists on a pension threshold.

Cale conducted by a father`s duty and patriotism rushes the rolled breast on an embrasure. In its asset experience of hot spots, honor of the marine, experience for the daughter and destiny of the nation. On the party of villains - all arsenal of presidential protection, the superhacker, the " rockets; the earth - " air; a couple of thorough bandits and the former gimper intoxicated with thirst of fair revenge. As they say, fight was dishonest, but short. Ours won

you will laugh, but Emmerich removed the Die Hard . Parallels of boundaries two tapes are so obvious that it is necessary to be the blind person that not to see them. The stupid cloning paints nobody, but Roland copied so many years himself that it would be time and to remove a tracing-paper from others.

You judge. John Makkleyn turned into John Clay. The first arrived to a party, the second arrived to excursion. One rescued the wife, another - the daughter and at the same time the president though the last gets in the way more. In Die Hard pseudo-terrorists take peace office plankton under the pretext of political convictions, but is actually banal plunder the safe. In Storm of the White House forwards cover the political ambitions with mercantile requirements. Well and plus the whole lots of details, beginning from a white undershirt of the hero and the brought-down helicopters and finishing with breaking of codes and the hacker - the music lover. If to put all nuances together, then, okromya absolutely useless tsar-father in fight and mentally unbalanced agentessa of Maggie Gyllenhaal, nothing changed.

Badly or well, but nobody forbade to steal ideas. Especially as Die Hard today turned into the parody to itself, and Bruce - ours - Willis already starovat for bustle with a gun, though tries to prove all the bald skull the return. Channing Tatum, on the contrary, in the juice of the physical shape and in blossoming creative - star career. Whether to it to hold permanently vacant post of the desperate filmstar who is releasing jokes in the battlefield and suffering only for the fact that it appeared in unnecessary time in the improper place?

What at Storm you will not take away, so it the drive and a good action. A good judge of different deafening special effects, Emmerich managed to break also the historical building, and to annihilate a two-three of samples of equipment, and even habitually to thrust a wheelbarrow into the pool. The last feint is considered especially successful counter today. Besides, the director invented nothing new - in KO and birdies fell, and tanks were lined with rockets, and limousines minivans rammed. That is the same, is only more dense, fatter and louder.

Whether it is worth tearing and throwing? More likely, not, because Storm it is not perceived differently as a disposable pathos boyevichok through passage. Tatum`s attempts to joke look quite miserable because the actor perfectly understands how to him it is far to young and charming Willis. James Woods is exclusively good in the role: he grew old, but did not lose confidence in the forces. Much worse, to be exact it did not turn out to get used to a role at all at Maggie Gyllenhaal who perplexed played the spy, without understanding laws of a genre. Some muffled character without motivated subject loading. It also is clear, Emmerich had to invent something special that though somehow to disown from Maktirnan`s picture. Would not think out better.

And what there with the president? Here the feelings mixed. On the one hand, Jamie Foxx though to Obama droplets it is not similar, and on Django did not roll, and could. With another - too the excess character with which all rush, as with a written feed bag. This pledge of the world and democracy running from bandits in sneakers from Michael Jordan, parodies whether image of the head of state in general (a pier, it is necessary to be to the people closer), whether the particular person who is in power. Both that, and another fits into freedom of speech which are unreasonably inflated in the west of a frame, however Americans whether took offense at Emmerich, whether stood up for hits of the ninetieth, but the picture in hire turned out a complete fiasco.

Two failures in a row forced the director to reconsider the relation to own career in cinema. So that he decided to return to elements and immediately started continuation shootings Independence Day . Here the unexpected final for so banal history.