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How to save the car from stealing?

in the course of training in driving school at me the set of questions which are taken up seldom in the above-stated institution began to arise. For example, how to protect itself and the car from stealing. Here what I found out:

To hijack the car, the prepared person has enough 10 seconds and to protect themselves from troubles, it is necessary to know how these troubles occur.

  Option; you cost 1

on the traffic light, of the next car from a passenger seat goes out the person, approaches you and begins to ask how to pass to the destination necessary to it, approaches to the door. You discover glass, begin to explain, and he bends, puts a hand on the lock handle, and, having snatched the moment, sharply opens a door. You are thrown out from the car, get into it and on a green signal of the traffic light quietly leave.


In it case when you were thrown out from the car, you should have got quickly from a pocket a charm from the alarm system and to make active the " mode; panic (notice, at most of drivers the charm from the alarm system dangles together with keys under a wheel). The car would shout, started blinking and did not move a little, and nothing would remain to car thieves how to go back home quicker. It is better to Talk in similar cases through slightly lowered glass behind closed doors.

Option 2

your car is equipped with the good alarm system, you put the car under windows. In 12 nights the alarm system works by your car. You put on, run to the car. Around not a soul, and your car blinks, the siren roars. You press the necessary buttons on a brelka, come back home. In half an hour again familiar sounds, and again anything. From windows of the house shouts of the woken residents, generally obscene are already heard. You come back home again. After a while history repeats itself. Angered, you run to the car. Abusing the producer of the alarm system and the one who to you put it, you remove the car from protection, you go home, you go to bed and instantly you fall asleep … Morning. You approach a window, dart a glance towards your car... There is no car.


needed to equip the car with the petrolvalve or an immobilizer even if very simple. At night yes in the rain nobody will want to dig in the motor, besides not to do without lamp, and light from it from a window will be oh as it is well visible.

Option 3

you go to the market, to shop. Long you look for a parking lot, at last, in the yard of the neighboring house you find empty space, you park, you press the button on a brelka. You go to the market... You come back - there is no car.


In this case should put the car on the next paid parking, about all markets there are such. From parking cars are hijacked extremely seldom. Or to equip the car with a serious immobilizer.

Option 4
you go on the city and suddenly notice that for you the car was attached. You on the left, and it on the left, you to the yard - and it there, you on gas station - it to fill in gasoline, you in tent behind cigarettes - and it here. No actions are taken, for you also all just goes. Once you turn to the right, and it passes directly. Having calmed down, you go home. You leave to the yard … The Car disappeared.


In this case should remember that nothing in this world becomes just like that. If for you the car was attached, means to it something it is necessary. And most likely - a code of your brelk - the transmitter. As soon as the code was read, - the car moved off and after you for a minute left the car unguarded, it was removed from the alarm system and stolen. If you noticed shadowing yourself, in - the first do not leave the car unguarded if you have to park - use paid parking. If you the smoker, pull out a piece of paper with a foil from a pack of cigarettes, wrap up it a charm, then put and remove the car from the alarm system, being very close from it. The foil carries out a role of the screen and strongly reduces range of reception of signals of the transmitter which is in a brelka. Such actions you complicate a task to car thieves. Also the foil from a chocolate will approach. It is possible, and it is even necessary, to stop about some post of traffic police and to start conversation concerning this car supposedly she constantly you cuts, creates an emergency, let somebody at them will check documents, and that behave on the road as drunk. Well and a machine number write down.

Option 5
you go on the route not one hour, there is a natural desire to be removed in small Liski. You stop, you close doors. You walk quickly to a scaffold, suddenly you see how about your car stops some nine from it the little man runs out, the moment opens a door, sits down in a car … The Vast majority of cars keeps up so or almost so.


it was necessary not only to close locks Here, but also to activate all security system, to put the lock on a wheel, pedals, and. etc. The simple one-relay immobilizer will easily save your car from stealing this plain way.

And finally governed a little which should be made the habit.

· Being driving, be always fastened by a seat belt, you will be more difficult to be thrown out from the car.

· Always close locks of doors when you are in the car.

· You Carry a charm from the alarm system in a pocket, but not on a bunch of keys. In - the first, you will be able always to include the " mode; panic and in - the second if the thief - the pickpocket also deprives of you car keys, it will be difficult to get into it unnoticed to him.

· Park the car only in the lit, well looked through places.

Always, getting out of the car, even for a minute, install all mechanical devices of protection which you have and put the car on the alarm system.

· Have in the car, or you carry with yourself some means of self-defense (a gas spray, for example).

· Do not tell anybody, even the acquaintance as the security system of your car is arranged.

· You do not store documents on the car and furthermore the rights, in the car.

· Never leave keys in the ignition lock if you have to wipe glass, to fill in the gasoline canister, or to make still something like that.

· You do not mold on the sticker glasses which are applied to the alarm system - do not facilitate work to car thieves.

Kind way!